Israeli couple embroiled in plot against Trinidad PM
Published: 29.11.11, 13:25
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1. The Way you title your articles is so misleading
From the Beguining the Trinidad Authorities suspecte of fraudulent passports (probably Russians ) so why put in the title ISRAELI COUPLE WANTED TO KILL PRIME MINISTER. Why you have to stain Israeli Citizens in sonething tha was not even proved. It so disguting to see this Yelowish press its a SHANDE
2. titel should be "israeli authorities involved in assassinati
eporue ,   europe   (11.29.11)
on attempt?".... the israeli airport authorities realised, someone came with other peoples passport, the other people confirmed they were stolen, and - surprise surprise - the russian couple left israel with their stolen passports... thats more embarrassing, than their escape from the hotel...
3. Trini
John ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (11.29.11)
given all the issues in the world, iran, syria, egypt, israel, pakistan, iraq, financial crisis on a mass almost global scale, china trade war, where exactly does any news related to trinidad have any importance?
4. How come the stolen passports were not confiscated?
Trini Resident ,   US   (11.29.11)
"someone tried to board a plane with our passports and that the people were arrested" - so they were arrested and the stolen passports were returned to the fraudsters so they could continue using it instead of being confiscated or returned to the owners? It does not add up, does it? Were the people ever charged? Or did the owners lie and actually lent the fraudsters the passports? An assassination plot against the government of a country, regardless of its miniscule size, is a serious matter and Israel should really clear the air on this. Israel sold (and continues to maintain) sensitive electronic security equipment to the previous corrupt government who legitimized criminals by making them community leaders. As a result, the country spiraled down into a crime hotbed. This is a manifestation of the depths of criminal and political activity which assault this beleaguered country. Of grave concern too, are the references to "international extremist" connections and a Muslim organization in the country. The scope of this incident is way beyond the comprehension and belief of most Trinis, as seen in the comments on their online newspapers and it will be truly sad if there is indeed an Israeli connection. Did Israelis play any role in this sad state of affairs which has left this tiny, fun-loving country traumatized?
5. Israelis with fake Israeli passports?
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (11.29.11)
that would be a strange cover
6. poor article
bob ,   sarny   (11.29.11)
title totally confusing, and the cherry on the cake : you take talbacks on local press as news... what a poor journalism
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