Iceland votes to recognize Palestine
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Published: 29.11.11, 22:31
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1. Iceland's First Lady is an Israeli !
RollingOverInGraves ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.29.11)
Iceland President is married to Jerusalemite Dorritt Mousieff of the famous family and was here recently and got a huge welcom and tv special about her now I know why the Israeli media loved her should have known there would be an Israeli behind Iceland recognizing so called "Palestine" Her ancestors must be rolling over in their graves.
2. Iceland
golani ,   Vineland, USA/Israel   (11.29.11)
How does the song go? "You're as cold as ice, and you're willing to sacrafice".... I will be sure to boycott Iceland for trying to change facts and re-direct history.
3. Iceland's Dismal Record
DavidM ,   USA   (11.29.11)
It is no surprise the Iceland's government has taken this step. This is the same government that provided a haven for the notorious anti-Semite Bobby Fisher after Japan expelled him.
4. Viva Iceland Viva Palestine
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.29.11)
Not the first country to recognise the rightful indigenous owners of Palestine and won't be the last. Well done Iceland.
5. Abbas' Comments
Aharon   (11.29.11)
They confirm he's delusional. The land doesn't belong to the Arabs because they rejecting it back in 1947. Now, they are using the agreement, they rejected to base their claim. Crazy! What's crazier is that supposed "intelligent" Western Governments cannot see through this craziness and lack of logic.
6. 2000 year serial jew killers and swindlers continue
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (11.29.11)
their work. They are not ignorant of swindles of the jewish homeland as their nations did it. It is unbelievable that these thieves swindled the jews of the 77% of the palestine mandate, which was legally binding under international law, and brought in the foreign hashemite clan from mecca to rule the fake state of jordan created by them. The jews need to be fully educated that they must not accept these european swindles foisted on the jews under duress after 2000 years of killing them. The US is now rcognising and attempting to rectify their sindlings of the native americans; if the europeans and world cannot do the same with the jews the jews must take what is theirs. First it is important to educate world jewry that these swindles can be rectified and that the land truly belongs to the jews.
7. As someone who's recently been in Iceland
Tahl   (11.29.11)
I can tell you, that we don't have to take this too harshly, at least regarding the sentiments of ordinary Icelanders. Nearly 100% of them are completely clueless and ignorant about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they never hear about it in the news, they simply have much more interesting things in life to care about, than some faraway conflict between some tribes. So this is by no means a reflection of the Icelandic public opinion, but rather, a lameass attempt by the Icelandic government (what would you expect from a leftist lesbian as PM?), to win over some popularity of the world's liberal elite, which greatly eroded after Iceland's bankruptcy. Most Icelanders are very friendly to Israel, and I am sure that if made aware of the real situation here, they would disapprove of this move.
8. What about microstate Iceland?
Berk ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (11.29.11)
Have Iceland ever played any mayor role in world politics? I only know its government breached European Law (EEA treaty) concerning discrimination on grounds of nationality. Not a good example for the Palestinians.
stude ham   (11.29.11)
what a foul nation.
10. Iceland = VODKA PIGS
Armand ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.29.11)
WOW! Iceland recognizing ''Palestine''?? Hey this is a bankrupt nation of NITWITS who's education and knowledge of history comes from what is printed on a bottle of VODKA!
11. Iceland hahahahah
Ben ,   USA   (11.29.11)
Those idiots have brain freeze.
12. Right wing
Michael ,   West jerusalem   (11.29.11)
Right wingers will bash any country in the world if they dont agree with their views.
13. Who will they recognize next?
BH ,   Iowa   (11.29.11)
The Mexican drug cartels? The mafia?
14. Armand, that is exactly...
Lazlo Toth ,   Smithers, WV   (11.29.11)
...the sort of classless, mindlessly hateful comment that just makes me think "This person doesn't really have a rational rebuttal, so they're gonna scream and call names." Given how much idiotic screaming and namecalling has been done on both sides of the Israeli-Palestine conflict in the last 50 years, I can hardly blame a civilized country -- which ranks pretty damn high on quality of life indices compared to the USA for you to be trashing it -- for raising their hands and saying "Enough of this." You're a damned fool, Armand. Those evil Scandianavian liberals do JUST fine for itself, even if international financiers saw fit to screw Iceland over. They have infrastructure, a social safety net, and a respect for culture. You have strings of insults. I know which side I feel confident taking here.
15. It's very telling...
Lazlo Toth ,   Lembeck, San Lorenzo   (11.29.11)
...that you think simply giving a voice and official recognition to an occupied people is inherently and automatically a threat to Israel. I think that shows us all EXACTLY the sort of mentality (on both sides, don't get me wrong) that's kept an intelligent resolution from happening here. Can you not even conceive of the possibility that one might be able to help both peoples at the same time? Is this some kind of twisted sociopathic board game to you people, with a winner and a loser?! Those pawns are human civilians, jackass.
16. Okay Iceland...
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (11.29.11)
Okay Iceland..then let's give YOUR land to them, and let's start to wear burka, hijab and all the muslim stuffs. :) If you so love the "Palestinians" then create a state for them in YOUR own country and don't play with other independent countries. Risk your own scalps and not ours.
17. # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.30.11)
Why dont you move to East Jerusalem where you will feel more comfortable & happier, with your beloved muslim brothers. Maybe your name is Mohammed?
18. Iceland is bankrupt and owes money to Iran
No wonder they support terrorists. Stupid peasants and fishermen.
19. These wodka pigs are in dire need of a
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.29.11)
mosque...and some Muzzie immigrants...!
20. Iceland Western-European?! Like North Africa is all of a ...
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.30.11)
part of the Middle-East in the media?
21. TO NR. 4.
22. Iceland recognizing plo?
Davy Armstrong ,   Leeds UK   (11.30.11)
You have to have something to show for yourself to start legitamizng and backing others and quite frankly i dont see the world any different to what it is now (besides we might have some more money) if iceland would never have existed.
23. Poor Island!
LA ,   Sweden   (11.30.11)
Islanders - you already have big problems.. Why escalate your problems by following the palestinian disaster policy?
24. These brave Icelanders will>>
HaifaGuy   (11.30.11)
fight for Paleswine's liberation to the last Israeli. Why don't you bring your saga-ridden asses down here and taste some of our home brew? Or, better yet, just allow an Arab Muslim family to immigrate to your country, wait one generation and... oops! Lo and behold: it is now called ICELAMD! No more vodka but plenty of burka instead. Good luck you lousy tuna canners))
25. # 15
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.30.11)
Lazlo Toth Lembeck,listen up. The only way to help the Palestinians is if you drove every single Israeli into the sea. Thats what they want & that is their intention. I do however forgive your failure to understand the true feelings of the Palestinians.
26. Iceland
Al ,   Georgia, U.S.   (11.30.11)
and Norway both... But the good news is no one is listening. Everybody knows, if you are looking for some intelligent life forms, go elsewhere. Even my otherwise highly reserved Finnish friend used the word MORON to describe them. And yes, I know many Norwegians and Icelanders personally and I worked with these people...
27. Arab corruption
Frank ,   Canada   (11.30.11)
Arabs bought this vote to a bankrupted Iceland. Iceland has lost its independance.
28. Iceland
Niki ,   Malaysia   (11.30.11)
Something sounds fishy,especially Iceland. the earliest Europeans to go BANKRUPT.Go figure.
29. To # 9 the answer is...DEBT.
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (11.30.11)
30. good...
nelu ,   tx/usa   (11.30.11)
I hope they start importing all the mohams....just each and see!! This cursed country now will go to crap!!!
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