Israel's UN envoy slams Arabs over refugees
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.11.11, 00:37
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1. Those 500,000 - 600,000 Arab refugees
BH ,   Iowa   (11.30.11)
Over the past 64 years they have dwindled to a mere 5 million. Inherited refugee status from a country one has never visited tells us all we need to know.
2. A point that few ever touch on
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.30.11)
I am glad that someone finally brought up the treatment of Palestinians by their fellow Arabs at the United Nations. It will have zero impact of course and no one will care because it doesn't fit their view of Israel, but it's still good to see.
3. There is no palestine
JIMMY ,   Canada   (11.30.11)
How can you be a refugee from a country that you were never in and that has never existed? Arabs needs to accept the people that were born in their countries and give them citizenship.
4. tell the world
real vision ,   usa   (11.30.11)
This article speaks the truth. Arab/Muslim societies never offer anything positive for their people
5. Good speech
Steve ,   USA   (11.30.11)
But, was the Ambassador speaking to an empty room? No mention in the article. I'm sure the Arab ambassadors were not in attendance and I wonder if any western countries listened? Most of the common sense, historical fact relating to the Jewish State fall on deaf ears. That goes for anything coming from the Jewish State. Is the hate for the Jewish people so great in the world today that even truth is not enough? I remember when the Arabs started spouting their make believe stories to the world. No one took them seriously back then (60's, 70's) What happened? Their lies came from tyrannical dictatorships and were meant to 'sway' their uneducated populace. It was something for us to laugh at among ourselves. 'Could anyone seriously believe this crap?' That's what we asked ourselves. 'No way'. Boy were we wrong. What was once laughable is now taken as fact in most left wing corners of the world. If you lie enough, someone will eventually believe you. Forget historical fact or real life experiences. They are not important anymore in this age. Is it only because these distortions were or are anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic in nature and that enough reasoning for the left leaning world. I think the answer sadly is yes.
Mark ,   T.a. israel   (11.30.11)
Since 63 years those refugies receive aid from different organisations whereas our refugies from Muslim countries had to work hard in order to survive and integrate to the Israeli Reality without receiving any COMPENSATION !
7. 'Has Arab world accepted Israel thievery? NEVA!!
lydia ,   Brisbane   (11.30.11)
How magnanimous of Israeli to accept refugees from other countries on Arab land while it forces Palestinians to inhabit refugee camps and denies the Palestinians rights to their own State on their own land. Prosor is a tosser.
8. Prosner
IRV ,   USA   (11.30.11)
Direct and 100% correct. It's time to secure the true borders of Israel and send the hate mongers who let another country(Rome) invent their name out!
9. they going back home
Syria Eagle ,   homs   (11.30.11)
The west want to flush out salafi wahabi groups out of their hidings and fight syria. this way they kill two birds with one stone. make syria weak and have syria kill salafi wahabi be killed on syrian hands. that's why Clinton encourage the wahabi salafi groups to fight on. the same game america played between Iraq and Iran they killed them both by on stone. this year is the year of death for Wahabi salafi groups some body put an estimate that between 100,000 to 150,000 will die between now and 2012. poor guys they will die like negga. no life here or any where. sure Hell over there. Allah have mercy on the lost ones in despair. Come take a journey through my mind's eye. You crossed the game, don't explain, nigga time to die.
10. Refugees
HB ,   Tennessee   (11.30.11)
Yes, the presence of so many refugees tells us that they should repatriated in their ancestral homeland as soon as possible. If somebody from Russia or Romania has a right to move to a perceived ancestral homeland then so should someone whose grandmother was kicked out.
11. He is correct, but ...
Leon Zacharowicz MD ,   New York   (11.30.11)
... no one there cares about the truth.
12. there are refugees and there are refugees
Oleg   (11.30.11)
USSR / Russia had kicked out 600 000 Japanese from the Sakhalin island , that Russia took by war ..are we hearing from those refugees ? is anybody giving grieve to Russia for them? RUSSIA the largest country in the world , somehow feels the acute need for security and keeps the island and others..Israel , is the smallest country, surrounded by people who scream every day to destroy it --somehow does not need security has anybody seen Japanese screaming death to Russians ?
13. No "refugees" will ever return, no serious peace talks will
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.30.11)
ever occur either. The "pals" benefit more by being a so called "occupied" people that get handouts, they need not perform in any way.
14. Finely. A real Jew with cohones and courage
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (11.30.11)
To lay the truth on the UN table for the world to see. The Arab spring reveals the true color of the Arab world's conspiracy against Israel. Thank you Adon. Ambassador Prospor for your stand and your courage. Israel needs you as the future Prime Minister for better and stronger Israel. The truth and the courage to tell the truth, will keep us strongly united as a free nation and as free people. God bless you and God bless Israel. SHALOM!
15. why shuld we be "absorbed" in a land diffrent than
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (11.30.11)
our own homeland. we shell return to Palestine no matter how ever long it takes.
16. guess again prosser
forehead1 ,   ohio usa   (11.30.11)
israel "absorbed the refugees" into the west bank. isn't the same if you don't use your own land. i would happily move refugees into indiana and let them all collect welfare too. LOL
17. When does the UN care about the truth?
Rami ,   New York, US   (11.30.11)
Ambassador Prosor stated it well but we all know that the UN is not about the truth. It is a platfrom for the "poor and the weak"" to take from and weakern the "rich and the strong" and nothing more. If they will care about their people they will delevelop their economy, build school, teach to be good neighbor and love each other. But they are busy haiting and distroying while other busy building and fostering relationship.. go figure out why? Is it in their gene? Religious? Culture? Shame on them! So many of them suffer because of their false believes. Let's hope that 64 years ffrom now it will be much diffeent. Love to all from NY!
18. Well said Mr Ambassador
Richie ,   Dublin, Ireland   (11.30.11)
We never seem to hear about the Jewish refugees who fled or were expelled from Arab countries around the time Israel became a state. If the Arab states had not launched violence and war against the new Jewish state there would not ba a single Palestinian refugee. The main cause for the suffering of palestinian refugees is Palestinian and Arab violence against Israel. Israel did not start the 48 war. That was started by Arab states and Arabs living in the new israeli state. Israel welcomed Jewish refugees from Arab states. the Arab states and UNWRA keep palestinian refugees in refugee camps.
19. those born in other countries are not refugees
Scott ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (11.30.11)
Refugees are people fleeing a conflict. The children & grandchildren of refugees who were born in Arab countries cannot be classified as "refugees". As in most countries, the government should grant citizens to those born on its soil. It's a crime Arab nations have denied these people citizenship out of hateful politics.
20. right on target
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (11.30.11)
So, iff the Arabs didn't solve their own refugee problem, but caused all the refugee problems, how can we ever reach a solution to the problem of the palestine-refugees, if the Arabs don't carry a fair share of the burden? If the Arabs don't get involved in a positive manner, we will never reach a solution, because it's exactly these Arabs, who are supporting the stateless Arabs in their terrorist activities and who are heating up their mood whenever they find it appropriate to distract their own citizens from inner affairs.
21. #16
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.30.11)
There are over a million Arab Israelis (often called Palestinians) that live behind the green line. It is best to do your research before commenting.
22. #7 you have a lot to say
Ivan ,   South Africa   (11.30.11)
First start treating your Aborigines as equals and secondly don't forget that your ancestors were sent to Australia as "thieving" convicts. Clean up your own mess first before picking on Israel.
23. Worlds do gooders ignore a million Jew the Arabs expelled
the Arab pogroms, the Nazi style crystallnacht,the Jewish properties confiscated. So much for the " do gooders"and the Muslim block farce called the UN.
24. Arab Israelis earned degrees, hold MK role,
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (11.30.11)
Israel treat her Arab-Israelis better than Arab countries treat the Arab-Palestinian refugees, but Quartet chose to be blind over this fact, even Leftist-Jews within Israel maliciously ignore this fact, while crying apartheid. Arab Israelis are often given a podium to air their lethal grievance in Papers, web-sites, even allow to travel out-Israel to speak to UN personnel against Israel. Which other nations in the world allow such act of treason! Only Israel is gracious to her own enemies!
25. Compensation
Barney ,   San Francisco, USA   (11.30.11)
One issue that the ambassador failed to mention is that those Jews who were forced to flee Arab lands in the aftermath of the creation of the State of Israel had their businesses and properties nationalized by those Arab States. This amounts to billions in present day value. So if the issue of so called 'Palestinian compensation' is raised, these facts need to be taken into consideration.
26. When the invading Arab armies ethnic cleansed the Jews out
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.30.11)
of the WB Jerusalem and Gaza, the Arabs desecrated/destroyed Jewish Holy sites,Synagogues, cemeteries etc What else do they need to need to qualify for UNESCO? Maybe photos of Josephs tomb after the Arabs trashed it?
27. This is not news, its the usual hasbara nonsense
Fedup ,   USA   (11.30.11)
28. #15 Son of Aman Jordan Palestine.
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (11.30.11)
Palestine=Jordan sooner or later. Tefhim yachayadja?
29. #7 lydia, I'm putting a lid on your BS.
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (11.30.11)
Your Arab leaders are the biggest thieves in the world. You are blind and indoctrinated mentality. Just stop your empty crapola and be an honest Muslim if you can.
30. Arab invaders got 80% of original mandate before partition,
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.30.11)
which they rejected and insisted on no recognized borders after they lost their war of annihilation. They sidelined the UN on day one of this conflict.Now that they controll the UN and it's resoltions, they cry UN !
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