Report: Blast at Isfahan damaged nuclear facility
Published: 30.11.11, 13:02
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1. Lying Iranians - let the world see them for what they are!
2. Kurdish freedom fighters strike a blow? Sunnis? Iranian
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (11.30.11)
Resistance? Other oppressed minorities vigorously ignored by the UN?
3. I hope I never get the same computer virus
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin,   (11.30.11)
Then again I don't play with a nuclear genie. The genie plays rough.
4. Distant thunder,,,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.30.11)
What will be the NEXT target...?
5. DARN! Another "work" accident!
Gideon Reader   (11.30.11)
Their own private Fukoshima. Well, that just shows to go ya. When you let a Mullah drive, you are going to get dings in the coachwork.
6. Should have prayed harder
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.11)
clearly not faithful enough, so their factory of tricks blew up. Shame if did not have ahmadenejad and the grand ayatullah inside
7. "Controlled demolition"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.11)
Yes, but it wasn't Iran controlling the demolition. And while I respect the Iranian minorities chafing at the bit for freedom, they couldn't control the demolition of a doll house. I think we know who is responsible. I also think that the mullahs and ayatollahs need to understand that they are antagonizing the big dog in the Middle East, that the hits will keep on coming and that they are powerless to stop it. They cannot begin to imagine all the avenues of approach and the extent of the incredibly long reach. The Islamofascist Republic of Iran is destined for the trash heap of history. Good riddance to total rubbish.
8. Radioactivity
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.11)
Real damages would have been detected as radioactive material would spread . The fact that people are prying around the site probably mean that nothing serious happened there. In my opinion the Iranian government is pressing too much their technicians to accelerate and they are making lots of mistakes . The countries that are importing sweets, fruits and vegetables from Iran should check the shipments for abnormal radioactivity as many products come from Isfahan region.
9. Its the Mehdi fireworks
hadad ,   u.k   (11.30.11)
Let it be spread all over our enemies Amen ve Amen
10. Ali peppering and softening up Liston for 1st round knockout
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.30.11)
11. May These Mystery Blasts KEEP COMMING
Until Every Last SECRET Nuclear Weapons Buildings BURN TO THE GROUND; and if the leadership If You Can Call Them That wants to sit and watch guard over all those Secret Nuclear buildings and they get burned in the Process Oh Well. Barch Ha Shem
12. Iran doesn't need plants that can blow up.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.30.11)
Iran has plenty of oil with which to produce electricity. And they have plenty of sunshine for the utilization of solar energy. Their resources would be spent much better on developing non-nuclear technologies for their people. It seems the megalomania of Iranian political and religious leaders is a serious disease. Look at this explosion as an opportunity to get cured.
13. Shocking accident!
Sam M ,   UK   (11.30.11)
A moments silence please for all the iranian shahids... 'big mo's' foot soldiers who were unexpectedly sent on a final mission. I doubt any of them would have volunteered in the first place if they knew what was coming....perhaps they were hoping for the safer option of joining 'the million man march' to liberate 'al quds' (expected turnout a few thousand at most). where they could safely 'declare their willingness to martyr themselves fighting the 'zionist enemy' and still make it home in time for dinner! I raise my glass to the Mossad!
14. Iran hasnt figured out what hit them. LOL
Efroim ,   Virginia   (11.30.11)
Means we did good and clean work! A+
15. Let's see,.. Mossad's schedule shows the next ...
Ron Saunders ,   Everett USA   (11.30.11)
'accident' in about 2 weeks.
16. Long live the Green Revolution!
17. The time is high, to TRASH the Iranians
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.30.11)
once and for all...and to put Busher out of action is located near the beach...!!!
18. another few of those blasts and......
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (11.30.11)
For whatever reason, these facilities are rocked from the earths surface, Iran will retaliate. They will only count the incidences and they will bock them on Israels account. It's fairly okay, if Iran is finally dismantling a few of its nuclear facilities. I don't ask how they are doing this. If they blow them or if they ask Israel to blow them doesn't make a difference, as long as they are blown! But please don't forget in Israel, that the sheer mass of some 150.000 missiles turns them into a weapon of mass destruction. If the mad guys around our beautiful country think it's due, Israel must act fast and decisively to switch off all their launch pads. I fear, this will be even bigger bangs than the two that happened in Iran, recently.
19. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.11)
.... it looks like the Iranians formed their daisy chain of young girls around the wrong nuclear facility.
20. To: Yael at No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.11)
I fear that you seriously overestimate Iran's capabilities, and severely understimate Israel's.
21. #12 Add-on
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.30.11)
Have I spotted a megalomaniac on this board, or what?
22. We know that there is more to come. Much more.
Stephen in New York   (11.30.11)
We know that there is more to come. Much more. Any day above ground is a good day, but especially so when things blow up in Iran. ("We" is me and my cat, Poogie- Woogie.)
23. Stuxnet cancerous tumer is spreading
There is no cure period!
24. Explosion
Don ,   Greenwood USA   (11.30.11)
Guys it's this simple, it's just the camel jockeys way of testing their product before going to marlet. That's the way they do it, that simple.
25. i am sure
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (11.30.11)
these incidents makes iranians more resolute both side have valid concers in this :) neither iran or israel is wrong but i put my money on iran regarding future, israel sooner or later is destined to fall noone can live among lions for long time every country in middle east resent her they all look for the right time to arrive i have no doubt that it will and no doubts arabs will be waiting :) when the war breaks out everyone needs to realize that they had a chance but they choosed not to do so good luck to everyone who will be involved
26. Seeing how Iranian students behaved
A ,   Belgium   (11.30.11)
while trashing the British embassy, I guess its impossible to expect any kind of "persian autumn"in Iran, or maybe Oblabla can come up with a better term. I always thought MAYBE the enlightened, educated, young Iranians would try to depose their lunatic asylum government and try to bring a more democratic, secular, PEACEFUL government into power. Apparantly though, an idiot remains an idiot even with a university diploma from Teheran U.
27. I love these accidental blasts
Oleg ,   USA   (11.30.11)
I wouldn't even blink, if all ayatollas would go to Heaven at once with the next blast.
28. Personally,I am sick to about muslim violence...
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.30.11)
...Whether it be pals,iranians..all of them should be banned from this planet...they are not human.
29. Iran will never success to develop Nuclear Bomb
E,M Jordan is Pales ,   SF   (11.30.11)
Because the aliens from other planet knows what is in the Iranian mind is , Long life to State of Israel and IDF and their intelligent service ,Excellent job .
30. #27 Oleg...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (11.30.11)
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