Israel releases frozen PA tax funds
Moran Azulay
Published: 30.11.11, 14:16
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1. Shame!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.11)
2. Bibi the ball-LESS emperor
DisGUSTING ,   Israel   (11.30.11)
We need a change of guards in Israel and FAST
3. Oops...there goes another rubber tree plant!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.30.11)
Bibi is an idiot! Again, he shows a weakening of the backbone. Giving money to your enemy just isn't logical; it stupifies me how he would even consider such an action? Those funds should be for the Israeli people, and for military needs, since their budget is being cut. This decision, seriously, lacks good wisdom. Screw the geopolitical this case, it's the principle of the matter that counts! God, please help Israel...and give better judgement and wisdom to its leaders'. God bless Israel!
4. There goes another Olive Tree!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.30.11)
Bibi rides that proverbial fence; he lacks the courage (as far as political expediency goes) to hold tightly to his convictions...and, what they are: God knows? A true leader doesn't endanger his people; they deserve better! God bless Israel...praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Muslim free)! A Christian Zionist
5. Not the swiftest move this season.
Gideon Reader   (11.30.11)
The palestinians are at war with israel. Unrelenting and deadly war; with the Palestinian end view having Israel in the ground or in the sea. paying the "soldiers" of a sworn enemy is absolutely "Obamian" in it's stupidity. Bibi is playing a game wherein he bets against himself, while he is playing WITH himself.
6. that money morally belongs to the IDF
zionist forever   (11.30.11)
The IDF has to buy very expensive equipment to defend Israel from the palestinians so we should take that money and give it to the IDF. The PA might claim they can't afford to pay their people but truth is they have plenty, they just want more money. When was the last time a very highly paid member of the PA ever took a pay cut let alone not actually paying themselves anything because they claim they don't have enough to pay their employees, PA employees don't get paid true but the reason for that is not lack of money but instead to drum up hatred for Israel and to make those nice bleeding heart Europeans say oh no we have to give the PA more money. The PA itself is nothing but a scam to trick people out of their money.
7. Net funds released
sk ,   USA   (11.30.11)
Net funds released must include deductions for the payment of property damage to Israeli citizens (Jew, Christian, Arab, etc) for property damage for pain/suffering and cost for short/long term medical/trauma therapy, and for the undertaking of children/families if their parent(s) are killed, all as a result of Arab terrorism.
8. the same old story...
puzzled ,   London   (11.30.11)
No, no, no, no, no, grrr, roar, look at me, oh okay then.... here have it...
9. The post at No. 1 is not mine ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.11)
.... but I do agree with the sentiment. The prospect of funding people bent on Israel's destruction is beyond absurd. LIEBERMAN FOR PRIME MINISTER! I hope he takes down the government, and I look forward to him installed as prime minister of the Jewish homeland. He really is the only one who seems to get it.
10. bibi blinks ... again
izzie irgun ,   zion   (11.30.11)
not a good day when israel backs down from showing the palestinians that there are consquences for their actions. At the least israel should have given them half the money and froce them to dole it out .. lets see their priorities ... maybe they will pay the salaries of their police and let the suicide bombers go broke Bibi start thinking and listening to lieberman not barak
11. Don't be cruel to PM: maybe we've gotten something out of
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.30.11)
this?! Like, no kassams for 3 months! When you are used to grovel you take what they throw you, 3 months tahyia(or whatever the Ishmael calls it) is not a bad thing....Oy!
12. I absolutely give up on Israel's present leaders.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.30.11)
I absolutely give up on Israel's present leaders. They have no backbone whatsoever. Whenever they do something right; such as stop funding our genocidal enemies; they can be relied upon to undo it the first time somebody objects. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe them. No other nation, in all of human history, voluntarily funded it's enemies. Leave it to the jokers who run Israel to take the most shameful and cowardly course of action.
13. predictable
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.30.11)
At least Netanyahu is always,always predictable. This is the end result of vertically challenged secular Jewish rule. The fearful faithless Jews only follows orders from their idol masters and have no other option but to bend their knees to their replacement god and obey when the phone rings from Washington.
14. Doing Israel's dirty work doesn't come free of charge.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.30.11)
Saves the IDF for more important tasks than patrolling West Bank cities.
15. Livni and Bibi, this is a choice?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.30.11)
Luckless Livni can only throw darts at the government, but she could not make one. Bibi could make the government, but he acts sometimes like a puppet.
16. Abu Mazen 1 - 0 Liberrman : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.30.11)
17. aahhh... you freeze funds, we freeze submarine...
eporue ,   europe   (11.30.11)
18. bibi
allexi   (11.30.11)
bibi is agood man, knows geography but cannot take pressure so relies on group of 8. Holding back tax funds and letting the PA collapse is actually not a bad idea. Then you can install sheik jabari as leader instead of the crud from tunis. barak who predicted a diplomatic tsunami was wrong and is wrong about most practical matters. He is driven by fear and buckles like weak suitcase. merridor is a good legalist, honest but of the pacifist olmert type. yaalon and liberman are patriots, yishai is an asskisser who blows with the wind, and bibi goes with the majority. the argument that the pa police have to be paid is shortsighted. They hate israelis much as the iranians who were saved from drowning hate their saviours. Jews have not yet reached full statehood in the sense of national soveriegnty. They cannot withstand US and rotten EU pressure, let alone ban -ki-moon, another useless official. Just say no and collapse the PA, kick out the tunis, installl jabari-end of story.
19. 12
zionist forever   (11.30.11)
Its not just the present leaders its all the leaders Possibly with the exception of Sharon whose big mistake was Gaza this country hasn't has only had spineless leaders since Shamir and possibly even as far back as Begin. The peace process though was the worst thing that ever happened to this country, its like the peace process is the be all and end all of Israeli politics. The social justice campaigns are actually proof of that because it took protests to highlight the fact there were problems with housing etc. Any other country the government would address all these issues as standard because its part of the business of governemt, here is seems to be peace process is the priority and other issues just get dealt with if there is a little Knesset time spare.
20. Might of been a smart decision
JP ,   The Land of UAV's   (11.30.11)
In the grand scheme of things, I agree why we shouldn't give them the money, especially for breaking the Osslo Accords by unilaterally applying for statehood. At the same time, think of the desperation this will cause in Palestine. The last thing Israel wants is thousands of angry Palestinians rushing our borders. Either way we look bad according to the world.
21. How do you spell "WIMP"?
A ,   Belgium   (11.30.11)
Benyamin Netanyahu. Lieberman for Prime Minister, and as soon as possible!
22. This is a step forward.
Sarah B. ,   USA / Israel   (11.30.11)
Im glad at last that the Government is assisting our friends in Palestine. Well done and more should be done. Mazeltov
23. Israel releases PA Tax funds
Oskar Prager ,   Petach Tikva   (11.30.11)
I am sure I am not the only one in Israel complaining about Netanyahu's attitude towards the PA. First he states that Tax funds will be withheld due to the PA's application to UNESCO, and now he caves in. Gutless ! Next he stops the rebuilding of the bridge to the Mughrabi Gate. Again totally gutless ! How can any serious person ever vote for him again. We want a Prime Minister who sticks to his words and not waver. For sure I will not vote neither for Likud or for Netanyahu at the next election, and take it from me, I know of at least 50people or more who are of the same opinion. So bibi Bibi !
24. it appears imposible to know real reasons these days
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (11.30.11)
I understood that they wanted PA to continue policing west bank, the dolpin from germany was approved, the PA backed out of more UN applications, PA is already reneging again on hamas, etc, etc, etc. I cant tell what is really going on until they invite into intelligence circles.
25. Bibi has completely lost his way
Disgusting! ,   Tzion   (11.30.11)
Likud must reorganize and shuffle the deck
26. #23 Despite my post at #14, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.30.11)
27. Yet again, Bibi caves to Barry.
Vlad   (11.30.11)
Oh, and Sarah, I had a good laugh at #22!
28. Sarah B, @ 22
Moragh   (11.30.11)
Sarah, I don't believe for one moment that this message is from you. Rather, from a clown with little to no experience of what the hell is going on!!!!!
29. 1
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (12.01.11)
Shame it is but that's what international pressure does.Israel's great enemy.
30. 22 is not Sarah B but Salma.
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (12.01.11)
Is that you Salma?
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