Russia 'delivers missiles to Syria'
Published: 01.12.11, 20:11
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31. To Sarah: "Dont Tread on Me".as the Saying Goes
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (12.02.11)
To Sarah B: me thinks Israel will try to avoid targeting Russia with its 500 nukes ( many over 1megaton, coated with cobalt.lithium, fired from F15s, and/or cruise mieeils (subs), artillery shells with 100m ranges, suitcase bombs...BTW, read the Samson Option. Those nukes were designed to strike at the old Soviet Union, under certain circumstances, not Arabs. Every Russian city is now within range. But, lets be frank, Israel needs to take out its immediate enemies: Hez.Hamas, Syria, Iran, Fatah militants. DFLP PFLP, possible Taliban, and Al Qaeda. Using a few tactical nukes would do the job the best. Cobalt laced bombs will destroy any mass formations. Israel's laser shields on its heavy vehicles should allow complete use against anti-tank targets, or Arab missile launching sites ( a la 73 War). I would also use phosphorous, and napam, and BC weaponry, including aflotoxins, smallpox, anthrax, sarine, racine, and VX and the hell with Goldstone and the UN. But first, Israel should reduce Hez to rubbish, and confine it to history. That would send Iran's mullahs and Ahmad (calling for 100m jihad) a message. "Dont tread on me".
32. KGB all the way. Still fighting the Cold War.
Stephen in New York   (12.02.11)
Russia insists on remaining an enemy. The KGB is now called the FSB. Same thing, different name. Will Russia ever evolve into a civil society?
33. To No. 19, Daniel
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.02.11)
I am not sure Sarah B made those suggestions about nuking Russia. It must have been an impostor as it happened in the past.
34. Chances Are...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (12.02.11)
This is an older version of the Yakhont. It maps over land but over sea requires active/passive radar. The active part makes it much more vulnerable to counter measures. My guess is that Israel and the US have this well covered. Just my guess, hahaha.
35. Old tech no worries.
Levi ,   Karmiel   (12.02.11)
Easily stopped by the ships systems of today. As long as they are turned on which these days they are now that we are aware they have these types of weapons.
36. Russia caused the 6-day war! Russian leaders unreliable!
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.02.11)
Russia is willing even to start wars if it proceeds her interest. It is amusing how Russia wanted to arrange a Middle-Eastpeace conference in Moscow, even if she is war-monger! Russian people are excellent people but their leaders are unreliable.
37. soon to be modified to anti-house cruise missiles
observer ,   Egypt   (12.02.11)
that lunatic Alawit of Syria will find someway to make use of everything available to continue shelling his own people.
38. who else will buy their junk. we'll just have to destroy
ralph   (12.02.11)
it again as in the past.
39. russia and communism
JOEL ,   usa   (12.02.11)
40. Putin and Missiles
Brod ,   USA   (12.02.11)
By selling missiles to Arab Islamist-Jihadist countries that are hellbent on the destruction of Israel, Putin and his AntiSemites are really a party to Israel's destruction. He is no different to Hitler.
41. Nr 30. This is not Sarah - but an impostor ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.02.11)
Sombody who does not Understand Her, and Her Foe, wants to portrey Her in this manner, as an Bloodthirsty Psychopath. This is not Sarah as I know her. Arn.Sweden.
42. How Dare Iran Defend Itself!
Mark ,   Nashua, NH   (12.02.11)
We in Israel are furious! How dare Iran defend itself against our weekly threats! Where are our American lap dogs when you need them most?
43. #39
Trev ,   Canada   (12.02.11)
Putin is not a communist... He is also not delicious plate of french fries covered in fresh cheese curds and brown gravy.
44. To Sarah b
Alberto ,   Uk   (12.02.11)
Sarah b u say Israel will nuke Russia? Russia will destroy Israel's 50% Usa paid army within hours
45. US Military is Rothschilds'
Russ Hallberg Jr ,   Porland, USA   (12.02.11)
In spite of the war drums, attack on Syria is unlikely. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya did no have Rothschild/Jesuit/Vatican central banks. That's who controls our government. Government isn't the problem. It's he puppet masters of the government.
46. No worries
Arthur ,   UK   (12.02.11)
Don't antagonize the Syrians or Hizbollah and you have nothing to worry about. Concern about this reveals your unspoken intentions.
47. I think
DGS ,   Israel   (12.02.11)
I think this is part of a campaign designed to try to keep Turkey out of Siria, Turkey has been talking bully lately, and the Russians don't want them nearer.
48. Russian missiles to Syria
Ron Delos ,   Pensacola, USA   (12.02.11)
The only real terrorists today appear to be the US and their proxies, the UN & NATO. I am very pleased that the Russians (and Chinese too) are starting to push back against the criminal running my country.
49. Tis the season
zenpiper ,   Rochester, NY   (12.02.11)
It's swell the missiles arrived in time for Christmas. That is really thoughtful.
50. no smoking, please
hp ,   usa   (12.02.11)
Your narcissism exceeds your ignorance. Putin has already made it clear to Bibi, after physically throwing him out of his office, that Russia could and would "turn Israel into an ashtray" in 24 hours. With the nuclear armed SS-N-26 (yakhont) likely within the hour. Any hour.
51. SARAH B Do the Russians think we are stupid?
Alan ,   Brakpan South Africa   (12.02.11)
You certainly are . . .
52. Its a Sick World
sylvie ,   USA   (12.02.11)
Just in time for the holidays, World War III will be begun, and everyone everywhere will be glued to their t.v. sets to see it all unfold. But what is really sick is that it has been planned that way. The invasion of Iraq was planned in the same manner, for entertainment sake? SICK! The worst kind of propaganda I have ever seen. The loss of life to further the agenda of a few global elitists. VERY sick indeed.
53. When Will Washington ATTACK the American People?
Brian ,   Tampa Fl   (12.02.11)
The American people need to start arming themselves against the Jewish criminals in Washington, D.C.
54. #53
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.02.11)
If you're going to troll; don't be so obvious about it.
55. radar truck
Douglas ,   WI, USA   (12.03.11)
Are you joking, Russia? Really? Radar mounted on trucks? The missile needs the remotely mounted radar to guide to it's target? American antiradiation missiles will evaporate these radars as soon as they are turned on. Ask any Iraqi crewman.If you want to live then run from your radar truck! These missile are antiques already. Maybe the Syrian dictator has no idea of the technology he will be facing if he challenges a US Navy carrier group.
56. @ #10
HardCase ,   Charlotte, NC USA   (12.05.11)
Is that a retorical question? The Russians KNOW we have B. Insane Obama for a President.
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