Delek acquires Cohen Development
Lior Gutman, Calcalist
Published: 02.12.11, 08:24
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1. another chance
peter ,   tel aviv   (12.04.11)
another chance to use that money for a ridiculous offer for the haircut of delek real estate. Then having done that probably going out for a bond offering, for Cohen Development which also will not be paid back because,why should you use some capital to buy a company if not afterwards take the public for a ride using your cronies and your pyramid companies to issue yourself a nice lonterm loan ,which you never intend to pay back in anyways. There are bonusses to pay to your own family and friends. marriage festivities to be held in front of the cameras. Probably some other great event at the Plaza. So make sure the public will stand by applaud and pay. Hopefully the finance committee will look also at that deal.
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