US Senate OK's sanctions on Iran central bank
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.12.11, 08:06
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1. Bachmann Calls for US Embassy Closure
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.02.11)
And today in Iowa, Republican candidate Michele Bachmann called for the US to copy the UK and close the US Embassy in Iran. She is a member of the US House Intelligence Committee.
2. 1-He he he! what will the English embassy do?!
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.02.11)
3. @1 I didn't realize the US had an embassy in Iran.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.02.11)
4. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.02.11)
Do you have a problem with that? Iran does not presently have an embassy in Washington D.C., but rather uses the Pakistani embassy as a go-between. I think closing the U.S. Embassy in Teheran is perfectly appropriate. Or -- as an American -- would you prefer to wait until Iranian "students" invade and vandalize the U.S. Embassy, too? My thoughts are -- if YOU feel that strongly about something, you should pack your bags and move to Teheran. You will NOT be missed. Face it -- Iran is at its denouement. The end will come fairly soon, now. Don't you want to be there, manning the ramparts, as it were? Or are you just another common garden-variety armchair fraud?
5. Iran is in a pickle. If Iran ceases production of nuclear
Rivkah   (12.02.11)
weapons, they will end up like Libya and Gadaffi who cooperated with the West in that regard and got clobbered. If Iran voluntarily ceases to produce nuclear weapons or go in that direction, Iran will be clobbered by the West. If Iran does not cease to produce atomic weapons, Iran will get clobbered by the West. It is time to disband the U.N. since it has turned from a peace brokering relief agency to a war machine that attacks sovereign nations, even ones that cooperate with the UN and the West. Katanga is a documentary movie about what the UN did to Katanga in Africa that was a prosperous nation before the UN decided to destroy it since the Congo wanted it destroyed and got the UN to help. That is what is happening to America and has happened to many nations since the UN is evil and should be defunded and thrown out of New York City and forbidden to headquarter in any nation. What is happening in the world is what happens every 500 years approximately. World power shifts from East to West and back again every 500 years or thereabouts according to Perry Stone.
6. 1 Mark ben Josef, USA: Michelle Bachmann is wise.
Rivkah   (12.02.11)
But it is likely the US needs a provocation for war and another attack on the US Embassy in Iran like during the Carter Administration would serve that purpose, perhaps.
8. What about Israel - Above the law?
Sue ,   USA   (12.02.11)
9. Oh, My, My, My
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.02.11)
Maybe you all missed it like Bachmann. The US embassy in Iran was closed in 1979 and never reopened. The subsequent US invasion of Iran failed, but did lead to the creation of the US Delta Force. And the US learned that water filters are not good sand filters. It was just another Bachmann-ism - like arguing that the US founders worked until they abolished slavery or that the US Revolution started in New Hampshire or that John Wayne was born in Iowa (when that was the mass murderer John Wayne Gacy). For the sanctions to become law, they have to agree between the US House and Senate, meaning Republicans and Democrats have to compromise. House Republicans don't do compromise.
10. 9-You raised some valid points Mark,
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.02.11)
I'm still trying to figure out where on earth an English embassy is.
11. # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.02.11)
When has the UN ever solved anything?
12. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.02.11)
No, you missed it. The United States Embassy in Teheran does not have an ambassador, but it does have a lower level of staff. The highest officer of rank is the charge d'affaires, but the Embassy is definitely operational. It is United States soil. Did you miss that?
13. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.02.11)
What embassy (foreign soil) has Israel ever invaded?
David ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.11)
The US cut off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980 after it's embassy was attacked by Islamist students and militants. There has been no Ambassador or staff in Iran since then.
15. My, my, my indeed....
TaylorT ,   Earth   (12.02.11)
....apparently Mid East "expert" Sarah B. didn't realize the US does not currently have an embassy in Iran. Perhaps a little less time dreaming about ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and a little more time reading newspapers would do her some good.
16. Oh dear...
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (12.02.11)
...I'm not sure I can ever take an American seriously who doesn't know the US doesn't have an embassy in Iran. And no, I'm not talking about Bachmann, who no one takes seriously anyway...
17. 15. yours indeed
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.02.11)
Dear Taylor, having a deep knowledge of ME, maybe you can justify the meaning of " ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians"? Is there any difference between the Arabs living in Haifa or anywhere else in Israel, or ME? Why would you call them "Palestinians"? If you want to call Arabs who lived prior to the creation of Israel "Palestinians" then you have to call by the same name all the population of the Palestinian territory before 1947 "Palestinians" including Jews, Druze, Samaritans, Armenians, etc. Meanwhile, you won't find a Jew in Gaza which was unilaterally left to Arabs by Israel; and PA announced there won't be any Jews in the future Palestinian state. Tell me, please:"Why the Arabs can justify their wars against Israel? Didn't they have the same opportunity like the Jews? Why Israel can't keep the territory which was won in numerous wars in self-defense?
18. Earth to TaylorT
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.02.11)
Read post 12 and learn something.
19. Sarah B Should Tell State
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.02.11)
Apparently the US State Department is not as up to date as Sarah B. This is their information: "On April 7, 1980, the United States broke diplomatic relations with Iran, and on April 24, 1981, the Swiss Government assumed representation of U.S. interests in Tehran. Iranian affairs in the United States are represented by the Embassy of Pakistan, in the Iranian Interests Section, in Washington, DC. The Islamic Republic of Iran also has a permanent mission to the United Nations in New York City." Maybe she could tell State where the US Offices in Tehran now are and who is doing the job. State apparently is uninformed.
20. iranian government are cornered
good wahhabi, bakaar ,   indonesia, Mecca. SA   (12.04.11)
iranian government needs to understand that the gulf, eu, usa, china do not want a nuclear iran that os pro shia terror organization and anti wahhabi or salafi. i am a muslim. a wahhabi. and i have met many people in saudi arabia (some parts) that are very anti wahhabi, anti al saud. and bahrain is now being "attacked" by Iran. Iran. Stop and ceased from your destructive path. You are making a huge mistake.
21. Give me a break...
Yael ,   Israel   (12.04.11)
this is like putting a serial killer "in the corner on a time out to think about what he's done" as a punishment!
22. #20. And the tragedy?
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.04.11)
Is for ordinary Iranians Read any of the thousands of twitters from Iran and the overwhelming majority believe that Ahmadinejad is quite demented By his and his bonkers Revolutionary Guards almost daily insane threats and boasts from colonising the Middle East, taking over the Arabian Gulf, enslaving Africa, 'atomising Israel', teaching the Arab world lessons in democracy, creating fusion energy and sending men to Mars in ten years, attacking US and Western European Cities, making Iran the richest country on earth, exporting their brand of Shia Theocracy all over the Middle East...the list goes on. Ive even heard a RG Colonel recently claiming in a speech that parts of Iraq Afghanistan and Turkey are historically and rightfully Persian! As if Ahmadinejad doesnt have enough enemies - yup he wants MORE!
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