Muslim Brotherhood claims Egypt elections
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.12.11, 14:57
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1. They will see their mistake eventually
Jacob ,   Holon   (12.03.11)
Their mistake will be realized when they get elected and realize violence doesn't solve everything and actually cutting a baby in half is not a real form of justice.
2. Values
zichron   (12.03.11)
Islam must devote to the peoples and allow the Jews their secure sanctuary otherwise the whole area will be a toxic valley of death
3. Islamists when in power may calm down
Sami ,   New york, usa   (12.03.11)
Islamists when in power may calm down.
4. Egypts future
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (12.03.11)
the only way for Egypt in developing the country with so many problems is working together with countries under democratic law. Neighbour Israel could play a significant role in helping them but thei islamists should accept the Jews. But seeing their attitude against them I'm very pessimistic. Pity for all young protestors on Thahir square. They started with hope in their hearts but the islamists will destroy their hope. Shalom from Holland
5. "egyptians stood by palestinians...
nadav ,   tlv   (12.03.11)
throughout history? what a jok,e considering there was and is, no such thing as "palestinian." If Egyptians supported these ersatz palestinians, why didn't they give Gaza independence instead of annexing the strip!! more Muslim-arab BS!
6. Arab "Spring" = Islamism via "democracy", a dark pit.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.03.11)
7. Tell Them Clearly
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.11)
Tell those so-called Brothers and Salafis of Egypt that if they try to play with fire Egypt would lose all US financial and military support, and would also lose Sinai for ever ever...
8. Something we could not get with Hamas
Matt   (12.03.11)
At the moment we have a peace treaty with the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at Syria the MB are banned yet Assad hosts Hamas and supports terror.
9. A Vote for War!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.03.11)
I knew this was coming! The writing is on the wall, as it were: a devestating war is coming. Not to make fun of it-but: put your raincoats on because, soon, a lot of missiles will be raining down on Israel! The "Arab Spring" is not a democracy movement, yet, a continued march by the Muslim Brotherhood for total conquest of the infidels. Their sole purpose is to wipe-out Israel! The naive among us still have their heads in the sand; I'm sure they'll get their butts shot-off; yeah, it's a bad position to be in. God bless Israel and may He protect them and keep them safe. Christian Zionist
10. I hope they helped Mr. B.H.Obama for their victory. Without
JBI   (12.03.11)
his assistance in removing Mubarak, there was little chance Islamism would have taken over in Egypt. So, thank you Mr. B.H.Obama for advancing the cause of Islam in our region and worldwide.
11. If this keeps up they control the government by default
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.03.11)
If you look up the Salafi fellows you see they are a radical Islamist party (I guess the MB is supposed to be the moderate one). If the results are the same in the next two rounds, then all the MB has to do is form a coalition with the Salafis (from what I have heard the actual MB ideoloy is in line with the thinking of these fellows) and they have a nice 60% share which they can use to slowly (or maybe quickly if they feel confident) erode the freedoms that the Egyptian people only recently obtained. Kind of reminds one of Russia, no?
12. #3, not unprecedented
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.03.11)
Just look at Hamas and Fatah. The MB might see that it is bad for business to be so extreme.... Then again they also might not and then wage war against Israel. One never knows with these ideologues and demagogues.
13. What are you thanking Obama for?
Moragh   (12.03.11)
That muslim clown hasn't a clue which way the world is spinning. All he knows is how to betray the freedom of America, a rich and secure and financial future for him and his family. Yet the poor SOB cannot read the writing on the wall! I'll bet this remark won't see the light of day on this Site. Obbie doesn't like facing the truth. Funny how all fakes are the same. It must be in the blood!
14. Why is everyone so surprised?
rachel   (12.03.11)
Arabs are most violent people on earth and that's why they always vote for terrorists and religious people who praise violence,hate, and murder.
15. Egyptian elections
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.03.11)
Never mind, people of Israel ! Be optimistic, after 10 years there will be 100 million egyiptians. As all of them will live with a swiss standard of life, surely none of them will vote to islamic parties ! Or maybe I'm not right ?
16. LOL this is funny...
OJ Leb ,   Lebnan   (12.03.11)
You act as if Egyptians should of considered your interests while voting. LOL
17. Russia is not Egypt
Valdi   (12.03.11)
Russia is pushed towards Iran by USA, which encircles it with it's silly rocket defense. Instead of working with Russia, the West, once again, misjudges Russia. Would be not the first. Israel should stay on it's own brains, and not appease any one by going the wrong path - be it making peace with Abbas, nor bully Russia.
18. A question for Barack Obama
Beauchard   (12.03.11)
Al Qaida is part of the Salafist movement. Thousands of American soldiers have died fighting Salafists. Why are you facilitating their rise to power in Egypt and Libya, Mr. President?
19. One man, one vote ,one time.Will there be be free elections
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.03.11)
again in Egypt or will it become a Sharia state ?
20. 62% is a poor turnout for 1st elections
Scott Simon ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (12.03.11)
The poor turnout seems to be a result of apathy & it shows how disorganized the elections were. Barely 6 months after Mubarak's ouster is too soon for democratic parties to form, so it's not surprising that the Islamists won 60%. But the fact that 40% didn't vote for them & almost 40% of the population didn't vote at all shows that people were unhappy with the choices available or don't care.
21. The Kairo speech: bread and paradise
chantalle.ezer ,   Frankfurt Germany   (12.03.11)
The outcome of the first round of the elections should not be a surprise to anyone. Not the Muslim Brotherhood but the more radical Salafi won most of the votes. They promised an easier and faster access to paradise for each vote, an effective and cheap camapign. In polling station the ballot box was full prior to opening. The most embarrasing reaction came from EUOM (European Observer Mission) and ZIF : they invited only guest speakers who claimed Islam is democracy and peace. They adroitly connected the Egyption issue to the Palestinian one and received long applause. Needless to say that Israel and the Jews worldwide are the only obstacles to democracy in the Middle East. Ezer, Cairo
22. #3
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (12.03.11)
Like in Iran.
23. #3 Sami - Do you intend to say that
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.04.11)
They will stop inciting their people to burn down Christian Churches while people are inside at prayer? Or will they allow them to leave and then proceed to burn the church down to the ground What's your guess?
24. Gaza strip
zivron   (12.17.11)
The gaza strip can be now extended to ismalia and the arabs granted eygyptian citizenship . The hamas advocates in judea and samaria have a new home without jewish checkpoints . China which is forcibly relocatting hundreds of millions of its peoples can support this in principle . The humanitarian crises of the arabs of gaza is no longer .
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