Egypt Brotherhood says won't impose Islamic values
Roee Nahmias, AP
Published: 03.12.11, 22:51
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31. great, now thats
john ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (12.04.11)
Shariah is in place they can beat you as long as its with a whip Egypt is over, the people will wish they never got rid of mubarack as these radicals are the worst
32. Muslim Brotherhood
AZdude ,   Tempe,AZ USA   (12.04.11)
Shariah cannot be reconciled with human rights as defined by the west.
stude ham   (12.04.11)
the arab mobs pushed for this without ever knowing who was behind their agitations. and the rest of the world applauded the mobs ... scary how the masses can so easily be fooled.
34. The Muslim Brotherhood
Martin Gray ,   United States   (12.04.11)
Israel should consider taking in 150,000 Coptic Christians and another 150,000 Egyptians of Muslim faith who want to move out. The U.S. and Canada should do the same. And who can blame the Egytians. Fad has got it right. Hussein Obama did this. A tragic fulfillment of Mubarak's prediction.
35. It is a Pity!!
pazh ,   mumbai, india   (12.04.11)
Strange!! Egyptians got an oppotunity to elect a democratic goverment..and they elected Muslim brotherhood.... Doom for all others...especially coptic christians...what a sad story...
36. Is sanity returning to the region?
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.04.11)
Given the brave the awesome changes in Midddle Eastern society that ordinary people are craving and Ahmadinejads threats to peace surely it is up to Turkey Egypt and Israel to take THE INITIATIVE to ease tensions, improve dialogue enhance economic cooperation and SET AN EXAMPLE to the rest of the region of the benefits of regional stability and peace
37. Fad, you are most welcomed.
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.04.11)
If I were in your shoes, I would leave it asap. Come to Israel, you'll be welcomed.
38. Not a good omen
ada soff ,   Plantation USA   (12.04.11)
Yes and Fidel was not a Communist, what are you getting into ?
39. The Chief Immam in the White House is pleased, yes???
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.04.11)
40. 20
anton ,   Istanbul turkey   (12.04.11)
C low thats excatly whats gonna happen vis a vis egypt but there will be more parties involved not only egypt war is on door steps of middle east all the pieces of puzzle are in place as you said just matter of time,
41. From one prison into another
Winston Smith ,   Sweden   (12.04.11)
The people are doing themselves a huge disservice by letting religion into government. Religion is private and it is where it should belong. Don't trust government to impose the religion you believe in.
42. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.04.11)
I always have missed the Sinai. Nice to know it will be coming back. Are we going to get a new temperature information source, too? You know .... "Canal Zone." That should be part of our considerations. Were Israel to take the Canal, drop the exorbitant Egyptian fees ..... well, hell. No country will object. Of that, I am certain. The Egyptians have jacked the prices so high, it is actually cheaper to go around the Cape. Trust me. If Israel were to take control of the Canal, put the prices back to reasonable rates, most of the world will remain remarkably silent.
43. MB
Ann ,   USA   (12.04.11)
The countdown is about to begin.. Run to the hills
44. #43 Ann - You're correct
BENJABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.05.11)
Iran is working on a nuclear bomb and rockets capable of reaching the USA.. They have already claimed that they have rockets capable of reaching Eastern Europe, IBM's are not beyond reason
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