Egypt's unstoppable Islamists
Daniel Nisman
Published: 04.12.11, 12:30
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1. Thats democracy
Matt   (12.04.11)
Whats new someone stole my vote in the State elections.
2. Egyot will go from being a dump to being a super dump
Al   (12.04.11)
The Copts will up and leave as Egypt descends into a Hamas style dump bend on war with you guessed it..Israel. Cut ties with them ASAP..move to coal to power the electrical plants and stay away from them. Train your army and change the COS..he is useless. They are pining for war with you. Too bad you dont have the Sinai thanks to that putz Begin, and that Anti-Semite Carter. Once the tanks roll, its 67 all over again.
3. The Arab winter!!!!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (12.04.11)
The icy cold of winter Arabs came to Egypt, as it did in Tunisia and Morocco. Arab Spring was a passenger wind and no return direct passage to the Atlantic. The Arab spring flowers bloomed and withered not without seeing the Arab peoples their brilliant colors. The Arab winter has begun for the suffering of their people do not know when it will end.
4. Egypt: That's democracy?
Helen ,   West Hartford, CT   (12.04.11)
One-man-one-vote is not true democracy. Remember Jefferson's insistence that a democratic populace must be EDUCATED!!!
5. A Blessing in disguize
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.11)
The sooner the goons find out that Egypt once before saved itself from starvation with help from Joseph a man with divine inspiration, That copycat religions are not on par with heavenly guidance, The soonerthey will calm down, eat humble pie, and ask for help again.
6. Shades of 1979 Iran, with the worst yet to come
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.04.11)
Some of us are old enough to have lived through Iran's "Islamic Revolution". Then too, naive western leaders insisted Islamist leaders were "moderate" (Carter as I recall referred to Khomeini as "saintly") and helped push out an authoritarian, but friendly leader. Then too, once the Islamists had exploited the secular and leftist elements to win power, they acted (brutally) against their former allies. Most Egyptians don't recognize what they've wrought. Hardly surprising, as 35% of Egypt's adult males are functionally illiterate, as are 45% of adult females. Check back in about six months (if not sooner) when Egypt runs out of foreign currency and can't import food.
7. #2 : ignoramus
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.11)
You are a low life and a prize idiot as you insult Begin from ignorance . Sinai never belonged to the Jewish people. Begin was right to give it back and endow Egypt and Israel with a real kind of peace for 32 years, with a momentum that might go on. Are you by chance one of the deluded americans who come on here now and again?
8. Egypt has no foreign reserves left: Future is Somaliaization
Me ,   Around Here   (12.04.11)
A Bnkrupt 3rd World Islamic Chaosocracy
9. in six months time (no. 6)
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (12.05.11)
you might find that the economic problems of western europe, where israel has both large import-export markets and a great deal of capital investment, has an effect upon the economy in israel. unemployment rates up, taxation rates down, credit squeeze, economic contraction, uneconomies of downscaling, etc., etc.. and i think that the egyptians who have voted for islamists, rather than progressive or even liberal parties, do so, not out of ignorance or even illiteracy (which is a strategic weakness no doubt), but because they are simply sense themselves comfortable and familiar with all that. i realize that the literate classes are apt to dismiss peasant classes (for want of a better term), especially in industrialized societies, but as a warning of their potential power just check out china, then link that to the poison ideology of the brotherhood.
10. #7 you missed the point.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.05.11)
Geographically speaking, Sinai is a part of Israel not Egypt. Strategically speaking, Sinai should have stayed part of Israel: Israel would have been stronger and less susceptible to presure by Leftist American administrations. Israeli control of Sinai could have served critical American interests: protect Saudi Arabia and Suez Canal and guarantee no Egyptian-Israeli war. Legally speaking, Egypt forfeited Sinai by launching three wars of genocide against the Jews: 1956, 1967 and 1973. I am sad to say, but Begin made a mistake.
11. Norbus -- The LORD God set the borders of Israel
Roger ,   Lima, USA   (12.05.11)
The LORD God set the borders for the nation of His people Israel in Genesis. If you go back and review this scripture I think you will find that the borders of Israel extend from the "Great River of Egypt" to the Euphrates River. The LORD God established these borders when He chose His people Israel and He will return Israel to these borders in His time.
12. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, Sinai back, nonviolent transfer, BALANCE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.05.11)
13. constitution with individual freedoms will
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (12.05.11)
prevent country from descending into a theocracy. If the voters were bought , they can be bought back if there is another election. The problem is that the islamists want to undermine the democratic process after they arise to power using it.
14. As foretold.
John Prophet   (12.06.11)
Israel, you never had a choice. This war would be hoisted onto you no matter what you did. The only thing you can do now is decisively finish it once and for all. If you just kick the can down the road, future, yet to be born Israelis will suffer through this all over again time and time again. Now is the time to eradicate the evil that threatens to devour you. Give it no hope of victory, now or in the future. It's the only way out of your nightmare. 
15. America too quickly ditches its friends
MARK KLEIN, M.D. ,   OAKLAND, CA   (12.06.11)
Nothing changed since Eisenhower handed Egypt over the Nasser after the 1956 War and Carter ditched the Shah for the ayatollahs. Lucky for Israel its "stiff necked" leadership and plucky citizenry don't give a hoot about any administration's need to win at its existential expense the weekly news cycle determining which way the policy winds are blowing. The way America is governed today the Union would have lost the Civil War and FDR victory over the Nazis and Japanese imperialists.
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