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'Clinton unfamiliar with Jewish modesty'
Published: 06.12.11, 08:40
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1. And the Segregation of Black Children?
J ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.06.11)
Where's the Torah precedent on segregating black children in day-cares and primary schools? Hilary wasn't far off with her Rosa Parks analogy.
2. Amar & Hillary: the pair really deserves each other..
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.06.11)
3. No Idea What You Are Talking About
Moshe   (12.06.11)
I live in a Charedi area and there are black people in our shuls and black kids in our schools (i.e., Beis Yaacov and the Chaderim, etc.).
4. USA?
Sarah ,   Germany   (12.06.11)
are there no problems in the States that she can take care of?
5. Rabbi Amar
observer   (12.06.11)
born 1948 in Casablanca - hardly a model community of orthodoxy at that time, so he can't really speak. As for his criticism of the separation on buses - well he's really overlooked a whole body of Law on the subject, dating back to talmudic times. As usual, he is merely serving as the mouthpiece of the State.
6. Rabbi Amar
Simon Soesan ,   Haifa   (12.06.11)
At least the rabbi honors Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does." Mrs. Clinton needs no education on Judaism, maybe the rabbi needs to be educated on Mr.s Clinton.
7. #5 Buses in Talmudic times?
Israeli grandma   (12.06.11)
Come on "observer" and take off your black glasses. The respected Rabbi is telling it how it is. Not everyone agrees that women have to have sleeves coming below their elbows, but the rest is straight talking. Segregation on public transport is wrong for many reasons, and one of them is that its not Torah me Sinai
8. re: rabbi amar
Avraham ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.06.11)
Wow! Way to generalize about an entire city. Racist! Please don't tell me you haven't seen pictures of wives of rabonim and roshei yeshiva in Europe wearing no head covering at all... We've all seen those. And about missing an entire section of halacha... Who the heck are you? Forget rav amar, he's from Casablanca, so what would he know, right? But rav Moshe was an am haaretz too, was he? Oooooh I wanna slap you silly. You my friend are a racist simpleton.
9. #5 there were no busses in talmudic times
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.06.11)
so how did our Rabaim discuss separation on buses?
10. "Jewish people respect their women"
Reality Check   (12.06.11) long as they stay in the back of the bus.
11. Hilary is sold out as an Obama rag doll.
BUTSeriosly ,   Sydney   (12.06.11)
Its silly to confuse this as anything else. This gal is stained forever as with Obama. Women's rights were introduced to humanity in the Hebrew bible - hello!?
12. Hillary needs to cover-up her face!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.06.11)
About treating their women: ask Hillary about, Bill (ole' Bubba) and about Monica and her blue dress (I think it needs a good dry-cleaning).
13. Rabbi Amar & to talk nr. 1
AVRAHAM MAGRABI ,   SPAIN   (12.06.11)
I agree 100% with Rabbi Amar. As for the segregation of black children you may ask the Ashkenazim converted jews why they have always segregated and discriminated all other pure jews that were not descendent from THE KATZAR, inclusive Rabbi Amar himself , from Casablanca the holy jewish city.
14. #18 Unreal
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.06.11)
Mine drives the car, keeps the household finances in order, I don't even have to write a check You don't know beans about Jewish women
15. #5 Observer, clean your glasses
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.06.11)
Most of the Jews that came from Morocco, by far the vast majority, were religious I don't know who you are serving as a mouthpiece for, you're not doing a very good job of it LIke most of those that use the title of "Observer", you too need some observation in a secure facility
16. to #5 pffffffff in 1948 he was a baby he couldn't
ghostq   (12.06.11)
be any model in that age.
17. Not Her Jurisdiction
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.06.11)
1) It amazes me that Jewish soldiers serving in the US armed forces would not be forced to violate their religious values but the IDF is DEMANDING that Jewish soldiers in Israel MUST listen to women singing. This is irrational and illogical behavior on the part of the "enlightened" secularists. 2) Hilary doesn't know anything about Jewish law. We don't expect her to, either. That's not supposed to be her specialty. Foot, mouth, push hard, sound stupid. 3) Is criticism of local policies on public transport and women's singing part of the Secretary of State's job? Did Kissinger, Schultz, Albright et al babble on like this?
18. a responsible editor would
traintalk ,   upcountry, israel   (12.06.11)
encourage Prof Rabbi David Hartman to address the issues Secretary of State Clinton describes in an article of similar length especially in light of the recent interview in "7 Days" (in Hebrew).
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.06.11)
She is not a bad looking woman at all ,in some photos she can be rather yummy .
20. Queens - Treated like Jewish slaves?
Josh   (12.06.11)
Mark me if I am wrong, but middle east queens were often kidnapped and forced to marry the king. Tell me Rabbi of the ruling that a woman can't even take a nap when she wants to. Does this shows what type of queens we are talking about? I have seen the refugee looks in the eyes of many who flee from abuse of the men. Don't kid yourself Rabbi, you don't fool anyone but your followers and well wisher people who never lived in Israel (missionaries?).
21. How well did Bill treat Hillary?
Rachel ,   New York   (12.06.11)
I don't recall Hillary's public critisism of her husband for ongoing mistreatment. Why does she tolerate such treatment? Why not divorce? I feel sorry for her. Few observant Jewish wives would tolerate her situation.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.06.11)
She has lost all conception of what morality is or ever was, after having been married to Bill Clinton, who two-timed her every chance he had
23. Hillary should stick her nose in other places!!
Rozie   (12.06.11)
What is her business about internal situation in Israel? She was the one in back of the bus when her husband was fooling around with every woman that came his way. She is a disgrace together with the OBAMA team.
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (12.06.11)
Clinton is far removed from any climate of observant Judaism, where women are designated their own obligations and men are designated their own obligation. For example, men NOT women must form a quorum for prayer. Men must wear phylacteries every day except the Sabbath, etc., men read from the Torah on the Sabbath, NOT women. Why? It is not a matter of women being less equal than men in a negative way. On the contrary, men sinned by praying to the golden calf, women did not, so only men must form a quorum and only men must wear phylacteries. Women are deemed more spiritually lofty. Men do not have monthly menses cycle experiences, requiring both physical and spiritual (by means of mikvah submersion), baths. So because of the possibility that a woman may at any given time be in a state of unfinished menses cycle, hence spiritual and physical uncleanliness, men are separated from women. There is nothing sexist about this Jewish social configuration within the definition of being condescending. Juda-ism has survived all of the social trends for thousands of years, each of which was 'modern' thinking in its own time. Clinton should refrain from treading on Jewish understanding of how our religious order must be conducted, and as a proven anti-Israeli and pro-Arafat-anti-Jew, she should also refrain from pretending that she is an even-handed politician. In fact, it is my hope and certainly the hope of many, that she refrain from politics completely, along with Barak Hussein Obama, the Muslim president of a once united and free country! Moreover, as an Arabist, which she clearly is,it is interesting to note that Clinton says nothing about the chattel status of women throughout Islam, and the brutality they endure from their husbands, and the laws preventing women from driving and voting, etc. Only Israel is her target, as is the case with the U.N. which only finds fault with Israel. What about the Muslims who murder women in Dafur, in Afghanastan, etc.? Israel is a true democracy where both Arabs and Jews including women, may vote, hold political office. become doctors, etc. and even hold diplomatic posts. Not so of Jews and of women throughout Islam!
25. Rabbi amar is of course right and an erudite man
CC   (12.06.11)
As C. Glick noted yesterday, Clinton (abd the complete administration Obama included) could well be a Jew-hater, antisemitic. I'm certain she has always been! This is the truth.
26. Total nonsense the religious treat women like donkeys
Haim ,   TA   (12.07.11)
27. Another Clinton moron!
Mark ,   US   (12.07.11)
Like her husband before her, who was a total zero and has much Jewish blood on his hands, ole Hill is a failure as Secy of State, and one stupid Bill she can't control her mouth.
28. Clinton is familiar with Jewish modesty.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (12.07.11)
Wasn't she and her husband taught modesty by Rabbetzen Lewinski?
29. Hillary the political prostitute
Ken ,   Monsey, USA   (12.07.11)
When Hillary was running for NY Senator, she visited the Square Rebbi, and submitted to sit behind a curtain when she spoke to him (about delivering his Hasidim's votes). These same Square Hasidim run their own segregated (men from women riders) inter-city bus system which takes all Rockland County commuters to Manhattan and Brooklyn daily on at least 40-50 bus routes a day. Funny how short her memory is when she's looking to buy a vote. Incidentally, she had her husband Bill pardon 4 Square Hasidim from jail sentences as part of the deal!
30. #19 Lawrence, you sound hard up
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.07.11)
If her plastic surgery would have pulled her face tighter, it could have been used for a drumskin I'm certain you heard of "Photoshop", it can miracles with almost any old bag
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