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Twitter users vexed at Israel
Published: 06.12.11, 08:43
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1. #IsraelLoves
Deebo ,   Holon   (12.06.11)
Don't worry... Twitter users were quick to turn the tide. Here are some gems from last night: #IsraelLoves to absorb refugees into society. #israelhates that others can't follow her example. #IsraelLoves that its citizens are the 7th happiest in the world according to Forbes magazine. #IsraelLoves criticism. Because that's what democracies do. #israelhates Mickey Mouse knock-offs teaching kids about hating & killing Jews While they hijack airplanes, we hijack hashtags #israelhates #IsraelHates that one billion Muslims blame all their problems on five million Jews.
2. and what's the leading trend among the chipmunk population?
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.06.11)
3. #LoveIsrael
Elisheva ,   Australia   (12.06.11)
From the JIDF: "Beyond our constant monitoring of all antisemitic, jihadist, and anti-Israel content trends online, we launch campaigns. Successful ones. Like our #Tweet4Shalit campaign, which got #GiladShalit to trend for over 24 hours. And now, in response to the hate directed at Israel and the Jewish people, it is with great pride that we bring you the launch the #LoveIsrael campaign."
4. Propoganda
Joe ,   Florida, USA   (12.06.11)
I think we all know that the rest of the world hates Israel and will always hate Israel. Israelis could cure all forms of cancer, stimulate economies to record highs, and make the world a much better place, yet the world would still hate Israel. Why? Because the ones spewing anti-Israeli and anti Semitic propaganda are pretty damn good at their craft. Through it all Israel will do what it needs to do to survive and prosper. We know that peace has never been on Arabs' agenda. All they want is the destruction of Israel and all Jews dead. Ain't happnin' folks. Ain't happnin'!
5. This article is like a high school report
Koby   (12.06.11)
This article is like something I did in high school when I was 15 about the media using sources of hearsay and ones that cant be proven. I didnt do to well in that essay then, I assume an adult is writing this article and paid to do so..?
6. #1
Chris   (12.06.11)
So Israelloves was trending worldwide throughout the planet?
Yuval   (12.08.11) shows you how much love there is for Israel.
8. #6
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (12.08.11)
Have you not watched Star Wars? Hate is seductive, but in the end it is love that prevails.
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