Denmark's foreign minister shuns Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.12.11, 18:46
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1. Sovndal. ,he too will pass if unrepentant
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (12.05.11)
2. Denmark
Naftali   (12.05.11)
So, why have him stay in Denmark? What, we Jews have to get down on our knees for our haters? He should call the local newspapers and tell them he is leaving just as Jews left other European cities due to anti-semitism.
3. denmark
danny ,   haifa   (12.05.11)
Foreign minister of denmark we build where we wont God give the land to the jews.This is our land Baruch ha schem.Am israel chai
4. surprise, another anti semite
john ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (12.05.11)
wow amazing
5. Sovndal
R ,   Israel   (12.05.11)
is just another In a long line of low lifes who would try to destroy us. Like Hitler, Haman, and others, Sovndal will not succeed.
6. Diplomacy is tit or tat....
Charles ,   Paris, France   (12.05.11)
...recall the ambassador for consultations and insist on downsizing the Danish embassy in Israel. As for Denmark assuming the EU presidency, not to worry: This position has virtually no power, and the EU may no longer exist in 2012.
7. #1 unrepentant of what?
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (12.05.11)
8. Ostrich?
Jeff ,   UK   (12.05.11)
Surely if this guy dissagrees with Isreal, that's all the more reason to talk to Israel, not stick his head in the sand. What is he? some kind of Ostrich?
9. And, I bet the minister is not familiar with this:
JehudahBenIsrael ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.05.11)
The basis for all talks is UN Security Council Resolution, 242. Once we internalize this, and once we internalize the legal basis for 242 we can proceed. 242 is an outcome of the San Remo Conference, 1920; League of Nations, 1922 and UN Charter, Article 80, 1945. These are the important documents that make up the infrastructure on the basis of which the Arab Israeli conflict has a chance of being resolved. In essence, they say: the territory between the Jordan river and the sea, all of it, is assigned to be "the national home for the Jewish people", and only for the Jewish people, taking into consideration that fact that the Arabs had been handed over 77% of "Palestine", 1921, located east of the Jordan river. And, it is not for anyone to change this status but with the consent of the Jewish people. 242 is the basis for a consent, but one that can and must be given ONLY after the Jewish people's national and security interests are taken into consideration. Yet, some, Arabs as well as their supporters abroad, keep attempting to undermine international law, including the meaning of UN Security Council Resolution, 242. And we must stand firm and insist on Israel's legal right!!
10. Villy Sovndal is an idiot
Birgitte Berthelsen ,   Furesoe, Denmark   (12.05.11)
Villy Sovndal is a halal-hippie who is not well-educated nor informed in the conflict between muslims and the rest of the world. Of all non-muslims they hate the jews the most. Villy does not know that - or he doesn't care, because the lefties will fire him as leader if he is not hard on Israel and soft on muslims. I really have no respect for him. As a dane, I would prefer we had a smarter and more informed foreign minister. Sorry Israel ...
11. I hope other foreign ministers read this ;) ,...
split ,   US   (12.05.11)
12. P.S. to # 9:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.05.11)
It was the late Mr. Yitzhaq Rabin, Israel's former prime minister, who, based on the principles stated above, set out in his last speech before the Knesset the contour for a realistic accommodation of peaceful coexistence while taking into consideration both national and security interests of Israel: 1) Jerusalem will remain united under Israel's sovereignty and will also include the areas of Ma'aleh Adumim as well as Giv'at Zeev suburbs 2) All major Jewish settlement blocs will be incorporated into sovereign Israel 3) The Jordan Valley must be viewed in the widest sense of the term and it too will remain under Israel's rule 4) The future Palestinian state will not be a regular state (alluding to the fact that it will be an autonomous area only, JBI) in that it will be demilitarized, its airspace will be controlled by Israel, as will its borders and all its border passes: land, sea and air. Mr. Rabin was held by many around the world, especially after his death, as the Prince of Peace. Perhaps we should learn a thing or two from this experienced and wise man as well, shouldn't we...??
13. I know this guy, (take it easy), he's a certified cipher!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.05.11)
The Danes are already regretting bitterly having voted this bunch of assorted imbeciles for government. You should see the rest of their "ministers"! (LOL) Give them some slack: after all we've voted in Kadima before (not me!)
14. Israel must protest
Wade ,   NYC USA   (12.05.11)
In most countries, the FM cannot initiate a policy that the gov't disagrees with. Isarel should consider filing an official protest. If Denmark is interested in diplomatic relations, then the hostility must be protested. Does Israel feel that a cold diplomatic tie is better than negative publicity?
15. one little consolation
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.05.11)
At least he didn't make the ambassador sit on a little chair
16. Sovndal is not alone - Finnish FM is also Israel hater!
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.05.11)
17. I don't get it
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (12.05.11)
I don't get it if the Europeans love "Palestine" so much why don't they create a state for them in their own European lands? Because we won't give our little, but own lands that we have been dreaming for 2000 years in exile. However this only shows how hypocrites they are, since they face the problems of radical Islam in their countries too...
18. In all honesty I have no right to blame
leo ,   usa   (12.05.11)
Danes for this ... FM. After all we've elected Obama.
19.  Villy (The VILLAGE IDIOT) Sovndal
JEWDI knight ,   ATLANTA   (12.05.11)
EVILLY is about to have his nose wiped...not unlike his counterpart in Turkey, dovenglu. There is a world wide move to dump him as FM.
20. Was Iran'sFM already in Denmark for official consultations?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.05.11)
If Israeli diplomats continue to behave like EU doomats, that's what they deserve. If this Danish FM doesn't follow the minimal rules of courtesy, because of a personal opinion, he should be made to resign. He's not fit for the job. Todays standard of international "diplomats" has plummeted to sub zero. Every idiot with a diplomatic license, takes it upon himself to 'correct the State of Israel with their 'personal worldview. It's about time Israel stopped participating in this game and tell the 'honorable Ladies & Gents of the International Diplomatic Corps, (in diplomatic, but firm language) to start behaving according the international 'rules of diplomacy & courtesy or mind their own business. This superior behavior from every European & US diplomat with a personal crutch against Israel or Jews has to be stopped.
21. Sorry
Hans ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (12.05.11)
for Villy Sovndals behaviour against Israel. We are a lot of Danes who are praying for Israel and for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Blessings to Israel
22. Makes me ashamed to be Danish
Line Singer ,   Århus, Denmark   (12.05.11)
Just to let you know - we're not all like Villy and co.
23. He thinks Israel is a European getto?
Robert ,   NY USA   (12.05.11)
And the Arabs are a joke and fakes. What about their Prophet's cartoons? Useful idiots or useless idiots?
24. Something rotten in Denmark
Stephen in New York   (12.05.11)
and it ain’t us. The multiculturalists and the left in general have destroyed Europe. They invited in “guest workers” and lost interest in their religion and confidence in their culture. Europe invited their “guest workers” to take over and they will. Why should we care what the Europeans say or do?
25. when your selling subs Israel will take notice of you
zionist forever   (12.05.11)
If not then then act like a spoilt child all you like and it won't worry anybody in Israel.
26. obviously a fool. these leftists do not represent anybody
ralph   (12.05.11)
27. Villy Sovndal
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.05.11)
A foreign minister of courage and truth. Would that there were many more like him. I take some comfort that the Obama government in the USA will follow in Denmark's footsteps after the President's reelection.
28. Something rotten in Denmark
Stephen in New York   (12.05.11)
and it ain’t us. The multiculturalists and the left in general have destroyed Europe. They invited in their “guest workers” while losing both interest in their religion and confidence in their culture. Europe invited their “guest workers” to take over and they will. Why should we care what the Europeans say or do?
29. Denmark protected its Jews in WW2
Gobbo   (12.05.11)
No other European country did more to save its Jews from the Nazis. When Nazis went around hunting Jews, Danes physically confronted them in the street. Their leader King Christian was no Quisling. He too intervened on the Jews' behalf. If every occupied country had behaved like Denmark, the death toll would have been much smaller. It's particularly sad to see that some Danes are so hostile to Israel. Nevertheless, Jews should remind themselves how heroic the Danes were when it really counted. This particular individual deserves condemnation, but we must never forget what the Danes did for us.
30. Let this brainless evil antisemite
CC   (12.05.11)
hug Ahmedinajad instead. He is closer to him in soul and spirit. Israel is apparently far too superior and noble for him. Shame on despicable Denmark and its antisemitic government!!!
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