Demographic threat? Not according to statistics
Telem Yahav
Published: 07.12.11, 10:50
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1. Demographics
Malcolm Light ,   Cortegana Spain   (12.07.11)
This is a racist article
2. Title is erroneous, misleading it needs to be changed
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (12.07.11)
3. What fantastic news!
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.11)
THis is more important than all theories, wars and debates...
4. Yasher koach
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (12.07.11)
keep it up partners in creation
5. #1
Adam ,   Raanana   (12.07.11)
Don't be stupid. Demographics are an important aspect of any culture-appreciative society. The fact that Israel is a JEWISH state means that it is extremely important to us. Take your UN PC over-sensitivity somewhere else.
6. Question is, What Jewish Newbornd
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (12.07.11)
Firstly, 22% Muslim is still more than their current portion of the population, so it's not a good thing. But if we assume that the trends continue into the future it won't be a problem. However, we must ask ourselves, where do these Jewish babies come from? Unfortunately a large percentage come from the Haredi sector, who are not Zionist and largely not productive. This growth in Jewish babies can therefore offset one demographic disaster and bring another. This article makes it even more clear that the Haredi demographic problem is more severe that the Arab demographic problem. Obviously we cannot force the Haredim to give birth less, but we can and must transform them into a contributing sector in order to turn a curse into a blessing.
7. #1: It's not...
Igor ,   Germany   (12.07.11)
...a racist article, but you are an anti-Semite. Ad 1) The article simply states cold, neutral, statistical facts. Ad 2) Calling someone "racist" is a way of demonization. Demonizing Jews is a certain sign of anti-Semitism.
8. Demographics
Ilan M ,   Miami USA   (12.07.11)
Number 1, you could say that ALL demographics statistics are racial, but of course you chose to comment only on this one. Your comment is racist..
9. Racist racist
Ber ,   Yahud   (12.07.11)
Take a look at the world. All the Middle East is racist, and Europe and the world, and when it comes to those whose scream the loudest, "racist", usually, he who smelt it, dealt it.
10. Demographic statistic
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.07.11)
Finally, a good news among the hundreds of bad ones.
11. #6 Thank G-d for the Hardim and their birth rate
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.07.11)
If we had to rely on our seculars we'd be in big trouble. PS - the dati leumi I know have between 4 and 6 kids each. They serve in the army, work, pay taxes and, unlike many of our secular brethren, know why they want to stay in Israel. Do stop generalizing on the Haredim. you're wrong.
12. Does this include Yehuda and Shomron
Zev ,   Israel   (12.07.11)
It will include the Jewish births of those living in Yesh since there are no Jewish hospitals in Yehuda and Shomron but does it include the Arab births.
13. What about the West Bank?
m.a. ,   brazil   (12.07.11)
the problem with these numbers is it doesn't consider the Palestinians, what Israel doesn't realize is by building settlements, they are annexing both the land and the arab population.
14. #6--Productivity?
Esther ,   Bet Shemesh   (12.07.11)
You seem to equate productivity with money-making capacity. Not only is your reasoning specious, but your intentions are blatantly bigoted. For shame!
15. #1: racist?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.07.11)
how do these statistics compare with the jewish birthrate in jordan (aka "the arab homeland in palestine"), or in the palestinian authority? oh? there are no jews allowed to live there? what about the jews living in east jerusalem, hevron, jericho, gaza..? who drove them out? but there are over one million arab citizens living in israel... i would say that it's pretty obvious who the real racists are.
16. #11 "dati leumi" ARE NOT hareidi!!!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.07.11)
17. This is
Horst ,   Ge   (12.07.11)
a purely racist and apartheid style report. The high birth rate is of course among the more backward and extreme Jews. It does not bode well
18. No.6 - it seems like the Chareidim are your worst enemy
Brocha ,   Jer, Israel   (12.07.11)
Are you trying to say that the Hareidi sector disturbs you more than the Arabic sector? And you would prefer Israel to be filled with Arabs as long as they are not Jews who are abiding by the laws of the Torah and fearing G-d as they are supposed to?!?!?! Think Again!!!
19. Thanks to the religious!!
TR   (12.07.11)
The seculars have almost no children, so it is only the religious that are keeping us in the majority.
20. Thank You Religious Jews
Eli ,   Israel   (12.07.11)
Thank you for making more babies, I know you are sometimes looked down on in Israel but it turns out you are saving the Jewish State. While the leftist in Tel Aviv raise Cats and Dogs you are raising Gods Children. God bless you all, keep making babies, in 15 years we will have a state that the God of Israel can be proud of. Let the Leftist leave the country if they dont like it, Germany and San Francisco is waiting for them, Israel needs to go back to it's roots.
21. #1: why racist?
Boaz ,   Jerusalem   (12.07.11)
If there's an article in the American press saying that the number babies of Mexican origin has incresed, or in Britain about Muslim or African babies, or in Australia about Asian babies, or in Portugal about Brazilian or Ukranian babies, is that racism? So why stating simple Israeli statistics without any judgement is considered racism? is there any anti-Israel bias on your comment?
22. What about those TV Ads?
Fed Up US Taxpayer   (12.07.11)
I thought all the Jewish babies grew-up and moved to the US and assimilated. That's what those television ads said.
23. racist?
chaim witz   (12.07.11)
40 years from now, when the government of Islamic Republic of Spain forces 'convert or leave' on their non-muslim citizens, we will see who is a racist. If it takes to be a racist to save your country from doom, so let us be racists.
24. #1 Interestimng what you'd say in Japan or Korea
Which are definitely "racist" countries!
25. There Are Approx. 2 Million Israelis Liviing Outside Of Isra
Benjamin ,   NY NY   (12.07.11)
Thus, we can understand the campaign... Primarily, it was meant to shock the Israelis who live overseas (especially in the USA), and guess did!
26. Boruch HaShem!
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (12.07.11)
27. Misleading Report
jdledell ,   USA   (12.07.11)
The statistics reported are misleading. It reports total Jewish births within not only Israel proper but also from all the settlements over the green line. However, it includes muslim and christian births only from within the green line.
28. who cares?
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (12.07.11)
What about just Israelis new born?
29. Regadless of religion, we are all ISRAELIS
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.07.11)
The focus should be on how to make sure all Israelis, regardless of religion, are givin equal opportunity and treated the same by law
star ,   USA   (12.07.11)
I don't find this article so comforting according to the statistics one third of newborns are Muslim and they are only one seventh of the population so they are still "outbirthing" the Jewish population
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