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'I got used to being called a dirty Jew'
Menachem Gantz
Published: 08.12.11, 15:00
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1. "Jew go to your country"
Golan ,   modiin   (12.08.11)
how interesting. In Israel the Arabs say "Jew this is not your country go to Europe." In Europe they say "go to your country" one lesson to be learned: no where in the world is it safe for Jews, but the existence of Israel makes it safer for Jews all over the world
2. Jews Please Come HOME To Israel Before It Is Too Late!
JM ,   Israel   (12.08.11)
Come live amongst your people - no need to fear leaving your home - things will just get worse! Parents, protect your children. bring them home to Israel NOW!
3. Punish them
Sami ,   New York, USA   (12.08.11)
Punish them
4. Why is Israel complaining?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.08.11)
What happens when a Jewish girl is brutally attacked by Muslims? Belgium is a Christian country that loves Muslims and hates Jews and Israel is a Jewish country, but under Netanyahu the same would have happened to Oceane Sluijzer in Israel. This kind of story happens all the time in Israel, most recently last night in Itamar when Arabs and Leftists assaulted innocent Jews and IDF soldiers.
5. Belgium's anti-semantism
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.08.11)
"The root cause of anti-Jewish hatred in Europe was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Sorry - not true - root cause is money - the tons of money that Arabs have pored into Europe all these years. It is buying (or bribing) loyalty on their side.
6. The solution:
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (12.08.11)
Europe's Jews will have to either move to Israel or arm themselves. Whining is not going to cut it - Nobody is listening as Europe is already gone to the dark side, again.
7. It is 1939 Again
Dan ,   Florida   (12.08.11)
Is there any doubt that Belgium is the new Nazi Germany? Once again a first world European country is abandoning its educated, productive, intelligent population for parasite that suck the resources out of the social welfare system, have no interest in democracy and replace the rule of law with a medieval and barbaric justice system.
8. What Would You Expect...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (12.08.11)
from a European country full of cowardly and racist Euros. They sent the Jews to their deaths during the second world war and have centuries of hatred for the Jews. It's amazing that with the creation of Israel that Jews would want to live anyplace that tolerates such abuse. Europe is crumbling and it won't be long until the Jews are blamed and suffer the same tragedies.
9. Well, when a country refuses to protect its own citizens...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.08.11)
it is usually a good idea to leave that country. I understand why the Belgian officials didn't do anything, but it was still out of cowardice. I have never read the Belgian Constitution, but I'd assume that as a country in 21st Century Europe it would have an equal protection clause (it would have to in a civic country like Belgium). You don't make exceptions just because you don't want to anger a portion of the population. You are bound to protect all citizens. That is a basic reason for having government in the first place.
10. Muslims attack in Christian Belgium
Tomi ,   Budapest Hungary   (12.08.11)
The young girl was attacked only because she is Jewish. What about the connivance of the local majority? Shame on all the Belgians who cowardly behave and do not protect a Belgian citizen symply because she is a Jew. This is the true face of Belgium and not the EU headquartership.
11. We have seen this before
Hunt S. Cross ,   England   (12.08.11)
It is the same as happened under the Third Reich in Germany from its earliest days and, before, wherever the Party had influence. Is the motivation in any way different?
12. It...
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (12.08.11)
It hurts my heart, sadly to hear this about my fellow Jewish sisters and that Europe does not do anything but curses Israel if we kill some terrorists...these Christians deserve the Muslim immigrants, they fit together very well. And again it was a lesson that why Aliyah IS IMPORTANT.
13. Islamization of Europe
Roxy ,   israel   (12.08.11)
This is what happens when Islam is allowed to spread its hatred throughout Europe. Send the Muslims back to their homelands before it is too late!
14. Hardly news, this.
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (12.08.11)
Schoolchildren are being bullied and attacked evrey day, everywhere. Unfortunately! Especially minorities are vulnerable; 4 instance how many gay and lesbian teens haven't committed suicide in recent years because of bullying? How this article could qualify as NEWS, is just beyond me.
15. Get over it !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (12.08.11)
I have been called so many names because I was gay... If I would have made a fuss about it everytime, I'd be rich today !
16. personal testimony
Belgian Jew   (12.08.11)
I was in that same school 20 years ago. At the time there was less pupils from morrocan descent (who are regulary the offenders in general violence and in anti- jewish attacks) but I am not suprized of the cold shoulder that the girl and your reporter get both from that institution. At the time already teachers among whom where the current principal, were already expressing openly anti-israeli statement and where prejudiciating jewish pupils in regards of other from "exotic" descent. Typical left wing hyprocrisy at his best in Belgium
17. to 9
Belgian Jew   (12.08.11)
Of course in the law jews are protected from any discriminations but parcticaly these laws applys when the offender is a white Christian. A fact that occur seldom here. But when it comes to a muslim migrant, there is nobody to implement it. The reason 25% of Brussels is Morrocan. There are nearly a milion of muslims legals and not in Belgium (out of 10 million) and only 30 000 jews. All two groups do vote. The politicians mainly from the left depend on muslim vote. You got the picture. Muslim her a re above the law. It is a kind of occupied country
18. they said "go to your country" ?????????????????????????????
eporue ,   europe   (12.08.11)
19. the dialog is really totally hard to believe and apart from
eporue ,   europe   (12.08.11)
that utterly incomplete, as her part is totally missing, strangely... and now she goes to another public school, where there are jewish girls who never got a punch... should be mentioned...
20. So? It also happens here
E. ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.11)
Here in Israel my 12 year old son was attacked by 3 teenage arabs because he is a jew.
21. Now vs then
C McCoy ,   Canada   (12.08.11)
What is most alarming is the fact that it is now females who are willing to engage in physical violence. Not so long ago this was the preserve of the male antiSemite. Equality between the genders, I guess, in Islam even, how about that for irony?
22. We're hearing only one side of the story
RS ,   Canada   (12.08.11)
23. where's your father who
arne ,   chicago usa   (12.08.11)
who comes to school with you and takes care of his child, who go's to the headmaster and finds out who these bullies are and goes to their families and gets this straightend out or else.if he will not protect his child then she should go to israel where the tough jews are. over there they take no crap.
24. No. 15
NYC Girl   (12.08.11)
If you've been called names because you're gay, that's totally unacceptable. However, this young girl was also physically assaulted and no civilized country should allow this kind of occurrence to take place without doing anything to stop it or to punish her attackers.
25. Write to Mayor of Brussels and demand action
Yosef ,   NYC   (12.08.11)
Here is his email address:
26. The World Must Wake Up
Tom, ,   lagos   (12.08.11)
Islam is a destructive socio- religious cult that had sow more hatred in the world, even more than the Nazis. The west do not understand the gravity of their lenient response and tolerance of the Islam communities in their soil, one day Europe will wake up and find out the they have no identity again because of Islam.
27. Gunnar # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.08.11)
If you can't figure it out then you are part of the problem.
28. teach the jewish girls
mike ,   phila, US of A   (12.08.11)
krav maga, and not that civilian or police crap. teach them the military version. all us jews should be learning krav maga.
29. Cowards
Vic ,   Moyock, USA   (12.08.11)
The school officials and the local law enforcement are obviously as cowardly as the other students who would not assist Oceane. This is prejudicial violence steeped in hate speech that can only be learned at home. Beware the creeping scourge of Sharia.
30. Jews wake up
Jew Boy ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.11)
The prophecy comes true - All the world will come against Israel - until we realize that our only help comes from the G-d of Israel. Open your eyes and see what is happening around the world. Jews need to re connect with Torah and get to Israel. My prayers are with all my brothers.
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