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'Russia, China asked to inspect downed US drone'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 08.12.11, 16:02
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1. Paneta
Hertzel Lion of Juda ,   Tveria/USA   (12.08.11)
It was Paneta (Leon) that was afraid the if the US will bomb the plane, Iran will retaliate.... Forget about the US going after the Nukes in Iran with Paneta there....
2. drone
JGrosman ,   Houston, Texas   (12.08.11)
We must know where it is, so why not just fly another and send a missile into it. Show them who is boss.
3. American Temerity Increases Risks
Dan ,   Florida   (12.08.11)
Obama not wanting to antagonize Iran allowed very secret advanced US Technology, kept from Israel, to now become part of the arsenal of the nations that want to destroy Israel and extinguish Freedom. That plane was watched on a live satellite feed going down and at least a missile should have been sent to destroy the wreckage. We are all in greater danger now than at any time in present history.
4. Got to be kidding took Iran 8 years to get a stail mate with
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.08.11)
Iraq. What a bunch of clowns
5. 100 points for the Ape man - 0 for Obama !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.08.11)
6. Maybe the Americans are the last ones,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.08.11)
to give ANY advice to Israel !
7. It won't alter the attack plans on Iranian nuke facilities.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.08.11)
8. @ 6
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (12.08.11)
I agree I heard they gave Israel advise in 2006 in Lebanon and look what happened. I agree we can destroy any country a thousands times over but can't get the little sh*t right.
9. #4
Buba ,   USA   (12.08.11)
this says how much you know. Iran was not fighting Iraq only, they were fighting the us, all the gulf states, and egypt. the US was supplying weapons and money to Iraq, satellite pics on Iranian troops movement. the gulf states were given money and weapons. Dum ass
10. Correction to my post at # 7. It could certainly...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.08.11)
affect the operational aspect of the mission.....but won't stop it.
11. Drone needs implosion
Brod ,   USA   (12.08.11)
Such drones need to have implosion capability rather than be a gift to their enemies. It is time the engineers become smarter.
12.  downed US drone'
Niss ,   uk   (12.08.11)
with all the technology the drone has its a wonder it does not blow its self under such circumstances or a signal is sent to blow it
13. Wow, first Pakistan gave access to the advanced chopper
William ,   Israel   (12.08.11)
during the Bin Laden raid, and now the Iranians to this very-intact drone. Why the US didn't add a self-destruct mechanism on-board is beyond me.
14. fit these things with self destruct mechanisms
zionist forever   (12.08.11)
When Bin Laden was killed an American helicopter with some classified stealth technology crashed in Pakistan and good old Pakistan who get US military and economic aid refused to return it and instead passed it onto China. This UAV is highly classified but now its inIranian hands and now Russia and China want a peek. The whole lot of them are going to reverse engineer the thing and next thing you know the Chinese version will be on sake in Walmart. If the US and any other country that develops weapons systems that they want to keep classified even if they call into enemy hands then they should incorporate some kind of remote self destruct mechanism so if they can't get the thing back they can destroy it.
15. Obama sends SEALS for OBL, but is afraid of Iran
Cynic ,   USA   (12.08.11)
16. China
zichron   (12.08.11)
China and russia must take great care not to precipitate a world depression that will impact particularly the economic welfare of the chinese people and a return to the old ways which will scare russia only small in numbers but with huge territories.
17. The usual guys want to copy everything
Irsanian Jew ,   LA   (12.08.11)
Chinese think that by copying USA they can become like it. It took inovations and sacrifices. Two elemenst that Chinese and Russians woill never have. Maybe if they let Israel knew about this technology then they would be informed about the self destruction part.
18. 16 and 17
this is a website for English-speaking readers. It's charming that you want to join in , but if too many people like you come here to practise their English, it will make the site worthless for everybody else.
19. What's next?
Robert ,   Australia   (12.08.11)
What next, will we have Nazi technology helping the US get into space?
20. Russia, China, Persia: FREE YOUR OWN PEOPLE!!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.09.11)
21. #18 You sense no make!
Rami ,   New York, US   (12.09.11)
Moderate Ynet you yeh?
22. @ #18
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.09.11)
You are here so it is already worthless. For someone who has no idendity on this forum, you sure have a lot to say about nothing. Stick to the subject or keep your personal insults to your own miserable self. You are so worried about the spell check. That is all you got from my post? Is that all your worthless brain can vomit about? Is this Enough English for you now? Would you like me to translate this into Chinese or Russian? Becuase I can. Get a life, pal!!
23. The American Genius
John ,   Australia   (12.09.11)
Americans invested millions and scientists to come up with a pen that writes in outer space, the Russians took a pencil. Americans invested millions in high tech toys,drones, satellites,..., they lost their toys, satellites were shot down by chinese, & failed to have simple human intel to defend them from a bunch of shepherds in NY attacks!!!
24. @ 23
Jim S. ,   Tucson USA   (12.10.11)
What exactly is it that Australia has accomplished? Invented anything lately? Invented anything at all?
25. ...
John ,   Australia   (12.10.11)
We definitely don't have banks trading 40 billion $ when they barely own a billion, and yes our grand grand children are not indebted to China. We have don't 15+ % unemployed. I admit, you beat us in all this!!! Bit of modesty wouldn't hurt you!
26. Air attack
Susan ,   USA   (12.14.11)
If there is anything on that drone that would make other Countries mad because they fill that there National Intelligence has been breached the U.S. should no doubt go over there and destroy that drone.
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