Hassan Nasrallah's loneliness
Guy Bechor
Published: 12.12.11, 00:42
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1. I really don't care! Let him burn in Hell!
2. No wonder he's lonley
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (12.12.11)
Is this the latest in Arab Spring Fashion or do we go JC Penney's to get him a suit for the holidays?
3. nastyrallah hides under a rock while beating his breast.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.12.11)
Fear not, a bomb or a sniper will take him out, it is just a game of cat and mouse.
4. Seems like the wheels are...
Malone ,   Hfx   (12.12.11)
...coming off.. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of terrorists!
5. So you are telling us that everyone is tired of changing
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska.   (12.12.11)
his chamber pot.........While he hides in a closet 40 floors underground???? Go figure. He does sit in front of a mirror repeating to himsel over and over again, "I'm important.....if not for me...the chamber pot would not have to be emptied three times a day. If not for me.....I wouldn't be compelled to talk to myself incessantly rambling on...in a prison of my own making. If nit for me....they would get rid of the term narcistic nutter in the dictionary."
6. What about Hezbollah's drug smuggling
Ilan ,   Australia   (12.12.11)
Doesn't Hezbollah make money from drug smuggling and other organized criminal activities? Are these enough to keep the organization afloat?
7. Don't under estimate him
Ron ,   oc, us   (12.12.11)
He still has some 40,000 rockets and plenty of pathology. Israel's best bet wiith him is make sure that his head stays down and has plenty of nape, daisy cutters and a few thousand cheap rockets of their own.
8. To: Ron at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.11)
Well, after the -- er -- mishap at the missile storage facility (remember the Israeli "Trojan horse" drone?), he's got about 90 percent fewer missiles, and low prospects for acquiring more. And the Katyusha fired this morning landed on the home of a woman in a Lebanese village. (Well, Russian materiel just isn't all that good.) Now we understand why Nasrallah walks around with a portable toilet on his head.
9. yes, but...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.12.11)
but hezbollah is still armed, still has its fighters and its bunkers intact, and still sits in the lebanese government. their situation may be more precarious, but nobody should be celebrating their demise quite yet. and the assumption that it's "highly unlikely" that nasrallah will "go for broke", is, at best, wishful thinking. hezbollah does not operate on logic, because rational people don't aspire to "martyrdom" the way that jihadists do. since they believe that they are on a mission from god, all normal considerations must be put aside. and just as importantly, hezbollah doesn't call the shots. even a weakened iran is still their patron and master. and if iran needs a diversion, in order to relieve international pressure, they will not hesitate to sacrifice their pawn in lebanon to create one. which leaves hassan nasrallah as a very dangerous element to leave sitting on israel's northern border.
10. To #5 & 7
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (12.12.11)
Please don't take away his pot and portable toilet! That would not be culturally sensitive!
11. did he see his shadow?
arshile gorky ,   nyc, usa   (12.12.11)
12. thank you.
mosh ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (12.12.11)
well written analysis. It's so good to read some positive news for a change!
13. Israel and Nasrallah will be friends
Zanhar ,   Zanharztan   (12.12.11)
Israel will be surronded by hostile Sunni regimes Syria, Egypt, and soon to be Jordan, so is the Shite in South lebanon. Than Nasrallah and the IDF generals will be having dinner together discussing a strategy how to survive.
14. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.13.11)
When pigs fly.
15. as the Memphis soul song goes, I
Barney ,   usa   (12.13.11)
been lonely for too long. don't look like happiness will come along. this is espcially true of this worthless person who leads the lebanese to distruction and carries out the wishes of the iranian terrorists. he is just a pawn in their game. too stupid to realize it or to ignorant and desperate to care.
16. 13 is not far off the mark
michael ,   zurich   (01.17.12)
folks, this is the middle east. who held south lebanon in the early 80s and with which weakend organisation did the israelis make and agreement ten years later in oslo? there is an old saudi observation:"you can't buy an arab, you can only hire him". that's a boon and a bane but it's the only dynamic variable in the middle east. zahar made a point which is never seen but probably already in the making.
17. Like that adage, #16
Cameron ,   USA   (02.25.12)
Interesting diatribe Bechor puts forth, but a bit premature at this time. The Hez remain firmly in control as the de facto rulers of Lebanon, with all other groups thoroughly spooked. They have the numbers, equipment, and raw hitting power (as the IDF will readily admit) to remain a true viable power in the ME for the years ahead. The anarchy in Syria is a real hit, but only the loss of their true military & financial patron, Persia, would truly alter the power & position of the Hez. Far too early to begin discounting Hezbollah.
Jusuf ,   ME   (06.21.12)
When all what you can sell is hate then it is very shallow, if he insted of hate worked hard on improving the lives of his south Lebaneese brothers then he had a future.
19. Hizbullah, party of the devil
I blames Isreal not finishing him in July war, they made a beast of him , running Lebanese politic, hopefuly his curtin will settle down when Assad finish in Syria beside the dwindling Iranian influence in Lebanon.
20. sarah b--a toilet
arne ,   chicago usa   (06.06.13)
on his head--you ought to comedy--you're terrific.
21. Dont hate your enemy, it blurs your vision!
Ali ,   Anchorage, Alaska.   (06.12.13)
Nasrullah, right or wrong is a leader. Has a clean character, sacrifice of his son is a medal in the eyes of his followers. While Israel has only politicians but no leader and most of them involved in some kind of corruption.
22. Nassrallah lonliness
Kamel ,   Tyre, South Lebanon   (08.20.13)
But maybe you don't know that when our leader Sayed Hassan Naserallah raise his fingure and ask us to be there against our enemies a million people will be there for him ... ( Oldies, young , men , women ) all of us with him and we love him ... Don't be afraid who loves Imam Ali nothing will makes him feel afraid ... Labayk ya nasrollah
23. Lonely?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (05.06.14)
With all the underaged boys at his disposal? I don't think he's lonely, I think he's a psycho pedophile and that Iran owns his sorry ass this too shall pass, all men die, let's hope this evil one dies sooner than later. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
24. Forces of evil have their day
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.09.14)
Even the most overpowering forces of evil like N*zism and Communism had their day and then fell. Islamist terrorist groups each have their day and then decline. This too shall pass . . . .
25. # 8 Sarah B good reading you again.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (08.30.15)
Missed you dear Lady of letters. Good to have you back.
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