The Hadassah model
Kamel Husseini
Published: 11.12.11, 11:02
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1. A big lie
A reader   (12.11.11)
Could you show me where Netanyahu has ANY pre-conditions for resuming talks? He has consistently asked the Palestinians to resume talks and they have put forward pre-conditions.
2. "geographically located in an Arab and Muslim region"?
Igor ,   Israel   (12.11.11)
What a demagogy, give me a break. Yes, yes, we located in the Muslim region, it means that we surrounded by millions people with two-digits IQ. So what? To learn from Israel is only hope for these people and this region. But no, they try kill us instead, again and again. Ok, they choose their fate.
3. another side to the story
observer   (12.11.11)
Your experience of service at Hadassa is truely heartening, but I also know of repeated reports from Haredi Israelis who attended relatives in the oncology dept of Hadassa, who tell a different story - of contempt and arrogance at the hands of Israeli staff. American-born staff do not behave like that and treat them decently just like they treat others.
4. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.11)
Really? Since when would an Egyptian "observer" have access to information concerning the oncology department at Hadassah Hospital? Is there ever an end to your nonsense? Are you so stupid that you do not know that the majority of chemotherapy protocols in use throughout the world today were developed in Israel? If you want contempt and arrogance, just stick to whatever it is you have in Cairo. Egypt does NOT enjoy a high recovery rate of Stage II and Stage III cancers, which are almost always treated with positive results in Israel. Methinks you need to shut up. And at the rate Egypt is descending into primitivity, perhaps you should be looking to Iran for your chemotherapy protocols. There goes Egypt's future.
5. Silly: Israel DIDN'T fail; you can't make peace with muslims
'reconciliation'??? the writer pens? What 'reconciliation'? Islam does NOT want peace with Jews (or any other religion); it is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be anything but tepid tolerance by the arab/muslims for ANYONE who isn't one of them. Does anyone actually thing that if Israel was a Buddhist state that things would be any different? Look what the muslims did to the Buddhists in afghanistan and anywhere else the two lived close by; same for EVERY other religion. But the Jews and christians are considered the 'worst' for muslims. Israel must ALWAYS remain the regions superpower, remain vigilant, strong, courageous and DROP the idea of being 'friends' with any arab/muslm nations, ANYWHERE. Its not going to happen. We just need to make sure these people know that if they go too far, they will lose everything, period. We have friends in the US, Canada and a small handful of other smaller nations and THAT IS ENOUGH! Who needs 'acquaintances'??? All that means is more trouble, more anti-semitism, more hatred and more heartbreak. We need to toughen up, forget the goyisher utopian ideals of liberalism and stupidity and secure our borders, strengthen our economy, lay down the line and get on with our lives. screw the UN and our enemies. We don't need them in our lives; even if that ultimately means kicking the pals out of Judea and Sumaria or even Gaza.
6. Co-existence
Susie ,   Nitzan, Israel   (12.11.11)
What about the female terrorist from Gaza who was on her way to continue treatments in the hospital that saved her life with a suicide belt attached to her waist so that she could kill as many Jews as possible in Soroka Hospital? Is this the co-existence you talk about?
7. there are plenty of other good opps
awr ,   jerusalem   (12.11.11)
have you been to the jerusalem malls lateley? or shaae zedek hospital, or to Aleh?- all these places and i am sure many more accross the country welcome arabs in, treat them, and give them much to be grateful for. they benefit from donations by JEWS is the hospitals and other special needs places, i dont believe there are arab donations coming in to support and thank these places that treat arabs (very nicely i may add). maybe more arabs should speak up about the good that they experience from the state, or are they too affraid of back lash or punishment from their arab brethren?
8. look at the donation plaques in Hadassa.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.11.11)
I spent a long night at Hadassa and wondered around. I noticed not one arab name on the donation plaques, and I did look for them. So what exactly is this "regional goodwill" spoken about. It seems to me the writer wants it all one way.
9. To: Rebecca at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.11)
So true. So true. But that would be typically ersatz "Palestinian," wouldn't it? I get, I get, I get -- but I do not give. Let the Arab sick find a hospital in Ramallah. I, for one, no longer think it appropriate to waste our resources on people who wish our death and destruction. There is no shortage of people who welcome our care and our compassion. Why waste it on the undeserving?
10. Any Arab Hadassah hospitals around?
Rachel ,   US   (12.11.11)
11. Good Article-Good Advice
Texana ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.11.11)
I agree with the author of this article, to a degree. It's impossible to deal with fanatics though---probably impossible. Still, these efforts would go a long way toward improving Israel's chances of peace with its neighbors.
12. Mr. Husseini
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.11.11)
Many of these posts reflect my views as well. I would add that if you want to assist in any understanding between the two sides, send your article to arab newspapers. They are the ones who should be reading it. (Although I doubt it would get published, thereby adding proof that fault lies not with Israel.)
13. Perhaps the author missed the past 63 years...
William ,   Israel   (12.11.11)
where Arabs have continually attempted genocide of Jews, both physical and cultural, and insisting they will never recognize a State where Jews have self-determination. How exactly different should Israel treat Arabs that would change this? There is nothing Israel can do because it's enshrined in parts of Arab culture. Per Islam, Israel is not allowed to exist and all lands will eventually become Islamic. Per Arab male-ego, no one is allowed to win against the Arabs and therefore time eternal shall be spent trying to gain the win they never had. Actually, Israel provided must precedent for how a State can work if its focused on the welfare of the citizens, if they give hardwork instead of whining or taking welfare, and if they choose peaceful coexistence over war. Israel provides a strong precedent of a multi-cultural, multi-religious free State where all are equal, and still it survives and thrives. If "Palestinians" can get the hint, it's their own dumb fault.
14. Mr Husseini, first change the Arab mindset
citizen   (12.11.11)
This has nothing to do with the oncology department at Hadassah Hospital. Savings lives is a core principal of the Jewish religion and all hospitals in Israel adhere to this tenet. Last year, more than eighteen thousand Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals and the numbers are growing. The writer says that if Israel adopted the hospital’s humane model, peace would reign in the region. This is such a dishonest point of view as, once again, a PR person is playing games, faulting Israel. The writer does not blame the Palestinians, or the virulent hatred that keeps fuelling the conflict, or the fact that negotiations are at a standstill because Palestinians do not want to negotiate. All the blame is poured onto Israel. Now imagine if the writer had written a slightly different piece for an Arab outlet, praising Israel for making efforts in saving lives (regardless of religion or ethnicity) and shown how this ‘humane’ model is exactly what Israel is all about. Do you think the Arabs would go for it?
15. Hadasah hospital
Alhaj lawal shehu ,   Kaduna ,nigeria.   (12.11.11)
I am a muslim and i want people to know that a lot muslims from my country owe thier lives to israeli hospitals particularly hadasah yerusalem.the state of israel is a blessing to the region.
16. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.11)
We won all the wars; we get to dictate the terms. That's just how it works. The ersatz "Palestinians" refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist in its ancient homeland (despite the fact that it is the ersatz "Palestinians" who are the squatters and interlopers) and refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Let the Arabs take the first step. We don't have to -- as I said, we are the victors, and they are a vanquished people -- just like Germany, Japan and Italy following World War II. And that was just ONE war -- Israel has been dragged into six by our violent neighbors. They are the fanatics -- not us.
17. Mr Husseini is talking Mohameddan tolerance
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.11.11)
But he doesn't seem to grasp the concept of live and let live. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
19. The Hadassah model
Gil M ,   LA   (12.11.11)
What the author has failed to write is the many times Palestinians are treated at Israeli hospitals and all Israeli Arabs receive the same health coverage as Israeli citizens.
20. April 13, 1948
21. "Jews and Israelis, Arabs and Palestinians are united"
William ,   Israel   (12.12.11)
"Jews and Israelis, Arabs and Palestinians are united in their search for a cure" Really? How come many "Palestinian" terrorists have medical training? Is the "cure" "Palestinians" are united for the removal of Jews from their homeland? We know the "Palestinian" focus on a cure. While Israeli doctors cure both the civilians injured in a terrorist attack and the terrorists themselves in the same hospital, "Palestinians" are denying care to their opposition, and sometimes removing them from hospital care, whether Hamas or Fatah.
22. i dont aprove my tax going to treat this guys mother. Period
alex   (12.12.11)
Let him find humanity in Egypt, Sudia or Yemen
23. biased media
HARAS   (12.12.11)
It seems that only views such as those of Sarah B. get to be posted... so much for your credibility..shame on you ynet!!! are you trying to beat jpost fanatism?
24. Invalid assumptions
Ira ,   Highland Park, USA   (12.12.11)
It seems that the author has neglected to recall that Arabs/Muslims in Israel already are treated the same under the law as all other Israeli citizens - just like at Hadassah Hospital. He also points out that he felt that he received special treatment because he was Palestinian - and this is the model that will lead to peace. Equal treatment and compromise will lead to peace - if both sides are interested in it. Demanding that your rival give you special treatment is not a road to peace - just another demand. Finally, Muslim and Christian countries are not questioned about recognition of a state religion - this is already the case in the expected Palestine. Why is this an issue for the lone Jewish State on the planet? Kamel, your double standard is showing...
25. #18 sjoerd
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.12.11)
If you don’t listen to posters here, then listen to the “Pals”. They will never accept Israel in the area and are sworn to the Jews’ destruction. You make as much sense speaking of the arabs acceptance of Israel as your oft repeated claim that the UN can assist. Wrong on all counts.
26. #23 haras
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.12.11)
You are the one who is biased as you don't take the time to read all the posts. There are many that don't agree with Sarah or others who support Israel. Many of those post lies and distortions, not dealing with reality. Yours doesn't either, but a lesser distortion of reality than those others as you simply deal with ‘who is allowed to post’. Or is it your intent to catch up and distort reality futher?
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