Settlers raid IDF base, injure commander
Yair Altman
Published: 13.12.11, 09:14
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1. They are not "settlers". They are criminals.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.13.11)
These jerks have nothing to do with the vast majority of us law abiding residents of Judea and Samaria. We condemn their criminal activity and are sorry that their behavior exists at all. They are an embarrassment to Jews everywhere. Lock them up.
2. Time to get tough with lawless settler thugs
Haim ,   TA   (12.13.11)
Jail the lot of them let them be right-wing activists in jail. In case they havent heard there is a law in Israel of which all citizens are bound to obay. If they dont like it i suggest they try settle in Afghanistan where they will fit in well. Just wait untill they need the protection of the IDF , sorry we cant help you are tires have been slashed.
3. defocussed
zivron   (12.13.11)
Isn't Iran the Greater Threat .Build Nuclear Bunkers
4. No Arrests????
yaakov ,   TA   (12.13.11)
In any other country, such actions would lead to immediate arrests and long prison sentences---How can there be no arrests? Is the message the IDF wants to give is one that vandlism on an IDF base will be tolerated???
5. Settlers
Mike ,   Uk   (12.13.11)
That's right settlers, tolerated, encouraged and sustained by Israeli government have turned into a menance to Israel and its democracy. A civil war is in the waiting, the arabs simply have to stand back and watch this self-destruction.
6. Now we're really just like any other nation:
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.13.11)
ripe&ready for a civil-war (kind of). Is that a smart thing to do? We have the Arab nations for that (and thank Allah the Merciful for this)! Just as the world gears up for a showdown we embark on this path??? Pathetic and stupid and I don't care what hill-tops these morons dance on! The general public is showing signs of coming to it's senses, so there is absolutely no need to provoke the govt. The left-wing lunatics are on the run, why snatch defeat out of victory's mouth? beats me...
7. Wait, what?
Trev ,   Canada   (12.13.11)
So, Isreali settlers stormed an IDF base with molotov cocktails and stones... Something tells me that had they been Arabs some of them would be dead.
8. just driven out!?!?
Drew ,   Tel Aviv   (12.13.11)
Why weren't these hooligans ARRESTED!?
9. "Their hand against everyone...
Charles   (12.13.11)
and everyone's hand against them."
10. Whas a sickening picture, a waste of young life.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.13.11)
11. what is going on here?
yaacovic   (12.13.11)
I am gob-smacked like everyone else here. How is it possible that these fanatics commit criminal acts at an army base and are not arrested and charged on the spot. Is this country capitulating to these morons? Where is the political leadership demanding that the law be upheld? If Palestinians had committed the same acts there would be many dead. Why this differentiation, treating these criminals as if they were naughty children? It makes me sick to the stomach. Israel is becoming insane.
12. These fools will sap all hope for Israel.
13. #1 Ditto: Media frenzy of discreditation...
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (12.13.11)
Get this right...We have family serving on these bases under lawless attack. Whomever is leading these attacks 'does not' represent settlers, the vast majority being law abiding citizens. I wouldn't be surprsied to find agent provocoteurs amongst their misguided leaders. They don't support us and we don't support them in such wreckless actions. We also don't accept media frenzied attacks that seek to demonize us all. If readers can't tell the difference between right & wrong, decent and non decent people...then they are no better than these idiots causing these acts. We also discredit mindless violent attacks against local Arabs. However, we do have the right to defend our communities to the best of our legal abilitites.
14. 2 Brian Cohen @1 and 2 David @13 - Thank u 4 ur comments
Sephardi leftist ,   Israel   (12.13.11)
Gentlemen, I know that politically I do not agree with either one of you. But I am thankful to G-d that on this point we are in complete agreement: WE (You and I and all of us) ARE THE IDF AND THE IDF IS US (all of us)! I thank you from my heart for your straightforward and clear comments on this matter. Wishing you a good day and Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal!
15. Disgusting people.
Talula ,   Israel   (12.13.11)
They are not above the law and should be treated with an extremely heavy hand. They cannot go hurting soldiers - sick bastards, the lot of them.
16. I don't even dare to think
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (12.13.11)
what would have happened if those thugs would have been Palestinians...
17. Had they been arabs...
Amihai ,   Yesha   (12.13.11)
Why a lot of talkbackers wonder why the criminals havn't been treated like 'palestinians' ? Had they been arabs, they would have tried to do much worser than burning tires and throwing rocks. But the rioters (which don't even represent at all the hilltops youth) should be tried. Now, this event sadly has some justification (although a 'raid' like this just make it worse). The primary goal of the army is to protect, right, but what about the times it is used abusedly for destroying jewish homes ???? Why is Barak using soldiers in a political way and why no one prevent him ???? Lastly, funny how some speak about 'israeli laws'. Wake up, the law mostly doesn't apply in Yesha. Barak and Supreme Court are ruling everything here. Some are triying to change it (national union) but so far bibi blocked them.
18. Yeah ! Ignore the real threats ! Bash the settlers, Y-Net !
who cares   (12.13.11)
Dont talk about arab killers and muslim Hitlers ! Bash the settlers - thats much easier ! In fact thats pretty stupid to do so because the God of Israel WANTS the jews to live in Jehuda and Shomron (=the jewish historical heartland) Everyone denying that is going against the scriptures , against God ! To go against God makes you a 100% loser - sooner or later!
19. #1 missing the story
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.13.11)
Arresting and condemning the perpetrator sm may be the right thing to do, but won't solve the real problem. Someone gains from the violence and is therefore pushing these people, whether by double-standards, false arrests, police violence or delegitimization. It is just a matter of time until someone breaks. This is just like in 1992 when Shabak invented numerous "right wing terror groups" like Dov and Eyal and perpetrated crimes to delegitimize the Jews. Find who falsely accused them of the "price tag" operations like the Tuba-Zangaria arson and you will find the real criminal.
20. Just chased them out?
Aviela ,   Migron, Israel   (12.13.11)
And nobody was arrested? Really? Stinks of Shaba"k activity... absolutely reeks.
21. @17 re: Israeli Law please check it out...
Sephardi Leftist ,   Israel   (12.13.11)
Amichai, Israeli Law does apply in Yesha. Please do allow me to share: Fundamentally your point is correct but it needs to be refined. In certain cases only Civil Administration Law (IDF Military Law) applies. In other cases Civilian Israeli Law applies. Irrespective of the type of law which applies please do allow me to remind you that both are types of Israeli Law. Israeli Law originates in the Knesset of the State of Israel located in our eternal capital, Jerusalem. Israeli Law is enforced by the Israeli Police, Border Police and the IDF (Tzahal). For example it is because of Israeli Law that Border Police and Tzahal are present and protecting the lives of the people living in Hebron and in every other area of the Stachim (Territories) aka West Bank aka Yehuda and Shomron. Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal! Vayehee Medinat Israel! Shomer (Ha)Shomer (shel) Israel! Am Israel Chai! Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal!
22. In one word?
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.13.11)
Disgraceful We have NOTHING i common
23. #21 what #17 means
#17 is right and you are wrong. Everywhere else, destroying a person's legally-built home is a last resort of a long drawn-out process. In Judea and Samaria ther law is ignored. Barak, AG and High Court legalize clearly illegal Arab building but destroy Jewish homes even when not needed.
24. #21. No, it's not.
Amihai ,   Yesha   (12.13.11)
Technically, Yesha is under ministry of defense law, which excludes most of the civil law corpus (which was what is usually designed by "israeli law", by opposition by rules established without any link with the knesset). "Civil administration" has a unique way of acting in Yesha with rules unlike other part of Israel. Technically, the laws voted in the Knesset doesn't apply there, except if it's specified. Which is almost never (and tha'ts why recently some MK's began to modify some old laws like the one about museum so it can include museums of yesha too). The ministry of defense is the totalitarian ruler of the region. For instance, even minister of transport and communication or minister of economy have to ask Barak authorisation before doing anything there.
25. #1 they are not criminals they are fools
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (12.13.11)
But would you like to be thrown out of your house in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Maale Adumim, I think not, so what would you do!
26. Left, Right or Center - we all know one thing:
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.13.11)
If Prime Minister Netanyahu goes against the "Settlers" who are actually "Fundamentalist Israelis" then in the not to distant future he will be the Leader of the Opposition! Israel can survive without the "territories" but the "territories" cannot survive with Israel!
27. to # 25
david ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.13.11)
Really now???!!, this is a ridiculous comment, who told you to settle there in the first place. !!! not me and not most of the people in Israel
28. The Greeat Inciter
Simon Soesan ,   Haifa   (12.13.11)
Bibi's gift and curse is his rhetoric abilities. Since that famous night at Zion Square, when extremists waived pictures of Rabin in a Nazi uniform and shouting that Rabin was a traitor, Netanyahu, Smiling from a terrace only 50 meters away from the crowd, doe snot remember hearing or seeing this. He did speak, inciting them, telling them they are good Jews, but as Netanyahu always does, when the shit hit the fan - he is nowhere to be found: someone else gets the blame - if at all. Now we see him pay these extremists for not to work, not to pay taxes etc. In his mind he thinks that only these kind of people will vote for him. These people, encouraged by Bibi and his band of nitwits, believe they can do anything, as Bibi clearly shows fear for losing their vote. He'l keep promising, he"ll keep telling them how naughty they are, but Bibi, the first prime minister in our history who was not elected (he lost the 2009 elections) and has been able to lose the confidence, trust and friendships of most of Israel's friends, will not lift a finger, unless he holds a pen to sign one more of the racist laws his government dreams up. And now, that the shit hit the fan and these nitwits attack OUR army, OUR officers, Bibi will say it's them and not him. Whoever "they may be". Bibi does a lot, but taking responsibility is not on that list.
29. #28 behind the times
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.13.11)
You are behind the times The picture of Rabin in a Nazi Uniform was drawn by GSS agent Avishai Raviv. I personally think it was reprehensible and that Raviv (or his commanders) should have been jailed for a very long time for this indecent act. That said, last week Shai Nizan of the State Prosecutor (well known for his Leftist views) declared that such offensive pictures are protected freedom of speech and are not incitement.
30. apparently not a popular viewpoint
daze ,   US   (12.13.11)
The fault isn't with these Jewish pioneers but with ehud barak. According to the article, it was barak who caused the negotiations to break down, meaning he never had any intention of sparing these settlements. While I don't condone their actions against the IDF, I can certainly understand their anger and frustration over the prospect of being kicked out of their homes. Not alot of options are left to them. We all know how well peaceful protest worked in gaza. Unfortunately, they have no access to barak to directly let him know, in no uncertain terms, that they are not going to allow another gaza disaster. Keep in mind that these brave stalwart Jews are willing to go without modern amenities, to build the Jewish dream. No daphne leefs there. They are the true believers. Also, understand these settlements will rapidly become valuable, vibrant modern communities in the Jewish state, thus denying land to arabs, who always want to falsely claim it as their "ancient" homeland
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