Apple in talks for Israeli startup Anobit
Assaf Gilad, Calcalist
Published: 13.12.11, 11:35
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1. This is a very good news
Yossef   (12.13.11)
finally Apple will enter in Israel !!
2. What are the Boycotters Going to Do Now?
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (12.13.11)
All those boycotters who ditched their Microsoft equipped computers for MAC's to avoid Israeli developed software and hardware - now that Apple is using Israeli developed technology - I guess all that's left for the boycotters is a pen, an abacus and a piece of paper!
3. Israel boycotters
Nigel ,   Israel   (12.13.11)
Ah those poor Israel boycotters - now they will have to give up their iphones and macbooks as well as a host of other hitech devices that have Israeli technology inside them......
4. i disagree. we should now develop ability to grow and manage
ralph   (12.13.11)
manage companies. we proved we are great creators and that is great. now must learn how to hold on to and manage international firms. teve is a good example. there is an assumption work and staff will continue in israel but no guarantee. that is a danger and not long term help to israel and israeli's.
5. to #2
heifait ,   Haifa   (12.13.11)
btw, I've read that "abacus" is from Hebrew "avak" i.e. dust... so no abacus for them
6. Apple's Israel turn around
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.13.11)
For years Apple Ignored the Israeli market. Israel was one of the last "western" countries to get iPhones, iPods, iPads 1 and 2. The official distributor for Apple products in Israel is iDigital which has only 4 stores 3 in the center of the country and 1 in Haifa. There are no Apple Stores in Israel! So, maybe we should keep our tech and sell our products to the highest bidder! Yes, Apple makes nice toys and gadgets but hasn't invested anything in Israel (Arab boycott?) unlike Microsoft!
7. to #6
Shannon ,   Tel Aviv   (12.13.11)
You forgot to mention that idigital sucks to top it all off :)
8. Mazel Tov ! I am very proud of my Jewish tribal members .
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.13.11)
9. Apple don't be cheap ...!
sk ,   USA   (12.13.11)
Be generous to Israelis ... G_d promises blessings ;-)
10. #6 - Job's father Abdul Fattah Jandali was Muslim!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.13.11)
11. #10 and as a good Muslim, he abandoned his illegitimate son!
Nothing to be proud about, sonny. Steve refused to meet with him and considered his adoptive parents who raised him since he was born, as real parents. Heck, this heartless bastard even abandoned his legal daughter! So what's yor point now dude? You should've read Steve's biography before barging in like an imbecile while shooting yourself in the foot!
12. #6 and #10: Both of you are right!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.14.11)
Although Shannon, my daughters iHome was repaired by iDigital very quickly and delivered to our front door. Yes, Michael Redborn, but give the Late Steve a bit of credit. Yes, his biological father was a Muslim. His mother gave him up for adoption. 'When asked about his "adoptive parents," Jobs replied emphatically that Paul and Clara Jobs "were my parents."' (Wikipedia). I must say that I have never heard anything about the Late Steve being Antisemitic or anti-Israel and he certainly was one of the "Founding Fathers" of today's computing and communications and let's not forget about his products contribution to the "Arab Spring".
13. Don't be naive, this is a deliberate leak
Israeli ,   Israel   (12.14.11)
Apple is in a fierce competition w/ Sumsung...
14. Apple doesn't keep foreign research centers
Nina ,   NYC   (12.15.11)
The employees that matter will be given an opportunity to move to US, the rest can hit the unemployment lines. Once Apple buys the technology, it's no longer an 'Israeli technology', it's Apple technology.
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