Jerusalem mosque falls prey to arson
Yair Altman
Published: 14.12.11, 07:15
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1. foul play? gee, ya think?
rachel ,   chutz4now, home soon   (12.14.11)
I am a religious zionist and I am LIVID that these "people" are doing this! They are NOT representing the people of Yesha! These "people" are only out for themselves and do not care who gets in the way. Kahane may have been right, BUT this is NOT what he meant! Will someone PLEASE find these "people" and the sickos who get them "organized" and jail/deport them? The are a danger to all TRUE lovers of the land and our people!!
2. Now they'll just torch a synagogue in retaliation....
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.14.11)
I hate it when kids don't think about the consequences of their actions.
3. we must not tolerate hate crimes
Shahar ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.14.11)
This is clearly a hate crime, even though no one was physically hurt. We must make sure that violent behavior like this results in jail time. On a deeper level, we need to go to the source of the crime - the hate and get some mutual understanding going.
4. Hard to muster up much sympathy
Cameron ,   USA   (12.14.11)
Just too long a history, and too many examples of Muslims trashing and destroying other folk's religious buildings and sites.
5. Welcome to the New Israel
David   (12.14.11)
Welcome to Lieberman's New Israel--one that incites and encourages Jewish fascism and extremism. Israel's best days are behind her.
6. Initial investigation suggests foul play, huh
james the first ,   jerusalem   (12.14.11)
How can you possibly expect us to believe that. It was obviously an accident.
7. The Golem can't be controlled anymore
World Citizen ,   Indonesia   (12.14.11)
The settlers are too militant and violent to be removed from occupied Palestinian territories. The only solution left is One State Solution. One man one vote. Welcome Arab state of Israel or non-democratic jewish state of Israel.
8. Not the only graffiti disfiguring Jlm
Israeli grandma   (12.14.11)
Anyone looked around central Jerusalem recently? Lots of ugly graffiti daubed over public buildings, alleyways, the old Hamashbir building, a shop in Kikar Paris, and of course the derelict Liberal Party building to name just a few. Where are the police or Municipal workers, it takes time and probably a ladder to do this damage, so why is there no action to halt this plague?
9. Absolutely unacceptable!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (12.14.11)
To deface any place of prayer is a disrespectful and vile thing to do. And that goes for Jews and Arabs like!
10. Not Jewish way
jan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.14.11)
The reason why this is wrong, is because this is not the Jewish way of handling things. Attacking another religions stuff, no matter what they have done to us is not an answer. This are prob. kids who are frustrated on the street.
11. Zero violence would mean no more rockets from gaza, right?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.14.11)
12. Why aren't we just as angry when the Arabs do it?
Esther ,   Netherlands   (12.14.11)
Joseph's tomb Rachel's tomb The Church of Nativity Just to mention three. And the countless synagogues abroad And the stone throwing And the cars set on fire by Palestinians And the public scolding of Jews by Arabs -The spitting on Jews - mostly outside of Israel, in Europe -The graffity on the walls of nazi crosses with JEW written next to it -the cartoons in the world's newspapers depicting Jews as pigs and nazis or child eating monsters Setting an mosque alight when the arsonists there would be no victims - don't forget that! - and writing graffiti on the wall (and was it really price tag? Everyone can sign like that) is just very childish. Today's youth all over the world has been known to torch schools etc. and the walls of the world are full of graffiti., Not that it's OK, but all the hullabaloo is somewhat out of proportion. The Palestinians and the Arabs do worse things and are not held accountable as a people, so why the Jews, even the people who live in Yesha? Double standards again?
13. Hmmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.11)
Prove that Jews are responsible, and I just might sit up and pay attention. Until then ... don't waste my time.
14. Jew's defining Judaism
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.14.11)
What do many think, when asked their perception's of Islam? Many answer: violent and angry. Certainly, not all. Nonetheless, Islamic based violence has affected perspective. Jew's, acting in repugnant ways, such as burning a house of worship, has the same effect. I, as a very proud Israeli and Jew, do not wish to see our reputation sullied, in the same manner. This kind of act, regardless of the motivation behind it, serves Jew's and Israeli's in only negative ways!
15. #13 Damn! you're an Idiot.
Talula ,   Israel   (12.14.11)
16. These 21st Century Zealots are dividing Israel!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.14.11)
What is particular disgusting is that they are doing the same thing the Palestinians do! Destroy, maim and vandalize. The next thing will be Jew killing Jew and a religious/secular civil war. All Israelis should remember the words of King Abdullah I of Jordan to the Arabs that they should not fight the Jews. They will fight among themselves and kill one another! Only one group can stop this madness and that is the Zionist Religious Right. They have the future of Israel in their hands!
17. #12 I agree fully
Jonah ,   Victoria, Canada   (12.14.11)
This is also called "The racism of lowered expectations".
18. Hooliganism in Jerusalem
Enzo Nahum ,   Rome, Italy/Tel Aviv   (12.14.11)
Gosh, I read a lot of hysterical dramatization and self-righteousness here. Nowhere else except among Jews there is such a ridiculous amount of chest beating and self flagellation when hooligans whether religious or not, deface and set fire to buildings. In Italy nobody hold the whole Italian people responsible and guilty when antisemites and hooligans write nazi graffiti on public roads and buildings. Nobody hold the whole muslim or Arab people guilty when Arab hooligans and jihadists torch Jewish synagogues in Europe. So calm down and think that the Jewish (are you really sure are Jewish?) arsonist hooligans represent only themselves. And please remember the Mohammad Al-Doura shameful episod when even the IDF started self flagellating before even starting to investigate. You remind me a herd of sheep!
19. Alarmists and divisive morons with a guilty complex
Enzo Nahum ,   Rome & Tel Aviv   (12.14.11)
#3 Shahar, #5 David, #14 Yakov, #15 Talula & #16 David from Karmiel. With your suspiciously leftist type of laments, always ready to hold the Jewish people guilty and responsible for all the evil in the world you play into the hands of the anti-Semites and make our enemies happy. They continuously quote Jews who despise Jews and Israelis. Stop that whining and prepare to defend Israel and the Jewish people from the onslaught of condemnation that will be vomited soon on Israel by the UN, UNESCO, Bet'selem, Peace Now, J-Street and the rest of Israel's haters. Whoever perpetrated that act of hooliganism do not represent the Jewish people nor the Israeli people. You are morons and divisive and it is quite obvious that you are victims of leftist hateful propaganda!
20. #12 Who said we are not upset
Talula ,   Israel   (12.14.11)
When we moved out of Gaza we were promised the synagogues would be left untouched - next day they were burnt and destroyed. Anyone who does this is sick in the head and has no respect for anything.
21. reply#12,15
daze ,   US   (12.14.11)
Well said, Esther. And talula you;re the idiot and also arrogant. So quick to pronounce Jews guilty. The mosque was long abandoned, why the tagging now?I know it's a novel approach, but try thinking. The enemies of the Jewish people will sink to any depths to make Jews look guilty of everything
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