Jerusalem: Rightists clash with police
Yair Altman
Published: 14.12.11, 14:49
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1. what will be the end?
may g-d protect us   (12.14.11)
2. attempted arrest?
yaacovic   (12.14.11)
and how many suspects were actually arrested?
3. The witch hunt has begun...
These next elections will see the Left extinct if they keep this up...the people are againts the destructions of jewish homes and lives.
4. tel aviv is next
get a lid   (12.14.11)
5. Raanana may be next
6. Rightist's should claim they belong to Hamas
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.14.11)
The Government would grant them virtual immunity from arrest or retaliation
7. You know what's "Next" ? 2012, that's what! Morons...
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.14.11)
If Yaakov Neeman declares these Jews terrorist than he should release these Jewish heroes the same way he released 1,000 Arab terrorist. Zahal must not be used to expel Jews if you expect the army to stay united. With Love of Am Israel & Eretz Yisrael David Jacobs
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (12.14.11)
The Netanyahu,Barak regime crossed a RED LINE when they used the IDF against fellow Jews and now they cry about the can of worms they themselves opened. The two fools dig their own hole deeper. It's only going to get worse because of this asinine leadership who prostrate to evil and punish good Jews obedient to God's command to build up Zion. Netanyahu,Barak have picked a fight with God and they will lose and learn painfully along the way that they are not God.
10. Opening fire on unarmed civilians is forbidden???
Joshua ,   Tel-Aviv/UK   (12.14.11)
?? seriously, they did have stones didn't they? ... so they were armed and dangerous - as said often enough on these forums, stones can kill (certainly when thrown by arabs) so the IDF should not hesitate to shoot them .. possibly in the legs first and if they still try to throw stones then in the chest.
11. #5 Ra'anan
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.14.11)
Central Raanana is 20 kilometers from Chavat Gilad. Hamas / Fatah could shoot Grads from there, but more likely they will launch cheap Kassams from schools in Kalkilya (10 km) and spotters on Chavat Gilad will make sure the rockets hit.
12. Unacceptable Challenge to Sovereignty
yaakov ,   TA   (12.14.11)
No excuse for attacks on Israeli troops and police-no government would accept this...
13. There is no difference between these "right extremists" and
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.14.11)
the pioneers who fought for our independent Jewish state. Why were they heroes and these brave souls get arrested by our own? Shame.
14. Obviously these animals work for Hamas
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.14.11)
Therefore send them to Aza now
15. #2, 3, 4 and 9
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.14.11)
I hope all of you are sent to Gaza where you belong with the rest of the animals.
16. Like i said yesterday, following orders
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.14.11)
And to be honest I am finaly feeling that I am doing some good. how does it feel to be treated like a terrorist that you are?
17. Judging By Talkbacks
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.14.11)
B"H - Judging by talkbacks like # 14, it seems the problem the nation faces is to weed out the Jew-haters, many of them are in power and using the IDF and the Israeli Police against Jews, on Torah issues. Pogrom brigades must not be allowed to operate in this country, claiming law & order is above Torah!
18. Leftist NGO's
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (12.14.11)
Want to bet the Left Wing or a Left Wing politician in the cabinet at the request of the Americans sparked this confrontation and provided the false rumor. Just a theory no proof. Could it have been Barak?
19. Left Wing Currurption
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (12.14.11)
What he expected no legal way of resolving any disputes. And when the government basically allows itself to be a pawn of other countries people that get frustrated. The left riots and throws rocks at Israeli soldiers and a government does nothing, leftist groups call for disobedience of military soldiers and the government does nothing, leftist groups funded by foreign governments spy on Israeli settlements, the Israeli government does nothing
20. Not Activists - Terrorists
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (12.14.11)
21. Okay - don't shoot them but arrest them.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.14.11)
And give them a lot of time in jail to think about their ideologies plus a substantial fine for destroying property.
22. # 15 Leave the country
Yakov Mishenbaun ,   Ariel   (12.14.11)
You should leave the country. Do it now. There is no space for people like you here. Israel is made by people attached to the land. The rightists are decent people fighting against the oppression of the IDF and the Government. You are a disgrace for Israel.
23. shooting is not forbidden totaly
henry ,   haifa, israel   (12.14.11)
joshua you should be aware, that in our democray there are diffrent laws for diffrent nobody has heard the expression, that everybody is equal in front of the law. people can set fire to mosques and this is ok. when our synagoges were set on fire this was a disgrace to the human race. what will be next?
24. #17 your interpertation of the Tora is disgracefull
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.14.11)
As the extreem muslims you hide behind the tora to murder and break the law. News Flash for you son, law and order is above the Tora and if you feel otherwise you are free to leave for Aza or Iran anytime,
25. #22 Yakov Brooklyn is waiting for you and your friends
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.14.11)
I agree you are attached to the land 6 feet under is good for me. Good people obey the law and respect others, good people dont impose there beliefs on others, good people dont discrase women, good people dont riot, good people dont try to hurt soliders good people dont use the Tora to comit crimes against there own. This is what you call good people. Its you who needs to leave NOW.
26. ONLY when someone targets & attempts to MURDER
Webster ,   Dictionary   (12.14.11)
innocents are they a terrorist. If every person who (in these Jews' cases they are angry at having their or friends' houses torn down) punctured a tire, keyed a car,or threw paint at someone, or even threw a rock was a terrorist wed all be in jail. Those calling them etrorists are the worst kind of hypocrite, if throwing rocks makes you a terrorist and you want all such people shot at then you'd have killed every rock throwing arab. And surely you don't want that, so you're a hypocrite of the worst kind since its against your own people that you have the darkest feelings. Yuck.
27. @ 15 mike raanana
vlad g   (12.14.11)
raanana belongs to us not to you ! get out of palastine fast!
28. raanana is next starting with mike
goyim go home   (12.14.11)
29. # 15 is right ranana IS on the list too
ranana get a lid   (12.14.11)
30. is # 15 even jewish?
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