Officials: Downed US drone was on CIA mission
Published: 16.12.11, 15:03
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1. "Crashed" is the wrong word. It was brought down...
Persian CAT   (12.16.11)
ynet needs to know that much at least! A "crashed" air craft would certainly been in pieces, while the drone in the Iranians' hands in in pretty good shape.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.16.11)
Is not true.if so was the case why would Obama ask for the drone to be returned back to USA? Ridiculous isn't it? What about the Russians and Chinese experts already in Iran?Are there there to collect the rubble to study?Whom are trying to fool? Furthermore,more than 48 hours had passed before the Americans had clue of the whereabouts of the lost come the satellite pinpointed the exact location of the 'crash'? So, the intended display by the Iranians is to do with what drone? Can Sarah come to my rescue?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.16.11)
Having direct access to the drone's fate states that it crashed.Ok,it crashed,so why did Obama ask for the drone 'rubble'? And what about the criticism levelled against Obama for having failed to bomb and destroy the drone when it already crashed and was rubble rendering it useless for the Iranians.
4. the issue is why Obama did nothing & how Iran got it
zionist forever   (12.16.11)
It doesn't matter if it was conducting nuclear surveillance for CIA or if it was doing a survey of Iranian eating habbits for McDonalds fact it the thing was lost. As soon as the controllers lost contact with the drone why were satellites not used to find it and when they did why didn't Obama order fighter jets be launched to destroy it to stop the technology falling into Iranian hands? Most important though is how did Iran get the thing and what is the US going to do to stop it happening again?
5. #1 Persian Pussy
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.16.11)
If it was "brought down" we can be sure that it wasn't a soft landing, it plummeted to earth, as would aircraft that was shot out of the sky, most of the contents battered badly or totally ruined They now have a battered jigsaw puzzle to work with
6. No Joke...Go Figure?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.16.11)
Our fearless leader Obama didn't send in an air strike to blow it to oblivion.......Great Leader of the free world he is turning out to be.
Spy drone was ....( wait for it ) spying . NO....YOU DON'T SAY.
8. Yes, of course it was on a mission
Kurt ,   sandiego   (12.16.11)
Evidently, that piece of mission equipment is unimportant. I find it interesting that Obama is apathetic about retrieving this piece of government technology. It seems obvious that apathetic leadership starts at the top of U.S. government and trickles down into lower level management. Leadership has to come from individuals, not from the installed status quo.
9. just guessing... why it wasnt immediately bombed or destroye
eporue ,   europe   (12.16.11)
d... its said, the iranians interferred with the GPS signal the drone received, to make it "believe" it was in afghanistan and ready to land... if these were the drones data, then this must have also been the data of its (human) controller (in afghanistan or elsewhere)... so maybe the americans only found out about its disappearance when they found it physically missing... while the records (data) said, it should be in the hangar... it all sounds as a real coup of the iranians... indeed a triumph...
10. "Crashed" is not accurate...
Mark Van Hoff ,   Belgium   (12.16.11)
The plane was brought down by superior Iranian brains...
Mark Van Hoff ,   Belgium   (12.16.11)
You sure do need to have your eyes checked by your local optician. The plane did NOT crash... It was lured into a soft landing by superior Iranian brains...
12. Iran, US' house cleaner!
roy ,   Canada   (12.16.11)
Thanks for bringing a broom and dust pan to the desert and cleaning up our mess. Idiots!
13. hate to burst your bubble
reza shah ,   tehran   (12.16.11)
but this is not the first one or the only one
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.16.11)
Wreckage is what Obama wants back.Funny,isn't it? why don't we accept the truth Ben, that the drone was brought down in the Iranian territory,is in quite a good shape and nothing seems to have been destroyed giving the Iranians ready made technology and the Russians and Chinese to comment more.
15. Maybe just maybe
Noah ,   Netanya   (12.16.11)
U guys ever think us americans might have landed this thing inside iran like a trojan horse , just so they pull it back into the hive we push the button blammmoooooooo! Crispy iranians :)
17. To #11 Joker: "superior iranian brains..."
MikeA ,   Iowa City, USA   (12.16.11)
Who are you kidding? So the "superior iranian brains" are going to copy the US technology that they DON'T have, and let's face it, aren't even close to having developed. Let's face it, for the Iranians, it's like being back in the year 1800 and this drone is like a visit from an alien spacecraft from outer space. "superior iranian brains" ??? What a clown!
18. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.16.11)
Is that why they aren't showing off the sensisitve bottom part of the drone? Keep drinking the KoolAid, chica. But if you are all that gung-ho for the regime of the mullahs, what the hell are you doing in the United States? Wouldn't you be much, much happier sporting your hijab in beautiful downtown Teheran?
19. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.16.11)
Rescue yourself, asshole. The only entity on earth more stupid and disgusting than the Islamic Republic is the CIA. Isn't that why you decamped to the U.K. in the first place?
20. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.16.11)
Those would be the brains pointed skyward during prayers, right? And if those brains are that superior, why does most of Iran not have indoor plumbing or electricity? Why does it have such a disgracefully high infant mortality rate (seven times that of the United States)? Why does it have such a high rate of maternal deaths during childbirth? Why do they have to shut down electricity to that small part of Iran which is actually electrified for major lengths of time during the day, every day?
21. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.16.11)
Not likely. That's what Israel did with its drone in Lebanon, of course, but the CIA is just too bumbling, too inept, and way too riddled with spies and moles. That's why the Mossad has always refused to work with the CIA.
22. US retaliation by asset seizure?
Joe ,   Canada   (12.16.11)
Since the Iranian claim their possession of the drone was the result of a deliberate capture (not accidental crash) , & since they refuse to return it to the US, then the US could at least try to judicially seize some valuable Iranian asset such as a plane landing in a friendly country, assuming this is a realistic option. The US is of course much less interested in financial compensation than in keeping the drone out of Iranian hands, But if it retaliated in such a way or in some other one it would at least look less powerless in the eyes of public opinion & might make the Iranians less daring.
23. #10 - an oxymoron if I ever heard one
William ,   Israel   (12.16.11)
I believe the plane was brought down, but the real question is by whom? I doubt highly it was the Iranians since their "superior brains" can't grasp how to handle explosives properly (and cause explosions all over Iran) or how to keep their nuke facilities working in the face of an itty-bitty tiny worm called Stuxnet. One would think that if the Iranian brain was so superior, they wouldn't need Pakistan and North Korea to sell them plans for nukes and weapons - they'd just build it themselves.
24. Doubts about the way the drone was downed
Joe ,   Canada   (12.17.11)
BBC radio questioned today several specialists in the technology of drone control & hacking. One of them noted that if the Iranians had gained control of the drone, then how come it landed on its belly without the wheels out of their nests? After the Iranians first claimed to have shot down the plane they changed their story into one of gaining control of the GPS based navigation system to land it. However control through GPS hacking is said to be very dificult & not yet successfully mastered by the Russians & the Chinese in spite of past attempts. Did the Russians finally get the process right & not willing to land a drone in Russia decided to do it in Iran?
25. #11 Mark Van Huff
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.17.11)
Of course, you saw this for yourself, did you? If it didn't crash, why did they find it necessary to conceal the undermost portion with a curtain, as if it were a veil on a woman?
26. Please may we have it back?
Kim ,   SA   (12.17.11)
You have to admit, Obama has nice manners - he asked very politely for its return! DEBka file raises some very salient questions regarding this whole affair! The burning question is as other have said, why wasn't it immediately destroyed?
27. #23 William
Mark Van Hoff ,   Belgium   (12.17.11)
Do you doubt too that Hezbollah was intercepting images sent by your spy drones which led to the extermination of 11 of an elite Israeli unit at Ansariye, Lebanon? If Hezbollah was intercepting images sent by your spy drones, then Iran could have gone a step further by feeding messages to drones that orders it to land...
28. Sarah B. may i ask you somthing?
Nation ,   Israel   (12.17.11)
Throughout the months of me reading Ynet I've seen you state a few claims that are very comforting to me. Such as 90% of the Iranian Shahab arsenal being destroyed, or stuxnet being able to turn Iranian missiles around in the air, and now your newest claim that the drown lost in Israel was in fact, a Trojan Horse. Where are you getting this Info? I really wish it were all true but I cant find any other sources to confirm your claims. So my question to you Sarah. Are you reading this stuff elsewhere, or are you just making assumptions to fit what you want to believe?
29. #27 Mark Van Hoff
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.17.11)
You're making a lot of assumptions, why not supply some verifiable facts about how the Drone was brought to earth The drones are rather slow flying aircraft, if they're low enough, the can be hit and brought down by rifle fire, it doesn't take AA batteries to down one I for one, doubt everything you have to say, what is needed is proof, not conjecture
30. #29 Mark van Hoff Addendum to my #29
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.17.11)
I mentioned the "Rifle Fire", since I was taught if an enemy aircraft should approach, by all of us in our platoon, company or whatever, pointing our rifles and shooting at the aircraft, there was a chance of one of our bullets hitting the target That's exactly what happened to Baron Von Richthofen, the German air ace in World War One, ground fire brought him down
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