US official: Iran assembled drone like puzzle
Published: 17.12.11, 09:35
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1. That's NO excuse for NOT having it destroyed !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.17.11)
2. even if true, three pieces isnt really much...
eporue ,   euroep   (12.17.11)
one tire, another tire, and the rest of the drone... makes three....
3. Another pathetic lie - would be a smoking hole w/o control
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (12.17.11)
Frantic ass-covering lies by the CIA and Panetta's Pentagon to protect the Obama White House and their own jobs. Without flight control, these sort of drones can not fly at all, zero flight stability. The craft would have augured in, would be a smoking hole in the ground. It can only land on a hard surface runway, or there would be a lot more than "three pieces" and Iran would be using a tweezers to put it back together. Who do these "officials" think they are fooling? These clumsy lies are a disgrace. Iran, with no experience flying the stealth drone, may indeed have botched the landing once they got electronic control, and dinged the drone, requiring some cosmetic repairs for the camera. But the point is, there would be nothing to show off at all if the US claim were true, these craft simply can not glide to a safe landing with no control off-airport on rough terrian, any more than a Boeing 747 or an F16 could - they have autopilots, too. What is the purpose of a free press if they give Obama a pass on this obvious dishonesty. What's scary is that the drone loss may have been an inside job, control info handed to Iran by a CIA employee so thay could bypass the security systems and commandeer the drone. That's what may be part of the ongoing cover up.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.11)
From Washington to claim that the drone broke into three pieces and the Iranians re-assembled it,painted the 'wrong colour and presented it to the world.What could be a better alternative for those responsible for having given away the latest to these Iranians.Ok,we rest for a while till someone else comes up with a better explanation to claim that the whole thing is a fiasco and no drone was ever lost to Iran.
5. I hate to say it but eporue is quite right!.
Alan ,   SA   (12.17.11)
6. Iranian Claims
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (12.17.11)
If Iran has the capability to do this all of the time then why are they just now able to display one? Not sure what happened here but soon enough we will see Iran's true capabilities.
7. Futile
Dan ,   Miami, USA   (12.17.11)
Talkbacks on subjects like this are futile. Laymen and the media have no idea regarding what actually happened. There is so much information and dis-information in these stories, it is almost comical that the average person gives his opinion as though he really knows anything at all about the subject.
8. IF ALL WERE TO KEEP QUIET............#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.11)
Then we miss the fun.Like the 'average persons' talk-back will soon appear with bizzare Iran did not or could not do anything without the help of the Russians or Chinese cyberspace equipments.Wait for a while and it will show up.
9. wishful thnking or fooling the public?
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (12.17.11)
most US cover ups have been to cover up negligence and incompetence. Security is usually second to self interest.
10. # 17&18..So true...but it's fun reading how
Edithann ,   USA   (12.17.11)
the know nothings know so much... Anyway, just consider it a gift and a peace offering from the US..Hahahahaha TATA
11. As long as
Jeff ,   Brussels   (12.17.11)
As long as Iran does not show detailed photographs of the internal sophisticated electronics, they have simply showed us an empty maquette painted in the wrong color.
12. Thanx America for your compliment...
Iran ,   Iran   (12.17.11)
If we were able to put back together in less than 24 hours; a plane that was allegedly blown up to pieces, then kudos to our scientists...
13. #7 and #8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.17.11)
In brief, there was no downed drone or anything close to it. If this story reveals anything, it reveals that Iran has achieved a lot in the field of photo-shop science.
14. STOP PRESS....................................#13
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.11)
No further discussion on the lost drone.........................sorry no discussion on no drone at all.What drone are we talking about? The photo-shop science in Iran is so advanced that it made nothing less than 27 American officials moan about the loss of so-called drone.what Obama asked for was only a copy of Iranian photo-shop results for him to keep in the White House. All diplomats of foreign countries in Iran will be informed of cancellation of the so-called exhibits of 'drones'. Go help Sarah.
Mark ,   T.a. Israel   (12.17.11)
16. #4 Mahmood the expert
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.17.11)
The story is so full of holes. Iran puts a fiberglass model of a drone on a table with a skull skirt. This is almost laughable. Not a scratch because they just rolled it out of their modelmaking dept. Not one photo of equipment stored in the drone because they have no clue how to recreate it. The drone likely crashed and burned on impact.
17. American's feelings are hurt!
Josh   (12.17.11)
It's understandable. They keep changing their story and manage to look even worse! USAF had a report that is leaked now and in it they describe precisely how Iran went about intercepting the drone and take it into custody!
18. #17 Josh
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.17.11)
Don't you get Josh? There is no drone, its all photo shop...
19. Bluffing
johnny ,   norway   (12.17.11)
Did you guys realized that there is a tap connecting the left wing to the main drone base??? it look like a cardboard box with a lame white color, i don't think the Iranian got anything, this is all a big bluff.
20. THE BEST OPTION.........................#16
ikeAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.18.11)
Is being sought in Washington to come up with an explanation other than the Iranian version.Like the drone radio contact was lost,or it crashed unknowingly and so forth.To give credence to the Iranian version will be tantamount to USA superiority being undermined.That is why all this petty explanations are brewing up from time to time.What the 'official' version will be is for us to wait and read. At this juncture,I had no choice but to agree to Sarah's version of it being all made up by the Iranians,fooling Russians as well as the Chinese who sent their experts just to see 'nothing'. But,taking into consideration the cluless ground control,both in Afghanistan and in USA,one wonders what they will be thinking.
21. Nuclear sites
Jimmy ,   Newport beach, USA   (12.28.11)
Your nuclear sites will be visited soon
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