Report: Iran 'blinded' CIA spy satellite
Dudi Cohen
Published: 17.12.11, 11:44
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1. The Failing Policy of the Usefull Idiots is called -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.17.11)
- a Military option only as a last Resort. This has been said for a Decade Now, and when the Last Option is finaly Conducted, it will have Unintended Consequenses to the wery extreme, as this, and otherwise in the Future. Arn.Sweden.
2. "European Sources" shall be quite surprised at Iranian
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.17.11)
capabilities in general. At the moment it's all spin, worthless literature for us, uninitiated folks...
3. If it was the Russians ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.11)
.... then the playing field has changed and a new enemy must be dealt with. Harshly.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.11)
And therefore,the Iranians used what was available.But it looks more pretty in white,does'nt it?:)
5. FM Lieberman: This is Putins work!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.17.11)
"If Russians provided Iran with sophisticated jamming equipment it means a lot else is at risk too" Yes, like the survival of Israel. Why is our Foreign Minister supporting Putin in is attempt to be re-elected at any cost? How much more evidence does Lieberman need for that void between his ears wakes up to the danger of Russian support for Iran?
6. Iran is making US look like idiot in EVERY way!
Alan ,   SA   (12.17.11)
Torororo   (12.17.11)
This is complete nonsense, no such thing could've happened, anyone with a modicum of understanding of UAV technology can tell you that. In all likelihood, the drone crashed, they picked it up, and now they're lying.
8. Iranians are extremely TALENTED
Proudly Iranian ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.17.11)
Some of the best engineers I've worked with are Iranians, we are extremely talented in all walks of life. Long live Iran and her beautiful people. Very warm people, the Persians.
9. #6 Alan - It's not just Iran.
Devorah   (12.17.11)
Every country, including Israel, is making US look like idiots. Gaza should have been permanently dealt with by now, but the rockets and missiles still fly. The Knesset is full of traitors who should have been given the boot a long time ago. The government buckles whenever the muslims make enough noise (case in point, the Mughrabi Bridge). I could go on, but I am hoping you understand what I mean. My greatest fear is that we are on our own. By that, I mean we Jews, whether in Israel or the Disapora. Everyone seems to want us off the planet. I guess that's not a novel idea, is it? We have been betrayed and lied to by every ally, and it gets worse by the day. We have been betrayed and lied to by way too many of our own leaders to the right, to the left - doesn't matter. My prayer is that every Jewish heartbeat on earth comes together as one for the survival of the Jewish people and for the State of Israel.
10. Sarah B
Morgan ,   Mawalee Tennessee   (12.17.11)
A new enemy must be dealt with? Russia? Are you kidding? If we can't deal with Iran, we're supposed to deal with Russia? It's laughable.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.17.11)
And make it look as though the Russians did the complete job.However,it was expected of you to report as such.Irrespective of who did what,you know it well by now that the Iranians did the job.................a job well done,too.
12. 5
anton ,   Istanbul turkey   (12.17.11)
You shouldnt ask these questions :) as you are i asumme aware of the facta that there is only one man in russia and hhe is behind every decision and move ;) liberman knows he has no choice but to support putin :) russias growing sickness of israel and usas demands for their own sake is highly justified if israel is provided with war toys by usa then russia can do the same and doing it :) and sarah how excatly a tiny country like israel will deal with russia? isnt there no limit to your imagination mam :)
13. Iranian chief expertise : Throwing sand in your eyes.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.17.11)
14. #3
Tomek ,   Poland   (12.17.11)
Let's hope your bite is as powerful as your bark. Feel free to take on the Russians and then tell us how it went. In case you do not make it out of it alive, you will be remembered as great cannon fodder.
15. David, you are 100% corroect on this matter!
Benjamin ,   Swedeb   (12.17.11)
16. The impertinance of the West.
Afflalo ,   South America   (12.17.11)
How long is the West should carry on misleading itself when it purports to claim that it has the most sophistecated hi-tech apparatus at their own service. Peoples who that took on recently using Facebook and Bring and other social technological venues as part of daily lives, are far more sensitive and able to be scientificaly capable to follow the latest advances the new world offers, that the West is leading itself, to its own rather abrupt wakening. Russia, China, Japan in toe and exploration for new commercial and military outlets, the West has forgotten, are more liable to sale anything that can make a buck to whom ever has the funds.... Plain and simple. Israel has much benefitted from the Russian immigrant for advancing its hi-tech reservoirs, as much as the great scientific Iranian who studied in the West and returned home, bringing with them in both cases wealth of advanced knowledge in the fields of communications, aeronotical...fields. Wake up and smell the roses; be practical and cease to believe in all middle age times.
17. spoofing
max ,   washington dc   (12.17.11)
This is a very serious Russian/Iranian atttack on the US Military.
18. Iran needs no help.
Robert ,   Australia   (12.17.11)
Iran is quite capable of producing its own sophisticated jamming equipment. Keep attempting to ridicule Iran and you shoot yourselves in your feet. Underestimating your enemy is usually disastrous.
19. Huh?
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (12.17.11)
Did the Iranians fly the plane down after they shot it down? And would the Europeans really know anything about what happened here? The claims made by those nutty Iranians change every other day. Soon enough we'll see what their capabilities are.
20. Things are getting interesting
Aldo ,   Brooklyn   (12.17.11)
It now seems obvious that there is a new kind of cold war by proxy. This time however it is the US who is been duped into going bankrupt as the former Soviet Union did. Knowing how stubborn American politicians are, their wish to always look as the #1 superpower is going to be their fatal mistake. And the winner will be: China
21. Iran
richard ,   appleton,WI USA   (12.17.11)
Iran has showed there lack of concern of there feelings for the US, and no wonder, they are now in bed with china and Russia because of there valuable oil, does anybody really think.we could afford a war with Iran, they know the answer to that. they were not afraid to publicly say that they would destroy us along with Isreal
22. Morgan and Tomek / 10 and 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.17.11)
Eventually Russia will make the mistake of attacking Israel from the north. Their armies and others with them will be destroyed. Russia is headed for a fall. God will deal with them. Oh, and Tomek, nobody has more bite than the God of Israel.
23. Nr 3. Dear Sarah -
Arn.. ,   Sweden.   (12.17.11)
- as you see, the Russians can fight right well through the Iranians, they dont need to do it Themselves. I can only refere to my post at Nr. 1. The US and Israel can only blame themselves for sitting idle this Decade. Arn.Sweden.
24. 14
Rosie   (12.17.11)
25. Iran is Kaput
IranBusters   (12.17.11)
No where to run no way to hide.
26. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.11)
There is no room for compromise when dealing with a resurgent totalitarian regime and a ruthless Islamofascist regime. If you consider it a "job well done," aren't you living in the wrong country? Wouldn't you be much more comfortable living in Iran? The U.K. is not an ally of Iran, you know. I wonder if someone should bring the content of your posts to MI6. Or even MI5. Who knows what cells you belong to domestically, and Islamic terrorist cells in Britain are not unheard of. Perhaps you bear closer watching.
27. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.11)
All the United States has to do is cut off the millions of metric tons of food it sends to Russia (so-called "humanitarian" aid) and turn off the tap on the billions of dollars it sends Russia annually. Just because every country in history has run roughshod over Poland (including Russia), does not mean that the United States would suffer a similar fate. I guess it depends on the degree of ruthlessness one realizes it is necessary to impose, as the Allies recognized in Japan and over Germany during World War II. As to my bite -- I assure you, my dear, that it is far, far worse than my bark. I can produce any number of battered and bewildered trial lawyers to prove it, too.
28. Blinding A Satellite- Opening War Hawks Eyes
Reid ,   Washington USA   (12.17.11)
Maybe the Israeli policy of stopping meaningful negotiations with Iran and others will be the next thing to fall out of the sky.
29. Wacky-Do , They Havent " Blinded" Israel's Satellites
Scott ,   Australia   (12.17.11)
This 'incident' apparently happened "within the last two years". But Iranian talkback hotshots - no mention of Israeli capabilities - very silent on that one guys, arent we? Its the US being humiliated here - not Israel. Dont forget Israel, unlike Iran actually has satellites and nukes...and as you all very well know - very, very high quality weapons and intel - AND the ability to use these weapons better than anyone. So, stop your carry on - for what is at best a Russian-assisted effort.
30. Iran may yet find itself at war with the US
zionist forever   (12.17.11)
When all the US has to worry about is a nuclear weapon that can hit Israel its a problem but not worth upsetting the global economy for, especially in an election year. If Iran can bring down American UAVS and blind their satellites thats another matter because now they are starting to become a threat to American national security and if they can do that today what will they be able to do in five years? Iran is probably developing ICBMS which can reach mainland America which is what their space program is about, why else send a toy monkey into space and bring it back of your not testing ICBM reentry nosecone technology ( satellite launch rockets don't come back to Earth afterwards ) That potentially means a nuke in Washington not just Jerusalem. Things have got to the stage where only the US can do something to stop Iran through a large scale air campaign and if they don't do something now in a couple of years when they have nukes pointed at America it will be to late and even the US will be subject to Iranian bullying.
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