Europe's Islamic future
Giulio Meotti
Published: 18.12.11, 12:27
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1. Israel can't be 'smug' with a so called Islamic Europe.. as
Z Atir ,   Paris   (12.18.11)
this pointless article based on quotations, and pie charts and not facts seems to assert. Who will protect us here in Israel if we have Islamics holding with the huge nuclear, and military force that Europe currently has. We would be surrounded from all angles.
2. To: Z Atir at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.18.11)
I wouldn't worry too much. Islamic-dominated societies tend to descend rather rapidly into the Stone Age. Europe won't be any different. Where's the fun in developing, growing and maturing a society when you'd rather wrap your women up like mummies, hang people from jib cranes, stone people to death and behead them in public squares? I cannot wait to see what happens to Belgium's proud claim of having a thousand different beers when Sharia imposes a strict ban on alcohol. I wonder what will happen to all those vineyards in France and Germany. Yes, Europe's descent into oblivion will happen pretty quickly. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites!
3. It's why it's so important to preserve Israel
Yossef   (12.18.11)
its jewish character and its defense capacity. Europe is not our business, if they are becoming muslim, who care. Not me. I remind you what said Rambam when Richard the lion-heart invited him to be his private doctor : "I prefer to live under the rule of the muslim than the rule of the christians". Actually i's still good for me. Even if overall I prefer to live under the rule of the Jews on the land of Israel. The Jews who are afraid of the muslim are the ones who lived to long under the rule of the christians.
4. It's already too late for many European countries!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.18.11)
"Op-ed: If current demographic trends persist, Europe to be Muslim by century's end", is very misleading. 2.1 children are necessary to maintain a population which Europe hasn't had for decades. Even if the French, Belgians and Dutch started having several children now; it would be too late! And what does, "centuries end" have to do with it. The above countries will have Muslim majorities in 25 years! Take a look at this .. ourchangingglobe dot com/islams-goal-in-laymans-terms http://tinyurl.com/bvftgtt From a best selling book on the subject entitled, "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam. This has been the the Islamic modus operandi for at least 50 years but while Islam operated Europe slept. Around 1/3 of Germans want Muslims forcibly deported if necessary.
5. #1 - what do you suggest?
I'm not a great believer in prophecies but the coming situation is mentioned in both the old and new testaments. If you live in Israel (your post says Paris) then you'd better hope the prophecies are correct; because Israel wins. If you live in Paris? Well it's too late, but you can at least hold marshmallows over burning cars.
6. Islamic Europe
Susya Bar Dror ,   Jewish State Israel   (12.18.11)
Already now muslims are very prominent in Europe: the drug business in entirely in the hands of hitzpolla gangs, the prostitution business is managed by islamic mobsters and white slavery is financed by hamas. You doubt it? Then revert to WHO and UN reports.
7. By then our own "Taliban" will have us overrun, so it'll be
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.18.11)
purely God's Children ripping out each others throats. I have absolutely no problem with that....All we (the normal folks) have to do is stop having children. The religious nuts will take care of the rest! Then God can have a long look(at the smoking ruins) and rejoice...
8. Nice thing about it is that Ill be dead by then
Alan ,   SA   (12.18.11)
9. Tom you made so much sense and "m LMAO
Maggy ,   New Haven   (12.18.11)
At number 7 tom, I think you hit the nail on the head, what we can salvage of this life by not contributing to this cesspool of a world would be the limited good quality of life that we live and just a little peace of mind, I think that's how it goes cause a lot of people are in hell and are surely going there,,,, hell never had an overflow problem.
10. Misleading, a little!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.11)
Europeans are not a religious group, and have some of the largest populations of atheists and non-Church goers. So, no surprise, when Islam is the fastest growing. The concerning part, is the next generation. Modern Europe also boasts a low birth rate, and combined with the high birth rate of Muslims, this has a great impact on the next generation. The real problem, is the refusal of immigrant Muslims, to integrate. They want a better life in the UK, in Germany, in Belgium. But, they want to bring along Islamic ways and means, and foist them upon others. This is truly where Europeans need to direct their concerns.
11. Religion
Sagi   (12.18.11)
will not only be the end of Europe, it will be the end of Mankind.
12. where you want us to live???
miri ,   danbury   (12.18.11)
That the result of chasing Muslims every where. If you kill them in their own countries and you don't want them to live in your countries, where you want them to be?? there is an action and re action. Make your choice .love you all.
13. Sorry folks
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (12.18.11)
Its only a matter of time before the world sees the idiocy and dogmatics of Islam.The current democratic movements of the ME attest to the fact that the younger generation will soon tire of the mullahs and prefer rap music to pagan rulers. And you can be ensured that God will not allow Israel to perish, especially after their preservation in over 4000 years. As for Islam, it will only degenrate and self destruct in a few generations, after all, who really enjoys 4am wake up calls and banging their heads on pavement, paying respect to a "god" that does not supply their needs?
14. And if the US continues to elect Moslem presidents...
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (12.18.11)
...it will become Moslem by decade's end!
15. #6 my roommate at college in TLV use to get his drugs from
Good assed Jew   (12.18.11)
an Arab. This Arab has since stop dealing drugs and lives comfortably in Haifa and expecting his 6th child. My old Jewish roommate has no intention of kids, probably ever. I would be happy with just one. This 'so called demographic problem' is also in Israel.
16. # 2. I don't know Sarah.......
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (12.18.11)
I don't know Sarah, all this worries me in the extreme - not for myself but for future generations. I don't know how old your children are, but mine are all 20somethings and if Europe becomes Eurabia and Israel becomes Is-hared then what is left? Where will all the sane people go to? And all the talented youth of this country? The only hope is therefore Aus/NZ or Canada/USA. What a pity.
17. Muslim Europe
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.18.11)
Mr Meotti is a genius, who sees clearly the danger. Europe is slowly dying. But an other genius is needed who effectively solves the problem. For example, with a humorous fiction book, which would have a great effect on the public opinion of Europe.
18. meotti
horst ,   ge   (12.18.11)
More deranged drivel from a hack wop journalist
19. Dear sarah
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (12.18.11)
why are they hypocrite? arent they the one you always praise in your posts when you feel convenient? now i would like to ask do you write out of emotions rahter than reality? if not than why many of your posts are inconsistent? you said your opinion chnage and you adapt thats excellent but adaptation takes time and opinion chnage takes time too but yours changes daily like emotions :) and lasty may i ask your age? dont get me wrong you are intelligent and seem interesting person just trying to get idea of you
20. this writer is making fun of readers
European   (12.18.11)
Anybody believing this foolish writer a single word would be a fool himself. This writer writes for the Il Foglio in Italy which, coincidentaly, today wrote an article titled "It would be nice and prophetic if the Pope would abolish Christmas". www.ilfoglio.it Go check if you dont believe me. This writer is not right in the head and anybody who believes him a single word isn't either. Have a nice day
21. #1 you'd better hope Hashem exists - otherwise
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.18.11)
civilization's had it.
22. Identity Fibonacci?!
Afflalo ,   South America   (12.18.11)
The writer obviously is using various premises on which he's building a case, that augure unhealthy position for the continent of Europe. It defies all the futuristic tractas, and defies, if all the Stars in the Cosmos don't vary their actual position in the system, it might overides the what's called the Fibonacci Sequence, numeric Identity that was suppose to use to reach certain number at a given time. No, it took quite a while to have Christian Hegemony in the Western Europe, it will take a very long time to dissipate it, replaced by another Hegemony, based on a premise that the Shia and the Sunny can find a common ground to that aim. Pestillence, Black plague have done havoc in the past among the settlers of Europe, and they were somehow immunised. What are the germs of the New Europwan population which has yet to strenghten and get immuned for some natural or human made desasters.
23. Muslims are becoming secular too
Daphna ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (12.18.11)
Meotti does not want to take into account that secularism and atheism are on the rise in Muslim communities as well. In a generation, most Euromuslims will be 'cultural Muslims' who celebrate the birth of Muhammed and not much else. Just like most Jews and Christians are post-religious, and only interested in the cultural heritage aspects of their background.
24. By 2150 there will be 1 billion Haredim
David ,   Modiin, Israel   (12.18.11)
Haredi population doubles every 17 years. So by the end of the century the Europe may be Moslem but according to the same logic, Jews will be the largest nation on the Earth relatively soon thereafter (as other nations experience falling birthrates, but not the orthodox Jews)...
25. Islam in Europe
keshet ,   Beersheva Israel   (12.18.11)
Well, Jews fared better under Islam than under Chrstianity, so this is great news (unfortunately, grossly exaggerated). Enogh of this Islamophobia!!!
26. Muslims don't need a majority to drive agenda
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.18.11)
Muslims were but a fraction of 1% of Europe in 1973 when, in the wake of the Arab oil embargo, they sparked the "tilt" toward the Arabs and marked the start of mass migration into Europe. Muslims are just over 10% of France - enough so authorities do nothing about those taking over streets for "prayer services". Muslims are but 5% of the UK, but that is enough to drive legitimization of "sharia courts" and sharia finance, and calls to abstain from eating in the presence of Muslims during Ramadan. Muslims are but 1% in the US, but we still get major sucking up to Muslim groups by the FBI and DHS, media self-censorship, calls to restrict criticism of Islam by the State Department, and boycotts of private businesses if they don't support Muslim programming on television. And what of Israel? The majority wants an end to highly amplified calls by the muezzin, an end to illegal Arab construction, the right to carry out public works without threats of Muslim violence, etc. and the authorities do ... nothing. On the contrary, we have an Israeli spokesmen boasting that in Israel there are *no* restrictions (ignoring security concerns) about the wearing of the veil, no restrictions on minarets (another is slated for the Temple Mount), etc. So Muslims can do what they want and Jews ... can't.
27. Unavoidable
What must be ,   gmtw   (12.18.11)
If Muslims are to be dominant then I think the masses are making the right choice. Stop bordering over this; and know what must be must be.
28. to #1 Who will protect EU
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.11)
You forgot US which is a Christian nation. Of couse, the was talk to give Obama a 3rd term, then 4th. But I do not think it will go well among non-Jews. Obama's support is among Muslems and Jews. Also large number of divorsed women support Obama. (One I was in an office in US 2 years ago, and when somebody mention Obama divorsed women begun shaking -- never seen anything like that).
29. to #1
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.11)
You forgot US which is a Christian nation. Of couse, the was talk to give Obama a 3rd term, then 4th. But I do not think it will go well among non-Jews. Obama's support is among Muslems and Jews. Also large number of divorsed women support Obama. (One I was in an office in US 2 years ago, and when somebody mention Obama divorsed women begun shaking -- never seen anything like that).
30. Giulio Meotti - Chap 61:8
Insakel   (12.18.11)
They desire to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But God will certainly make His light shine forever - even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).
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