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Turkey's rabbi: Erdogan a popular man
Tzofia Hirschfeld
Published: 19.12.11, 09:21
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1. He can't speak freely in Turkey.There is no freedom ofspeech
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.19.11)
2. There are reports circulating that Erdogan is very sick
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.19.11)
3. I went to Turkey ...
me ,   Golus   (12.19.11)
... and was (with payes) agressively approached on nearly every 100 meters. I don't understand what this man is talking about. It's maybe the same as elsewhere: if you look and walk like a goy you can get through unrecognised and everything is okay. Walking quietly but visible as a Jew the problems begin.
4. The Rabbi s a wise man
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.19.11)
They have to live there. He is saying what he can say publicly. We must leave t there. It s to the benefit of modern secular Turks as well as Israel to have the small Jewish community in Turkey to remain there as a link to the Jewish Sephardi history and a bridge to better relations between Israel and Turkey.
5. Denial or Illusion ?
a Muslim Turk ,   Ankara   (12.19.11)
According to a recent statistics, more than 80% of Turks despise Jews.
6. population
opposition ,   istanbul & Turkey   (12.19.11)
Only problem cemeteries (!) . He is still the same "amoreh" who taught me in Sisli synagogue . There are only 3000 jews from 0 to 25 years old . The community is rapidly aging and dying .Population going down with 300 people per year.The assimilation is rampant with around 25 to 35% . In 40 years you will have a few hundred jews left to be buried in the newly purchased land plots . So amoreh pls be a leader and actively encourage aliyah of young people so as to save as many souls as possible instead of spending foolishly billions of liras to synagogues and other buildings that have actually zero congregants . Stop carrying people from one synagogue to another as if to show all of them active .
7. Good Dhimmi Jews
k ,   US   (12.19.11)
Jews who are unable to speak their minds, guess what if you cannot speak your mind you are not really free
8. No Anti-Semitism in Turkey?
Menachem ,   Israel   (12.19.11)
Media, popular culture and politics in Turkey is filled with Jew-hatred and Mein Kampf and the Protocols of Zion are bestsellers among Turks. What would the rabbi call signs on some shops and restaurants in Turkey "Dogs and Jews are not welcome"? Thank G-d for the Jewish national homeland Israel, the only place in the world where a Jew can be truly proud and free from dhimmitude and other diaspora diseases.
9. Israeli Turkish relations !
Mark ,   t.a.Israel   (12.19.11)
Despite political crisis the commerce between two countries increase every year . BUSINESS AS USUAL !
10. #4 david - I agree. Good post.
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.19.11)
11. #5 from Ankara
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.19.11)
And you seem to be proud about your comment that you are reiterating it here. Unfortunately t is this senseless hatred that some people have that creates those historic tragedies such as the Holocaust, the Armenian tragedy and many more.
12. #11: "Armenian Tragedy"? You mean "GENOCIDE" surely?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.19.11)
The real tragedy is that Erdogan and the Turks who yelled "Jews OUT" still won't acknowledge what they did to the Armenian people! That is a crime on the crime!
13. One thing to count on.
David ,   America   (12.19.11)
"The Jewish cemetery has filled up," he says. "We turned to the local authority and were given a special area to set up a new Jewish cemetery." They and all Islamists societies will always offer you a cemetery. They will put you into it as soon as they can.
14. turks nobody really like you...
viva israel   (12.19.11)
and thats why we need a strong israel.... p.s. 80% of germans despise the over 5 million turks living with them
15. I hear a different story fro my friends in Turkey!
Eric ,   Toronto   (12.19.11)
But clearly the rabbi is afraid to talk
16. 15 - But clearly the rabbi is afraid to talk
split ,   US   (12.19.11)
He doesn't have to, him and his flock chosed to make their home in Turkey not in Israel and that's a statement ,...
17. Hostile surrounding
Anadelfos ,   Athens Greece   (12.20.11)
Some months ago, an international bicycle race was about to take place somewhere in central Turkey. The Israeli team was not allowed to participate, even if they had already arrive to the area.This is revealling about the hostile attitude against Jews, no matter what the Rabbi says publicly..
18. Can a Rabi lie???????????????????
silene ,   Rio Brazil   (12.20.11)
of course he is afraid to talk the real situation of the jews in Turkie. Every time I'm at Wizo Seminar, jewish use no to tell that they live inTurkie, and frequently tell us that Turkie don't accept Israel. We saw that film in Germany and the story repeats again. Jewish people love suffer..... that are things that money can't pay! but it seems difficult to jewish people to undestand it.
balassiano ,   Ipanema Rio   (12.20.11)
Neither reformist or liberal rabies use to lie. It was more ethic not to speak about it.
20. #15 split ----- No statement here!
Eric ,   Toronto   (12.20.11)
Its all about money. The majority of Jews in Turkey are financially well off. The reason they don't want to leave Turkey is because they don't want to risk their financial situation. It's not because they are in love with Turkish hospitlity. On the contrary, they have to be silent on political issues and hide from public view as much as possible. Most of the Turks today hate them. I have many friends and some relatives there. Believe me I know what I am talking about!
21. How much did Turkey pay you Mr Rabbi wake up!!
Adar   (12.20.11)
It is very clear that his being paid by Turks government, his blinded by gifts offered.
22. He will be more popular when he throws the Jews out!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.20.11)
He is a Muslim Fundamentalist and like his brother Muslims, would like a "Judenrein" Turkey!
23. Turkish Jews
Abuzer ,   Doha   (12.20.11)
Turkish Jews loves Turkey and live there in harmony for 500 years and it is not the first time they seen an Islamic Government, don't forget most of 500 years was under Ottomans and they still preferred to live in Turkey. They are integral part of the society and it doesn't matter what you Turkish haters say, they will always be welcomed in Turkey.
24. Stockholm syndrome
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.22.11)
25. 20 - The majority of Jews in Turkey are financially well off
split ,   US   (12.22.11)
So then what's your problem ? They are financially well off that means they have an opportunity to get education, succeed, make money like everyone else in Turkey that means they're not discriminated against and can sell their property any time they wish, transfer their account to where ever they want and move to zionist's "paradise" but they won't and that's a statement ,...
26. Talkbackers are upset that Jews are well in Turkey.
C. Mazalto   (12.23.11)
The aggressive attacks against the Rabbi's words and his personality already prove that talkbackers are filled with hatred against Turks, and talkbackers created their own invented so-called truths which they believe pathetically. It seems that talkbackers would go and dance in joy if they hear the Turkish Jews were not well-off or they were discriminated, etc.
27. Turkey is the only safe place for Jews
ilter ,   new york   (01.27.12)
Remember - if you forget your history, you become history. Turkey is the only country which has ALWAYS been OPEN to Jews. Today's "Israeli's" can't accept that fact because Turkey is telling the truth about them.
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