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Germany to play Israel in friendly
Associated Press
Published: 20.12.11, 07:38
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1. A couple of humiliations on the cards...
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (12.20.11)'s good that more and more Israeli players are playing in top leagues, like the Bundesliga, but that will not change the level of the players overnight. This could get embarrassing.
2. A good test
Avi ,   Holland   (12.20.11)
Germany is amazing these days they have a better team than 74 i think, but never the less it's a friendly game so even if they win with big numbers it's still different
3. It would be nice if Israelis got the gold...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.20.11)
in something other than windsurfing...
4. @3
Avi ,   England   (01.04.12)
Sorry Henry, Israel have already been knocked out by Croatia and Greece. Total bummer :-( We'll have to wait a little longer before Israel gets really awesome at another sport. But it WILL happen I'm sure :)
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