Dagan: Threat of attack may hasten Iran nuke program
Boaz Fyler
Published: 19.12.11, 18:43
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1. Thank you Dagan...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.19.11)
Now shut the eff up...
2. In other words, Israel should put itself at a disadvantage
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.19.11)
now & not bomb irun's nuke plants so it can bomb irun's nuke plants latter & if Israel fails in its mission & suffers harm because there is no time left to prevent (G-d Forbid) a subsequent attack on Israel by irun latter & Israel then suffers from a delayed decision, well so be it because then Israel would show itself to be as stupid as irun dictators. Wake up Israel !
3. Moneyface said he "would wipe Israel off the face of the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.19.11)
earth." He means to do just that. Ignore all else and destroy iran in self-defense, not just the nuke plants but take the country back to the stone age and let the world hate the Jews, they do now anyway.
4. What Kind Of Time Frame Is Needed
To Make Such an Important decsion? How Long has the international community Been trying to engage the iranian regime with diplomatic talks? How Long Has the iranian regime Snubed the international community? How Long has the iranian regime Been Circumventing the Santions which have Been Imposed on the iranian regime? You All forget the chinese/russian factor in all this? As the Clock Goes Tic Tock the iranian regime Still Snubs the international community and Still Enriches Uranium for Preperation of Weapons Grade Uranium? All thats left is Nuclear testing of Triggers and a Delivery system in the form of a ICBM, BTW could you use the tubes from satillite rockets, Hmmm!!! How many iranian made rockets have put up satillites in the past 12 months?
5. Dagan's homily
Brod ,   USA   (12.19.11)
It seems Dagan prefers a sitting duck position for a second Holocaust from the Ayatollahist fanatics' nuke. If Dagan knows the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will have the confidence of Caleb and Joshua. The fact is being a sitting duck to a nuke attack is the worst that could happen to Israel. It would mean the obliteration of Israel for good. Fanatics do not know about Mutual Assured Destruction.
6. He is SO right...but an actual attack will
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.19.11)
END the nuke program !
7. Either this is some sort of "opposite of opposite" enemy
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.19.11)
disinformation or, we are dumber than the Bible allows! I take my hat off to this Dagan chap if he agreed to play the idiot. Kol ha-kavod Meir! We'll do everything for Moledet, won't we?
8. Dagan, is anything working? Aren't there options already
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.19.11)
in force - weak sanctions and sabotage? At what point will these be considered as ineffective in achieving the objective of preventing a nuclear Iran? It seems that Dagan just wants to hear himself talk because he is admitting here that Iran will get nuclear weapon. It boils down to him talking about when and how Israel is to act and truly, he is advancing nothing new nor substantial so he may as well shut the hell up until he can identify a course of action for Israel that has the potential to be effective. His pronouncements are just plain empty.
9. I know Dagan is not this stupid
The Mad Zionist ,   SF, NY   (12.19.11)
What do you think Israel is doing? When finally.become the last option? doing.covert operations at the moment. They are trying anything.and everything at the.moment. Did Israel attack.iran yet? No! So shut your mouth Dagan. I had mad until.i heard you talk. When option? When they get nukes? I liked youalot better when I.saw the.mossad become ruthless again, but now youre full This is israels last option. I dont want to all.out war, at.the expense of preventing Iran from.getting nukes, you you gotta do. How did.Israel.become full.of.blabbering.fools? The old.Israel after. The greatest.thing about.Israel.was.when.they wouldnt confirm or deny. must do what you have to protect.your people. Jake
10. Come to think of it...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.19.11)
Who are we to second guess Dagan?
11. King of Obvious Strikes Again
Rube Vogel ,   Israel   (12.19.11)
If this kind of superficial analysis is all our top intelligence people are capable of, we are in serious trouble. "if we strike at Iran, they could strike back." Wow! Brilliant!
12. "When all else fails"
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.19.11)
We're pretty much there, Meir.
13. what an odd situation!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.19.11)
how is it that the ex-head of the mossad is discussing military options so publicly? is he flirting with the idea of entering politics, or is he just so relieved to finally be able to talk in public, or has he simply lost his mind? such comments can only serve to encourage the iranians.
14. Worst Case
zivron   (12.19.11)
Worst case scenario we have variants of the Sampson Option the wisest being to get out and nuclear mine eretz Yisroel and create an enormous demilitirized zone with idf soldiers in nuclear bunkers and satellite and on ground computors and the jews spread world wide a one hundred year truce .
15. All else has failed
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.19.11)
It appears that diplomacy is not working and has no chance because the US president, Russia and China could not care less if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. Time for Plan B
16. Miscalculation
Dan ,   Florida   (12.19.11)
The mad mullahs in Iran have seen that a nuclear North Korea gained much respect and reduced any chance if regime change from outside after it acquired nukes. They have figured that into their calculus as the mad mullahs are against the entire world including other Muslim countries. While North Korea may bluster, no one believes they will use their nukes as a first strike. The mad mullahs of Iran are not so civilized and will do as their belief system demands, destroy Israel and all of God's creation. Dagan is wrong!!!
17. Someone is Paying This Guy, No Doubt
EZRA ,   USA-ISRAEL   (12.19.11)
If he was the head of Mossad, I'm frightened to think of the mistakes that he made in office because he sounds like an apologist who could have done something during his tenure but failed. He isn't exactly the brightest individual, he creates scandal wherever he goes with really stupid remarks and outlandish claims which should NOT be debated publicly He is also exceptionally crass. He literally sounds like he is on Obamas payroll. Frightening to think this loose lipped man with no temperance was head of Mossad. REALLY hard to accept. REALLY hard. He needs to retire From public view and shut his big mouth. Go write a spy novel or something.
18. The miscalculation
Li ,   USA   (12.19.11)
It's a serious mistake to imagine Iran's nuclear program as the biggest strategic threat. The biggest threat to Israel comes not from a specific country but from the relationship between its enemies, the cohesiveness of the bloc of countries willing to fight. The Muslim bloc has nuclear weapons through Pakistan. Also, the Muslim bloc has shown willingness to negotiate accurately on a Palestinian state. Ignoring either of those last two facts is reckless.
19. #17....This guy is LOVED by the Saudis..(end)
ali ,   Villanova- USA   (12.19.11)
20. Is Dagan working for the iranian lobby ?
21. the ex-spy master who cannot control HIS BIGMOUTH
David   (12.19.11)
22. If this is not for show only -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.19.11)
- the Man is (has become) an imbecille !!!. makes politically-incorrect remark while apologizing for feeling ill Could be - ?. Arn.Sweden
23. All else HAS failed. Only force can stop Mad Mullahs.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.11)
A very rigourous regime of sanctions might have dissuaded Iran from building nukes; had it been imposed a decade ago. However, any harsh sanctions would have been vetoed by nations like China and Russia. Today there is absolutely NO chance sanctions will stop Iran's Mad Mullahs from building nukes. They have invested far too much. They are far too close to completion and they have far too much to gain by building nukes. Only force can stop the genocidal Mad Mullahs. All else HAS failed long ago.
24. Thank You Comrade Li #18
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (12.19.11)
I wonder what you would have to say if Taiwan was building nuclear bombs with the assistance of the US?
25. Unless all else fails?
EC ,   Washington DC   (12.19.11)
You can't have a meaningful dialogue with this regime, led by death cultists hell bent on bringing chaos to the ME. The sanctions have been meaningless and without teeth, since the Chinese and Russians are not on board in the UNSC. It's a truly bizzare statement from someone who should know better.
26. RIGHT OF AN OPINION,BUT...............#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.19.11)
Does not suit the learned Sarah.She expects things to happen with rapidity and exactly the way she thinks is the right way.Reading her talk-back makes one wonder why she has not been approached to convey her opinions to the right people in USA. Anyway,what was wrong in ex-Mossad boss conveying his feelings?He reads the situation more appropriately and many readers would tend to agree with him as well.
27. Double Speak Dagan
Avi ,   USA   (12.19.11)
So what is he actually saying? Yes, to an attack but exhaust all other options first. He's been protraying no attack so far. All I see is political shananigans with this guy.
28. all else failed, you yahoo
alan ,   texas   (12.19.11)
Many people repeat the mantra thAT THE MILITARY OPTION SHOULD BE THE LAST RESORT. wHY? Is there any evidence to support that position? So many lives were lost,, American and Iraqi because neither the US nor Israel took out Iran years ago. Do the dead people agree that the military option is the last resort? or their bereaved spouses? Quite often, the smartest, least costly option is war at the outset. This may well prevent destruction, save lives and dollars IN THE LONG RUN.
30. GOAL: regime change, free Persia. (IF NECESSARY: surprise)
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.20.11)
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