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Haredi MK's daughter protests exclusion
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.12.11, 14:44
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1. and the other reason was
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.20.11)
that her parents probably did not show her any love. With a father MK, what can you expect. Shulamit Aloni's son is reputed to have become a chozer b'tshuva. Then again, to have Shulamit as a mother, would make me run, too..
2. And now she has become a secular zealot
aliza ,   israel   (12.20.11)
3. She
The Real Joe   (12.20.11)
She's still wearing black I guess some customs are hard to change
4. Good for her well done !
Haim ,   TA   (12.20.11)
5. #2: "Secular zealot"?
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (12.20.11)
Why - because she tells the truth about your world?
6. cheeseburger please!
yosef ,   williamsburg   (12.20.11)
Torah is not all about me or Ms Moses and drawing a lenk between the bus debacle and the Truth of Torah is an easy escuse for you to be self absorbed. There are mitzvot I dan't like but I still try to fulfill them... cheeseburgers look good but I choose not to feed that appetite.
7. Kol Hakavod , Heidi Moses
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.20.11)
You showed the way to other women , let's HOPE many will follow you . Women have to be respected , treated as QUEENS , not as second class citizens . And briniging flowers for Shabbat is not enough ! Men have also to feed their family , and women are'nt only here for the kitchen , children and beth knesseth .
8. She is 100% right
Yossef   (12.20.11)
The ultra religious Jews are perverting judaism. I stop here, I'll be too harsh if I continue to say what I think about these Mormons.
9. #1 - beautiful
Daniel Breslauer ,   Gateshead, UK   (12.20.11)
Sounds plausible. Very funny indeed!
10. My experience
Bar ,   Jerusalem   (12.20.11)
A month ago, coming back from a weekend in Arad in a "religious" bus a man dared to tell me "You don't sit here. Go to the back" without even looking at me. I said not at all. He insisted saying that I might sit in the back, and I answered that there's no such law in this country, then he went silent. But before leaving the bus (he was there just to make sure women wouldn't sit on "men's place") he told me "Ok, but if something happens, we aren't responsible for you". I said very loud they didn't need to worry because I wouldn't need anything from them. So what the hell is their religion that besides the prejudice they still deny help if a woman has an accident just because of a place on the bus? I totally support Heidi Moses' attitude and decision. She's completely right, and I hope there will be more like her.
11. Exclusion for women
Hadassa ,   The Netherlands   (12.20.11)
I find this very disturbing, my own kinsmen behaving like this , those men must be very frustrated to say the least , because of things like this I refuse to come home :(
12. Rambam's "middle way" vs. today's extremists
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.20.11)
Maimonides spoke of the "middle way", avoiding extremes, as Aristotle similarly called for a "golden mean". Even in his times, Maimonides saw the zealotry of the extremists whose fanatic devotion was often born of ignorance. (He lived in the Islamic world, so he saw plenty of extremism from that camp as well.) It's just too bad today's zealots haven't learned from centuries of experience. And it's not surprising that many raised in or exposed to such extremism would "throw off the shackles" when they have the chance.
13. Blaming "religion" instead of people: MINDLESS
ezra ,   USA ISRAEL   (12.20.11)
As usual, ignorance and blanket dismissal concerning religion rears it's ugly, divisive head. Religion has never been the problem: it's always people and their Insane interpretations (Islam does NOT qualify as a religion: it is an inseperable synthesis...a Theo-Political-Social philosophy. None of the other major religions nor the VAST, VAST majority of other RELIGOUS thought out there are like this: politics CAN be SEPERATED and usually are). The FANATICS who aim to segregate women are ignorant fos who've bastardized the teachings of the Torah and "created" a cult, NOTHING SHORT OF THAT. These fanatics have also permeated the national-RELIGOUS movement to our great misfortune. Religion is a life philosophy intended to cultivate our most sophisticated potentialities while keeping our weaknesses in a healthy perspective. Once religion veers from this aim, it departs from the realm of religion itself and becomes an ugly, misguided cult which perpetuates weakness and stupidity...all of which creates chaos, az is readily evident. Miamonides was right: women are queens and should be cherished: OPPOSITE of what these fanaticL haredim do.
14. I was removed from a photoshoot...
Golan ,   modiin   (12.20.11)
in bnei brak because of the the Haredi leming girls was "uncomfortable with a man in the room." So I spent the rest of the opening of a bridal salon in a small room sitting on my butt. So I know what women feel like being in the back of the bus. But its not just women. Its an anti-Torah (not to humiliate another person) position taken by the haredim
15. #12 Raymond, Rambam
Yossef   (12.21.11)
had a chance to live with christians, invited by Richard the lion-heart, he prefered to return to Fostat, living with the muslim. I'm not sure where the fanaticism is/was/will be. But I agree with him: the right way is the middle way, far from the extremes, which as you say is born in ignorance.
16. Why spoil the public property with these posters?
tejas   (12.21.11)
17. Its not a mitvah to add to Torah, leave the women to live.
Josh   (12.21.11)
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