UN powers condemn West Bank construction, 'price tag' acts
Published: 20.12.11, 23:46
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31. EUROPE and its 16 trillion econony can crumble under Israel
ehud   (12.21.11)
Israels power... NOT anyway, Israel, get real, know your strenght and global weight.. There are not many countries who like us but it is mainly EU and USA so dont blow that..
32. #28 what price? loosing billions of $$$ of imports/exports ?
lou carpenter   (12.21.11)
who will really suffer israel with 7 million people or europe with 750 million... grow up
33. 19
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (12.21.11)
So you do not recognize Israel? You refer it as "Israel" Got news for you"Pally Boy"-go sit on a pot and contemplate Muliverse poetry suitable for idiots. Ynet ,please ask no 19 to stop using capital letters-I know it makes him feel superior being a Muliversite.He needs to learn how to communicate with people.
34. 8
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (12.21.11)
You don't think for a moment that the Moslem members of the UN would ever read anything that proves the validity of Israel.
35. # 1 is obviously a comedian
Raed   (12.21.11)
a deed from God is not a legal document, Moran!!
36. Sarah #4
Bryan Y. ,   Champlain, NY   (12.21.11)
Well said, Sarah. The world is falling back on it's old tactics trying to push Jews into a smaller and smaller space, demonising all their actions and blaming them for the ills of the world. The spirit of Nazism lives and breathes it's fetid odor on Israel. The arrogance and stupidity of Europe and the U.S. continue to amaze and gall me. Truth is swept aside while countries choke on bovine excrement. God bless Israel in these trying days.
BUTSeriosly   (12.21.11)
Green line is not a legal requirements in its text or application. Better the Quartet ratify the first 2-state which created Jordan and allowed no need of obsessing for a 3-state in the same land.
38. #19, I never quite get your shouting talkbacks
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.21.11)
I always see your talkbacks saying that the United Nations has to do this and that or calling for certain governments to act in an isolationist manner. I don't really understand them though. Also, why have you put Israeli in quotes?
39. The UN really is too focused on Israel
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.21.11)
It's meant to be a forum to voice the world's concerns for the benefit of humanity, but it's really just become a place for countries to take turns bashing Israel while ignoring every other country that is comitting actual atrocities.
40. Britain, France, Germany and Portugal are all Godless.
Steve   (12.21.11)
41. Obama wants Jewish support and votes.
Steve   (12.21.11)
Make no mistake about it. This dangerous Muslim-born president hates Israel and Israel's Jews.
42. There are two things I don't understand:
Vlad   (12.21.11)
1. Yitzhak Rabin, the man who signed the Oslo Accords and shook Arafat's hand, was vehemently opposed to giving up Jerusalem, saying that he would rather there be no peace and Israel keep Jerusalem than vice versa. How on earth do they expect Benjamin Netanyahu to budge on Jerusalem if Rabin wouldn't? 2. Isn't Israel already taking action against settler violence? Haven't "price tag" activists been arrested? Aren't they now to be tried in military courts?
43. They dare not look at their backyards,so
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.21.11)
they deflect their problems our way. They are so rotten, they remind me of Arab leaders since 1948 piling it on Israel and Zionism to take their people's eyes of their own problems
44. Never mind the condemnation, what about sanctions!
Alan Smith ,   UK   (12.21.11)
Land theft justified by historical fantasy and religious comic books has never been acceptable under International Law or the Geneva Conventions. What's needed from the UN powers is not just condemnation, but the same sanctions and boycotts that ended apartheid in South Africa and introduced real democracy - that's the only way the Palestinians will ever be free of the oppressive Israeli occupation and settlements, and achieve their own independent state
45. BIG ISRAEL only way to save Islam from Islamists.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.21.11)
46. Defensive Power
zivron   (12.21.11)
There are fifteen million jews and two billion islamic pepoles with huge land tracts and enormous wealth.The Price tag goons are crossing the red lines and need prison terms but the one nation for two peoples with the Jews the minority in the area controlling security is a peace option if there is good faith
47. go ahead and annex
Fred ,   Stockton USA   (12.21.11)
Why not try to annex your so called Judea and Samaria into Israel and see what happens. Personally I would love to see Israel sweat as the boycotts and sactions come hot and heavy. If you think the boycotts of apartheid South Africa were bad, try and do the annex thing and every international event around the world will exclude Israel. The Olympics....forget about will be the pariah for years to come. Personally I don't think Israel has the guts to do it. They do things behind the curtain and not up cowardly.
48. They'd rather ignore the slaughter in Arab streets in Syria,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.21.11)
Egypt and beyond and condemn the construction for needy Jews, only because they are Jewish. This is racism, anti-Jewish racism!!
49. (44) Alan Smith
tiki ,   belgium   (12.21.11)
That's exactly the point! Those "barking countries can't do anything more, because they don't have a LEGAL leg to stand on......and they know it! These people, who call themselves "Palestinians" will only be free when they will change their mindset, accept the fact that they are one of the stories of 1001 nights, a total phantasy, who through violence forced their way onto the frontpapers. Their ""misery has nothing to do with Israel, but with their own miserable leaders, who use them as a bargaining chip for their own power. If people like you still havn't understood that fact and are still babbling on about 'Palestinian rights & South Africa, you should find yourself another pet to play with, because you havn't go a clue.
50. No shame
tiki ,   belgium   (12.21.11)
The civilized UN, where many of the members carry buckets full of Jewish blood in their history bag, should shut up. The times to 'bully Jews around and tell them where to sit, sleep & live are over. The "Jew" doesn't take orders anymore. It's about time members of the old Continent & their Arab friends took notice.
51. PORTUGAL? Where is Portugal?
That barely-surviving corner of the backward Europe has the nerve to tell us what to do and what not to do? Portugal should concentrate on its own economic survival instead of reminding all of us the atrocities committed there against the Jews. Now it's trying to divert attention from its many woes by running with the pack, wiggling its racist tail and trying to make an impression on its EU Alpha males. Portugal should do better than joining the dogs barking at our gates, because it will soon become totally irrelevant once the Euro axe falls on it and other miserable parasites of the EU block,
52. No shame #2
Interesting that this genocidal condemnation comes from the very UN members which until very recently have been assisting Iran to achieving its Nuclear ambitions! German and French firms and banks are still earning blood money off their shady dealings with Iran, while their hypocritical governments turn a blind eye. Same goes for their glaring lack of action against Syria and the Hezbollah arch terrorists. These clowns have no moral ground to tell Israel what to do and where to do it. They better sort out their EU crisis and the new Islamic conquest of Europe, before opening their racist mouths spewing their murderous venom against the ones whom they terrorized and butchered for generations,
53. To: Henry at No. 39
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.21.11)
Not to mention screwing up parking and traffic in Manhattan to a fare-thee-well. No one will miss them. Let them decamp to a country that appreciates their hatred of Israel -- no shortage of suitable locales there.
54. Hypocritical UN
When was the latest serious and meaningful UN condemnation of Palestinian terror, incitement and call to genocide? Why hasn't the UN condemned Hamas' call to march to Jerusalem, effectively declaring war on a sovereign country and a UN member? When did the UN so forcibly condemn the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel and meet to make peace? Even the wording used in the condemnation is blatantly incorrect and opposed to UN's own resolutions: Judea and Samaria are NOT "occupied territories". According to the UN's own resolutions, Judea and Samaria are "disputed territories"! And based on that blatantly vicious inaccuracy, they claim that building there is against the "international law". All these points make the latest UN kangaroo court "condemnation" an irrelevant, racist and inciting farce, dictated by the new Muslim czars of the UN.
55. #53, too true.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.21.11)
My dad works closeby there and even though he can just go to Grand Central, it's still a pain. It would be interesting to see the unlikely scenario where their plot in NYC is taken back, or even more unlikely, the US defunds and/or leaves the UN. It would probably be something similar to what happened with the League of Nations.
56. T no4
Selsanj ,   EU   (12.21.11)
For starters, to claim that religius Israeli extrimists are not responsible for price tag actions is just a joke or perhaps illusion for somebody who thinks that Israelis are perfect. To enlighten you- nobody is perfect. But if you must think that so you can justify your perfection, please think what you want. Secondly, for shure any country can build houses where it wants, the problem accours when country builds on occupied teritory- read westbank or whatewer name from 2000 years ago you fancy. I agree with you completly, people of Israel are strong and pawerful, and they are slowly becoming what they fought against so hard and so long. On the contrary to what you think, Eropeans, only few years back had really good opinion about Israel in general, but recent turn to the wright in Israel, Internet acces to information, blokade of Gaza, war on Gaza, settlement expansion, bombing assasinations, attacks on NGOs and media wich does not agree with goverment, all this and more has turned arround EU view of Israel. The only democracy in middle east is becoming something else. And we are affraid of that. But in the long run I agree with you, we should shut up, it will be Israel itself and its leaders who are and will be responsible for its actions. I hope, Israeli people will not suffer becouse of this irrational and antidemocratic actions Israeli leaders are taking today
57. Alan Smith no 44
LION OF JUDAH   (12.21.11)
Dear Alan, Please make sure UK & all the EU to do proper sanctions on Israel, not half way sanctions.Do not use,mobile phone, and all Israeli Tech,medicines,X rays, etc,.
58. #44 Alan Smith - Please explain why
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.11)
not a single mention of Palestine is made in the Quran, or of Jerusalem or Al Aqsa, since you contend that it belongs to the fabricated Palestinian's? Sorry, I hadn’t realized that you were an expert in International Law among all your non-accomplishments Don't talk about laws & legalities, unless you abide by them 1- The first major one that was broken by the Arabs, was the UN Partition Plan, in defiance of the UN Res.181, Five Arab armies combined forces to attack Israel on 5/14/58 2- 1949 Rhodes Armistice Agreement, (Greenline) Nasser violated it on their behalf, closing the Suez to Israeli shipping 3- 1967 - Syria, Egypt and Jordan combined forces and attacked again 4- 1973- Yom Kippur War, Egypt & Syria attacked Israel Now, be a good whatever, take your pseudo expertise & shove it
59. Horrific Jew Hate
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.21.11)
It was also unacceptable to G-D hater Hitler and his vile G-D hater Nazis that Jews lived in Europe. And now, it is unacceptable to the G-D haters that Jews live and breathe and build in the famous BIBLICAL, Jewish homeland of Judea and Samaria and the eternal Jewish city of Jerusalem. The Jew haters are despicable.
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