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Shas rabbi's son: OK to sit next to woman
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 22.12.11, 15:18
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1. Great response...thank you religious voice of reason
3. sitting
colin   (12.23.11)
These datim have no repect EVEN FOR JEWISH LAW. One of the ten commandments HONOUR THEI FARTHER AND MOTHER Note honour mother. Who are these nincumpoops trying to teach laws of the torah HONOUR YOUR FARTHER AND MOTHER _note mother.
4. sitting
The haredi ,   Stamford Hill   (12.23.11)
Its not right sitting next to a woman. I cant happen in Stamford Hill then its shouldnt happen in eretz Isroal. Segregation and banning woman appearing in Photos is the truth path of the torah fearing yiddim.
5. @ 3
jew   (12.23.11)
you know nothing about jews so keep your nose out of it!
6. Tipshut
Eli ,   Hollywood, FL   (12.23.11)
Thanks to the rabbis who've had the good sense to speak out against the increasing "separation" hysteria. If these tipshim (almost all men) are so hysterical about the possible effects on them of sitting next to a woman, then it is they, the men, who should sit at the back of a bus, since they're so weak and can't seem to control themselves.
7. #3 Stamford Hill
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (12.23.11)
Nowhere in the Torah or Shulchan Aruch does it state that men and women have to be separated in public venues. Separate seating in synagogues, yes, a very ancient practice, but in public streets--was unheard of 30 years ago! If you look at newsreel footage of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe's funeral in the 1950's, you will see men and women standing together--and most of the men are clean shaven!
8. 4 S Hill Getto Mentality - join the Sephardim
s judah ,   jerusalem   (12.23.11)
9. Is it not OK for Men to sit among Men then -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.23.11)
I Quote - Shas rabbi's son: OK to sit next to woman Holon's Chief Rabbi Avraham Yosef joins religious leaders' condemnation of 'kosher' bus lines. 'It's insolent and foolish and has nothing to do with fear of God,' he says - As nr 6 has pointed out ?. However, what has nr 6 to say if the women demand to sit at the Back of the Bus, among the Men ?. Arn.Sweden.
10. How about segregated buses where
jason white ,   afula, israel   (12.23.11)
the hara-dim are not allowed to ride with everyone else? Let them ride on their own buses, live in their own neighborhoods, shop in their own stores and use their own banks. Or better yet let them move to their own country, like the Gulag in Siberia?
11. If Yael, Dvorah and Ruth lived today
Judd Rusnak ,   Sydney   (12.23.11)
If Yael and Dvorah lived today, riding on a bus, will any of these zealots tell them to go to the back of the bus?, they wouldn't dare!
12. No. 10
NYC Girl   (12.24.11)
At least the climate in Siberia would be more appropriate for their Polish garb...especially the cringe-inducing shtreimels. But, seriously, it's starting to appear as if giving them their own country is going to be the only way to get them off the backs of the Israelis who want nothing to do with their religious coercion and increasingly violent responses to what they perceive of as violations of Halacha.
13. I rather sit next to a woman than next to a Shas rabbi
Bruno ,   Haifa   (12.24.11)
14. Avraham Yosef apples Rambam teaching
Yossef   (12.25.11)
Good !!
15. where is derech eretz and works both ways
Avi ,   Israel   (12.25.11)
I'm happy to see this as this has been on my mind recently. Last week I went to Safed with my non-religious mum, who hasn't been to Israel for 15 years. My mother with another young mother and her baby and her teenage daughter were all asked to move. This kicked up a fuss and left a bitter taste of Haredim in my mum's mouth (chilul hashem). In the end my mum sat with the other mother and the teenage girl was forced to stand even though there was a place next to a boy. A heated discussion followed and I made some valid points to one of the bachurs: 1) The lack of derech eretz getting on egged busses, which nearly choked my mum, has more mingling and touching than a night club! Where are the chomres when it comes to missing the bus? 2) If women should sit at back then they should be let on first like a gentleman. Of course then the Haredim might miss the bus (gd forbid) 3) Why does the girl have to stand?? If the boy doesn't want to sit next to her, let him stand!! A little bit of menchkite thoughtfulness we could have solved the problem. My mum and I could sit next to each other, the other mother and daughter could sit next to each other and the two yeshiva boys could stand!! Of course that optioned never crossed their minds. However I must point out that on the way back the exact same thing happened to me when I wanted to sit at the back with my mum and the girl next to me told me the seat was taken when it wasn't and the driver told me to sit at the front! Guess it works both ways ;-) I want to say that I am religious and am not anti-haredi, but something is clearly wrong with this. I refused to sit the whole journey until the daughter sat first. When the boys were offering me a place, and not her, I refused. Not because of religion, but because my non-religious mum raised me with derech eretz and taught me to respect women.
16. 15 Right.Dereh Eretz precedes Tora.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.26.11)
Every genuine G-D fearer knows that.
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