Stop the African wave
Hagai Segal
Published: 21.12.11, 18:16
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1. Africa
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.21.11)
I feel for these people from Africa, but we have to clean up our own backyard first. Why doesn't Obama help them?
2. How do they get into and out of Egypt ?
Arnold ,   Canada   (12.21.11)
so easily !!!
3. crazy
sven ,   nor   (12.21.11)
another racist diatribe from the apartheid state........... drip drip the world is waking up
4. Is it a State or is it a straw, winding down?
sousan ,   Italy   (12.21.11)
There are laws and there are tools at the Government 's legslation for punishing those that help and abatte the infiltration to Israel for E C O N O M I C reasons, not as a result of threat to the life of the infiltrator. Its only in Israel that such a stupid lack of protecting borders and other interests, that is unveilling.
5. curbs on employment needed
Wade ,   NYC USA   (12.21.11)
The prospect of cheap labor is too tempting for Eilat and Tel Aviv businesses. Government inspectors must do spot checking for illegal immigrants and issue fines to employers. Without employment the illegals will look forward to deportation. Giving them jobs encourages them to go underground. Israel absorbed thousands of Jewish Ethiopians demonstrating color blindness, but Israel cannot absorb tens of thousands of non-Jews, black or white.
6. The "threat"
Frank ,   Manchester-England   (12.21.11)
If this is not a racist article then I don't know what is! The Jews have been subjected to deplorable racism in the past. It is ashame to now see former victims becoming perpetrators. Always the same alibi, fear. Fear of being taken over. The way to mankinds liberation is through unity,love and fraternity with all God's children, not division, dislike and hostility where only particular people are welcome.
7. A Way to Stop It
Cheryl S. ,   Boston, USA   (12.21.11)
Obviously the people who employ these infiltrators have no fear of employing illegals. One way to stop this illegal immigration is for those who employ them to face not merely harsh punishment, but draconian punishment. AQlso, these illegals should NEVER receive either welfare or health care, nor should their children born illegally in Israel. When these illegals realize that there is no employment forthcoming, nor any sort of humanitarian aid, they'll stop coming. Harsh? Yes. But it is not nearly as harsh as having your country invaded and taken over by a hostile force without a single shot being fired.
8. #3 Apartheid????
Dan ,   Florida   (12.21.11)
Throttle back there Sven and maybe go back for an education. Israel is most certainly NOT an apartheid state and if you can take your head out of your prejudice you'd see that clearly. Arabs and Muslims live alongside Israeli's with more freedom and rights than they would have in any Islamic state. It is the "invented people" that left winger Jew haters like you who want to see the destruction of Israel that have segregated themselves from society and civilization living in a fantasy for for the past 64 years that they will destroy Israel and reclaim their homes. It is a testament to ignorance, another "gift" of Islam in the Middle east.
9. #3
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (12.21.11)
In any other country in the world this would be called immigration policy. Only when the country involved is Israel does racism come into play. The reality is that we have every right to protect our borders against people coming here illegally. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are black Africans. For example, balck Africans here LEGALLY can stay.
10. Immigrants
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (12.21.11)
My country was condemed by many for not accepting more immigrants from eastern Europe (i.e, Jews) in the early 20th century and then again in the thirties and forties for not accepting more people fleeing fron Nazi Europe. How ironic that the "Jewish state" is no turning their backs on immigrants. Black people add a lot to our culture in America...they could do the same for Israel. The racist fear of assimilation and intermarriage by some in Israel is really pathetic.
11. Good Morning.MMM your coffee smells good Now you R waking up
Alan ,   SA   (12.21.11)
12. Get over yourself John #10
Rachel ,   US   (12.21.11)
Israel can not afford to be overrun with illegals like your Texas has been.
13. Sven...You are the Racist!!!!
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (12.21.11)
No other country in the world, especially one the size of Israel, would allow so many illegals to stay. Additionally, the African Immigrants will probably become loyal Israeli Citizens and contribute to society. The mythical Palestinians only want to destroy Israel.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.21.11)
15. #10
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (12.21.11)
Black Africans have already added much to our society. If you would do a little research you would find that in the 80s and 90s Israel airlifted hundreds of thousands of black Ethiopian Jews to Israel in Operation Moses. This has little to do with anything other than the fact that these people are here ILLEGALLY and they are coming here in large numbers. You live in Texas (Im from Dallas) you of all people should know that illegal immigration is a problem. Israel isn't America, we don't have to space or resources to absorb tens of thousands of illegal migrants. We take in immigrants from all over the world and not justr Jews. Albanians, Chechens, Bosnians, Lebanese Christians, etc. You've completely spinned the truth my friend.
16. Simply deport them to their home country, like it or not.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.21.11)
17. This alone would bring down any govt. in a sane country!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.21.11)
18. Welcome to neoliberalism
Arup ,   USA   (12.21.11)
Here is a fun part. There is free exchange of goods and capital across national boundaries. So why not services? Either they are at the other end of a wire or physically present. In the US there is a demand for harvest picking and then come. Authorities have a "wink-wink-nod-nod" policy. Here is an unfortunate lesson in economics. If there is a source of demand of anything and a willing supply THEN there will be always a supply chain.
19. You May Well Ask Why Isarel?
emanon ,   USA   (12.21.11)
But wait . . . There's some 20 other neighboring countries these same people could go to. Why Israel? Why no, let's say Egypt? Iran? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? The answer is FREEDOM! They don't want to be dhimmis, they want to live in a developed country and they want a higher quality of life. Where else can they go?
20. Responsibility
sk ,   USA   (12.21.11)
Is there a way to hold responsible and/or sue the govts., of these people for the cost of taking care of them and eventualy repatriating them to their home countries?
21. deport them back before
observer ,   Egypt   (12.21.11)
any body recognizes that Norther Sudan, not its south was the route for migration of the Flasha beta (second class) Israeli citizens.
22. Hey John #10: In Israel we have many
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (12.21.11)
(black) Ethiopian Jews and dark Jews from India, all of whom emigrated two decades from other countries. It has become apparent how quickly these emigrants have integrated into the Israeli way of life. We have done at least as well as America in that respect. You would know better than to have written your ignorant screed had you ever visited Israel for any decent length of time. Just walk down the streets of Ashdod or sit in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station to gain some firsthand knowledge.
23. It's really not that many people though...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.21.11)
I mean if you had a truly massive influx then it would be a real concern, but Israel is even with my own city (whose population is slightly larger than that of Israel) with regards to the number of African immigrants, as I have said before. It seems a bit alarmist. Protect the borders so as to keep out terrorists and just try to assimilate the ones already there.
24. It is a very small country
eva goldschmidt-ezer ,   Heidelberg, Germany   (12.21.11)
It is not a racist fear of intermarriage and assimilation, it is the sheer number of people coming into a tiny country. Eva
25. In a region of failed states, one Promised Land? Hardly.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.21.11)
In the 1970s, Israel accepted as refugees a boatload of Vietnamese drifting in Asian waters. In the 1980s, Israel "brought home" tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews. In the first case, the numbers were small and Israel could easily absorb them. In the latter case, it was a matter of accepting in distant relatives, much like Greece, Ireland, or Germany gives preferential treatment to those of Greek, Irish or German background. Neither is the case with African refugees and job seekers. The region, sadly, is rife with failed states mired in economic squalor and political instability. Should Israel be the answer to their problems, the "Promised Land" in the midst of failure? And what will happen when Egypt itself falls into chaos in 2012 when it runs out of foreign currency to pay for food imports? One can easily imagine tens of thousands of Egyptians, all of whom loath the Jewish state, streaming across the Sinai as "refugees" in search of food and work. Must Israel take them in too? Hardly. The UN's HCR is tasked with resettling refugees. It's time they do something useful. Those looking for an excuse to shout "racist" or "apartheid" over anything connected to Israel need to move on and get a life. You're only embarrassing yourself.
26. African refugees
eva goldschmidt-ezer ,   Heidelberg, Germany   (12.21.11)
Take a look on the Italian and Spanish shores and islands! Send them back as quickly as possible! It sounds heartless and my reaction is heartless, but those refugees will impact any civil society very negatively. Just look at Western Europe and you will understand my reaction. Eva
27. welcome to cape town-aviv
Alon ,   Florentin   (12.22.11)
i live a few minutes from the new bus station in south tel-aviv and you feel you're in cape town here, lovely i made allyah to south africa
Zimbi ,   NJUSA   (12.22.11)
29. John Robey # 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.22.11)
Black people add a lot to our culture? I think they would add more if as a group they valued an education like the asians in our community. They would add more if so many black women didn't have to support children alone because so many of their men don't take responsibility and run around getting multiple women pregnant. They would also add more if they didn't commit crimes way out of proportion to their numbers and have to be incarcerated and supported by the taxpayers either when they are in jail or on welfare. There are good and wonderful black people out there but as a group they seem to be lacking. In jobs and schools they have to lower the bar for them to give them an equal footing with asians and others. Reverse discrimination. Having slavery was one of the biggest mistakes ever made by the USA and we are still paying for it today.
30. Israel is not the size of Texas
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.22.11)
Look at a map.
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