Israel says EU 'losing credibility'
Published: 21.12.11, 23:59
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1. We have finally the leaders we deserve
Yossef   (12.21.11)
2. with whom
sven ,   nor   (12.21.11)
Israel was condemned by pretty well everyone. Even the USA said nothing At least Israel cannot lose its credibility. It does not have any
3. Israel says EU 'losing credibility'
Vaclav Nokdo ,   San Francisco, USA   (12.21.11)
The EU has increased it's credibility by criticizing the settlement, actually developments. All of these in the West bank are illegal. It is Palestinian territory.
4. Israel to EU
James ,   Canada   (12.21.11)
Translation: Can't you just leave us alone and let us steal the Palestinians land in peace? The nerve of some countries!
5. Laughable response
MichaelD ,   UK   (12.21.11)
Notice how Israel doesn't even attempt to deny or explain their illegal land theft? Instead, they try to deflect criticism by saying their land theft isn't as bad as what is going on in Syria. Classic. Everyone knows which party is directly responsible for the lack of peace.
6. Stop Stealing!
Zach ,   DC, USA   (12.21.11)
This article doesn't seem to actually address the topic that Israel continues to steal land and allow discrimination/violence against Palestinians. Israel's leaders just point somewhere else and say "but what about them?" Get it through your heads, your actions have turned EVERYONE in the world against you!!
7. Eurabia lost credibility long ago
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (12.21.11)
Now eurabians will foloow the Sharia.
8. About time ,
cj ,   paris france   (12.21.11)
About time someone tells the EU to f. off. Time to tell the EU that their meddling is not being taken seriously and they should sort out their own problems...illegal immigration, Euro crisis, muslim crimes, unemployement, imported diseases like tb and hiv by much to deal with in Europe. Keep building in Israel and Jerusalem. Each time some cre.tins from the EU complains, Israel must build 10 000 more flats.
9. Time Israel did the same
Hypocracy ,   Israel   (12.21.11)
Leave "settlers" alone and fight the real bad guys
10. #3 #4 #5
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.21.11)
We cannot steal what belongs to us .So if you don't accept that fact ,you know what you can do. All the land between the river and the sea belongs to Israel.
11. All talk backers (so far AntiSemitics)
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (12.21.11)
Israel supposed to be Israel + Jordan. In 1923 England divided 78% Palestine for Palestinian and 22% for Jews. In 1948, UN divided the Jewish territory in 50% and 50%. Now I see a lot of ignorants in this JEWISH Newspaper saying the Israel is stealing land from the arabs. ISRAEL SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ISRAEL. Arabs have 22 countries. For all Eurpeans Islamic lovers and "palestinian defenders" in few years you will not able to talk freely as you doing here. Any critisism to them is equal to the death. So and you will not be able to have your own house unless you share with an arab or muslim. So keep shooting in your feet.
12. Posts 3,4,5,6 are all the same person.
Dan Kelso   (12.21.11)
Does this fool think where stupid by using different names. Sorry to break the news to you, its Jewish land. The Palestinians should all go back to Saudi Arabia, where they all come from, then their will be peace.
13. Where was the EU when Israelis were attacked
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (12.21.11)
What did the EU say when the Fogels were murdered. Where were the wonderful Europeans when Israelis have been attacked & killed in the past. Where is the EU voice about missiles from Gaza. Their selective silence is their problem & shows their hypocrisy. Most ordinary Europeans do not support their political elitist & out of touch leaderships. Can anyone explain to me why this right wing violence is so bad. After all it is not as deadly as the leftist & Muslim violence & that is never condemned by the EU. But as for price tagging its wrong & must stop. Gaol is a solution.
14. Europe
EP   (12.21.11)
One day your hostility to Israel might explode in your face (so to speak).
15. #6 funny man you are
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (12.21.11)
Although I think I am wasting my time with dummies, I have to answer your dumb post. You must have a grade 2 education or just a typical Muslim. Nice try. I say you need to start reading a litttle and then ask who is stealing.
16. Innocent People Being Slathered?
cfk ,   ny, ny   (12.21.11)
"innocent people are being slathered in Syria" In what, Hummus? (Proofreading fail.)
17. Keep on building !!!!!!!!!!!!
jason asman ,   nyc   (12.21.11)
18. Europe will always be enemies to the Jews
k ,   US   (12.21.11)
no point in trying to have negotiations with them If they think "Peace" could be achieved, they would have no problem sacrificing another 6 million Jews
19. Whose loss of credibility has a greater impact on who?
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (12.21.11)
20. There is NO such thing as "west bank" only Judea & Samaria!
Period!   (12.21.11)
21. #2,3,4,5,6.
Sam M ,   UK   (12.21.11)
It's all Jewish land so why dont you find something else to whine about. Frankly who gives a damn what you think anyway!!
22. #6 Completely accurate!
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, sweden   (12.21.11)
Well put, Zack! There is no justification for the settlements whatsoever and Israel should refrain from it.......REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS IN THE REST OF THE WORLD
23. EU belongs to Berlin.
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (12.21.11)
Berlin runs on two tracks; Leftist and NAZI. Both want Israel out of the way. They never had much credibility, and likely to have less, allowing 3rd world Muslims to influence their stance
24. #2-#6 a few questions
A ,   Belgium   (12.21.11)
Since you all are SO knowledgable about the ME problems, especially concerning Israel, and I'm not even though I lived there for 14 years, maybe you all can help me out: Where is "palestine", what are its borders? What is its capital city? What is its largest export (terrorism doesnt count)? What is its largest import (money from the EU doesnt count)? What is the "palestinian" coin called? What is the "palestinian" government called? If you scored zero on every answer, than actually you've scored 100 percent. There is and never was a state called "palestine", they have no central government, no capital city, no coin, no history, no ancient literature, music, or art, no contributions to civilization besides murder and death. So keep believing in "palestine", folks, and dont forget...Xmas is coming so dont forget to believe in Santa and Rudolph and the tooth fairy too.
25. The simple way to solve it..
noname ,   out there   (12.21.11)
is to sue Al Jazeera, AP, Reuters, France Press and other enemy financed outlets for knowingly spreading disinformation and to forbid them their press accreditation in Israel as a result. To sue them in abroad for knowingly spreading misinformation would be another good thing to do. The euro politicos even when receiving a contradictory to media intelligence still have to satisfy their brain washed constituencies, like those folks commenting above who has no clue what is going on and are making fools of themselves with their ignorant comments. No, dear euro and sf dimmies, if you newspaper of tv station said so, it can be taken with the same grin of salt as an advertizement they set next to it...
26. #6 stop lying!
Israel has stolen nothing. The same UN which barks now on the Muslim tyrannies' leash, decided that the Jews deserve their own country on their ancestral lands. Initially, it included Jordan too, but later on, ontrary to their own decision, they split it and created Jordan, a country which never existed before that. Everything the Arabs lost after that was due to their own violence, greediness racism and desire to genocide the Jewish people. Not unlike yourself, pal. After all, an anti-Semite like yourself most likely knows the curse delivered to Jews in Europe, but not only : "Jew, go to Palestine". Well, now we are here to stay in your spite of you, and in your face! Now live with that, consumed by your own hatred and racism!
27. Livni is a turncoat with no interest but power.
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (12.21.11)
28. you can't steal what already belongs
Barney ,   USA   (12.21.11)
to you. build. build. build. Israel is spot on when they say the tough issues are ignored and let's face it, Israel has always been everyone's punching bag. The only way to make their critics happy is to go away quietly into the night and guess what? That isn't happening!
29. value of lieberman, yaalon, ahronovitch
alexi   (12.21.11)
lieberman is a rugged, in your face type guy who is not afraid of fisticuffs. this is exactly what the sarkozys and clintons fear with their diplomatic language and insecurities.Arabs similiarly worry about lieberman who scares the helll out of them just as kameinei makes israel nervous. Avigdor's value is there fore huge to israel. Weinstein should not indict him unless the evidence is overwhelming and the probabillity of conviction is real. israel needs lieberman. Similary, yaalon has a quiet confidence in israel's strength and is unfraid to use it as he did on the west bank(unlike barak who is uncertain and rushes to phony concessions to get him off the hook).Arabs worry about yaalon. The same applies to landau and ahronovitch. With these guys, bibi is 100X better than livni and olmert who rush to cameron, lavrov and obama to beg for assistance and offer endless concessions. how many times do Ihear barak and livni saying israel will have to make painful concessions. What about the arabs making concessions.I am sick of hearing this. israel should make no concessions and in fact should offer peace for peace with no concessions.
30. Livni is a risk to Israel's security
John ,   NZ   (12.21.11)
Every time Livni opens her mouth it is to delegitimise Israel. Please send her to Gaza where she belongs.
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