Hadassah hospital fails to pay NIS 10M debts
Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Published: 22.12.11, 15:21
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1. hadassah
sue ,   israel   (12.22.11)
they've built a monster - they should have changed some plans when they knew they were in trouble......
2. Hadassah needs my niece Andrea Bill to straighten out their
Rivkah   (12.22.11)
finances. The Sports College of Wellington, New Zealand, was in the red and it took Andrea Bill about six months to get that college in the black. She lives in Orange County, California, and should be contacted to buck up Hadassah.
3. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.22.11)
Good idea for you to ask Anrdea to to help Hadassah out ( for free)
4. i never liked hadassah to begin with
5. 3 Birdi, Israel: She doesn't work for free, but is worth
Rivkah   (12.23.11)
what she is paid. One thing Hadassah can do to cut costs is to go back to the ward system with a lot of patients and their beds in a long large room instead of one or two people in a room. Andrea can help with restructuring their finances with her Cal State Fullerton degree in Finance. She is also very charming and was the covergirl for New Zealand Airlines on brochuresin airports for many years.
6. yeah, i saw the job post at janglo.
J.Gad ,   Israel   (12.23.11)
a tour guide is needed to convince people to donate money to Hadassa
7. The reason for the loss of HaShem's favor and financial
Rivkah   (12.23.11)
blessings for Hadassah Hospital can be found in the mistreatment of Ariel Sharon in my opinion. First a doctor prescribed a contraindicated injectable blood thinner to try to kill him and when that didn't work, they gave him an MRI every three days from January 2006 until he went to Sheba Medical Center in May of that year. Then when he returned to Hadassah in November of 2011, instead of being treated as a Father of the nation, his family was charged half his medical expenses. No wonder HaShem withdrew His financial blessings from Hadassah Hospital.
8. @5
rosie ,   Jerusalem   (12.23.11)
Rivkah Hadassa has a ward system at the moment. There are currently 5 people in 4 room wards. And don't worry, there are Israeli's (and those already working at Hadassa) who are more then capable of sorting the hospital out.
9. 8 Rosie, Jerusalem: Five people in 4 rooms sounds like
Rivkah   (12.23.11)
pretty plush accomodations for a hospital that can't pay its debts. A LOOOONG room with LOTS of beds in two rows down each wall is a ward system, not five patients in four rooms. Put 50 to 100 patients in a room and you have a cost saving ward system. I remember that in my Navy days at San Diego Naval Hospital before the expensive rebuilding made medical care so expensive. Hadassah is unworthy to have Ariel Sharon as a patient and shoud give him back to Sheba Medical Center. Tel Aviv is more worthy of the protection of HaShem's love for him than Jerusalem from the way he and his family have been treated.
10. 8 Rosie, Jerusalem: If Israel is capable of sorting out the
Rivkah   (12.23.11)
problems at Hadassah, like the loss of 90 million dollars of its endowment, then why can't Hadassah pay its bills? If they want HaShem's blessings back, they need to prosecute the physicians who tried to kill Ariel Sharon with a contraindicated injectable blood thinner, radiation from MRI's, and failing to give him intravenous Caffeinol when he arrived at the E.R. within an hour of the incident which was within the three hour window to reverse 80% of the damage of a stroke if he had one. Or is he a prisoner being sedated against his will? I'd like to know since the Red Cross International and Amnesty International will not look into the situation. He is in great danger in my opinion from physicians who are attacking because Rabbis instructed them to because of the Gaza pulluot. The umbrella of protection from HaShem's love for Ariel Sharon should be withdrawn from Jerusalem by his being transferred back to Sheba Medical Center to protect Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is unworthy of his presence there. The very idea of making a former Prime Minister's family pay for half his medical care sticks to high heaven and is an abomination in the nostrils of HaShem.
11. Hadassah
Tania ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.24.11)
Rivka !! What nonsense you write. How do you know what HaShem thinks.. An honest mistake was made and by the way MRI does not emit radiation
12. Tania, Jerusalem: What a liar you are. MRI's emit so much
Rivkah   (12.25.11)
ionizing radiation that one MRI is equal to 400 x-rays. Sharon was subjected to an MRI every three days for months! in an attempt to kill him with radiation and make it look like he wasn't murdered, just like the prescribing of a contraindicated injectable blood thinner and failure to give him intravenous Caffeinol within three hours of the supposed stroke even though he got the the E.R. within an hour. That is attempted murder and such physicians are treating other patients and murdering them! No wonder Hadassah lost HaShem's financial blessing. What evil! How do I know what HaShem thinks? By reading his Holy Scriptures and studying the ELS Scripture codes that are in the Holy Scriptures.
13. 11 Tania: The Nazis in WWII Germany only needed 2 x-rays to
Rivkah   (12.25.11)
steilize a male or female in TWO MINUTES. An MRI is equal to 400 x-rays. X-ray techs put a lead apron on people having ONE x-ray to protect the reproductive tract. People who walk through a backscatter x-ray machine at an airport or elsewhere are bombarded with the equivalent radiation of 400 x-rays or one MRI WITHOUT a lead apron on to protect their reproductive tracts. The E.U. has banned the machines in airports but genocide of the American flying public continues. You need to study some more.
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