Did haredim vandalize archeological site?
Ahiya Raved
Published: 22.12.11, 17:33
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1. You forgot something
pine ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.22.11)
Why didn't you even bother to write the Haredi's reason for being against those diggings? E.g. ancient cemeteries in the vicinity... or anything else? "Haredim are Vandalize-rs and Trouble Makers " seems almost like an axiom in this article.
2. Withhold welfare checks to these schmucks
Klutz ,   Denver, CO   (12.22.11)
Those haredim responsible, if they recieve any form of welfare from the Israeli government (which they probably do--lazy bunch of schmucks) should have those funds withheld until all damages are paid off, along with all legal fees and while at it throw in some excessive punitive damages for having to deal with this idiocy.
3. Highway 65? I hope it wasn't JVRP they attacked.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.22.11)
Now if they did that during the dig season they would run into multiple very strong archaeologists armed with pickaxes. Though this year we're doing the Tel Megiddo excavation nearby. If they want to come up there and make trouble we will not be anything close to welcoming. These guys don't seem to realise that our excavations help to reinforce our ancestors' presence in the area.
4. Yes
Sagi   (12.22.11)
That is exactly what they are. Pure and simple, and axiomatic as you stated.
5. Attacking history is NOT to...
Gideon Reader   (12.22.11) forgiven. Regardless if the perps are Jewish, haredim or secular, Arab or Hotentot. Totally unforgettable and unforgivenable; deserving the most severe punishment, equal to that of offenses against small children.
6. Vandalize
Me ,   Israel   (12.22.11)
You are destroying your own history.....grow up and stop acting like children...Unbelieveable....
7. Haredim
Sean ,   london, uk   (12.22.11)
Haredim causing trouble again? Never... Fence of a chunk of the Negev and move them all there and see how well they thrive without taxpayers money..
8. Jews get blamed for everything, even in israel.
D ,   Botswana   (12.22.11)
9. And the good news is ,...
split ,   US   (12.22.11)
They procreate 3 times faster than the rest of Israelis ;) ,...
10. Stopping their welfare is a good idea,
Devorah   (12.22.11)
but they also need to be locked up for destroying critical evidence of our history. Isn't it bad enough that the "palestinians" and UNESCO are trying to wipe us out historically? This is not just a prank. These people belong in prison.
11. Didjah think it was the Union Corse...
Gideon Reader   (12.22.11)
...or the Russian Mafia? Mrs. Occam's little boy is a smart fella.
12. STOP condemning Haredi
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.22.11)
These are hooligans. If it were non orthodoxe vandals,would the headline be" secular have vandalised..."?
13. 4 pure and simple to simple minds
14. @ 7
go to syria and stay there!
15. Make it a public issue
Maximilian Teusch ,   FL   (12.23.11)
in TV and press, About the damage the damage the haredim are causing to the public and to the state.
16. destroying digs
Hilda ,   USA   (12.27.11)
Alas why?
17. Haredim Defacing Archeological Site?
Jonathan Lyon ,   Berkeley, CA USA   (01.10.12)
What is distasteful to you, do not do to others. That's what they should study in their Kollels. That and, "Seek Peace and Persue It." Their violence doesn't make them more credible - it makes me DISbelieve them and their cause more.
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