Canada: Israelis arrested for illegal work
Published: 25.12.11, 07:44
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1. get the employer
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.25.11)
That is how you deal with illegal workers anyplace. Fine them imprison them, make it unprofitable to hire illegals. that goes for Israel as well.
2. I Wonder How Many Canadians Illegally Missionizing In Israel
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.25.11)
3. don't break the law!!!
4. Suckers!
Gregg ,   Haifa,IL   (12.25.11)
5. The more slutty the Israeli girls dress, the more they sell
Judo ,   Canada   (12.25.11)
The worst part is not the illegal working without a visa. The worst part is the way the Israeli girls aggressively solicit every man that walks by the cart in the mall, chasing them down the mall, acting very slutty with their shirt buttons half open, letting the men get a good long look down their shirts and trick these Canadian and American men into buying hundreds of dollars of massively overpriced low quality cosmetics and of course refuse to ever do refunds.
6. Raise the pay scale in Israel
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (12.25.11)
and the problem is solved.
7. America
Dov Glass ,   TA IL   (12.25.11)
If the American authorities went after every Israeli illegally residing in the US, the Jewish agency wouldn't even need to waste their time with American Aliyah.
8. What is this whole Israeli - mall cart genre about?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.25.11)
Sounds like a tough way to hustle a buck. I keep hearing mention of this arrangement on YNET. Curious at this point.
9. Is Sarah B one of them * LOL
Joy   (12.25.11)
10. is this a comment?
Nechama ,   USA   (12.25.11)
I had seen the Israeli and non Israeli soliciting sales and I hadn't seen anyone slutty at all! Now, is an epidemic to chase the "israelies" while millions and I am not kidding "millions" of spanish, mexicans, ecuatorians, packistanis, indian and all kind of nacionality are floading the Canadian and American border. The Israelies are easy pray now and someone is "blowing the wizzle", perhaphs : "kind of antisemitic" I hadn't seen any masive deportation and questioning or going into houses of "illegals" for except the "israelies". There are complete states full of illegals that they get: a library card, health insurance = medicaide and all kind of benefits. They only "catch" the Israelies!... Is this done by some kind of ....orquestrated malicious antisemitic doing? I wonder how came that you didn't mentioned that the smelled, they had curved noses and etc. When the government of the USA and Canada, arrest the millions of illegals abounding the country...I would say that is a rule for everyone... NOW, THE LAW IS ONLY FOR THE ISRAELIES!
11. #10 not specifically against Israelis
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.25.11)
Please read the article. It is a general clean up. However, why do so many Israelis working overseas, have to give us such a bad reputation? why do they have to be rude? The two women pleaded guilty, while the two men argued and looked for a way out.
12. #5 Israelie secular women dress like that all the time
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.25.11)
Dont take it so personally. If guys are that taken by it, and are happy to spend their money for a quick peek down a woman's top, and the women are happy with that - well everyone in the transaction is happy. No laws are broken (well in terms of dress and sales). Which all goes to show how weak men are.
13. deported??
katarina   (12.25.11)
i wonder how many years they got??
14. to #10
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.25.11)
They are not only targeting Israelis. The front page of the Toronto Sun newspaper this week had a picture of a multi-generational Portuguese family being shipped home. It's time that Canada cracked down on illegals. We have a very liberal refugee policy that is being exploited on a daily basis with bogus claims from people from democracies in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Our former bleeding heart Liberal government was obsessed with filling Canada with the self proclaimed downtrodden, and as a result we have soaring welfare rolls, gun crime and crumbling infrastructure (with monies being spent on health care for people who should not even be in the country).
15. Israeli Men
Ben ,   Cincinnat, USA   (12.25.11)
There are also Israeli men working in the malls in Cincinnati. They are just as aggressive as the women.
16. Canada: Israelis arrested for illegal work
cheryl ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.11)
If it wasn't so difficult to make ends meet in this country then my children who happen to have US citizenship would not have all, in their seperate times, opted for going to the US to work on the carts. They managed to earn their way through Israeli Universities - something that we, their parents could never afford to give them.
17. #9 Joy to the World
s B   (12.25.11)
Good one Joy
18. Let's Trade
Daromi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.25.11)
The USA loves all illegals EXCEPT we will send you all our Sudanese, Eritrean and other illegals, and you send our people home. There is nothing for them in the USA anyway. Fair trade?
19. #10 - maybe you could learn how to spell ...
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.25.11)
And after you have mastered that , (which will take you some time), maybe you could learn how to think
20. #18 minor nitpick
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (12.25.11)
Canada isnt part of the USA
21. Some one needs to remind Canada that those are Jews...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.25.11)
22. from top to bottom
bill ,   canada   (12.25.11)
street vendors to presidents israeli's are crooks whats new canadian security is tracking israelis they are security threats go somewhere else to rob and steal we are watching you in canada
23. #22 Get hold of yourself
Ron ,   US   (12.26.11)
Working without a permit. Not a security threat and not stealing. Hope this is Canada's biggest problem.
24. Canada is tough on everyone
Roger ,   U.S.A.   (12.26.11)
I'm French, live in the U.S. and I have been kicked out of Canada three times for working without a permit, Canadians don't want to work, their Government subsidizes them even though there are plenty of jobs, they are tough on everyone who works without the right paperwork, not just the Jews.
25. Story doesn't add up
Mick ,   Los Angeles   (12.26.11)
10 were crossing from USA into Halifax ... by boat?? "Dozens" working all over Canada? Why/how did the US govt alert the Canadians?? How were they "seeking employment" if they had jobs already? Could this be a spy ring??
26. I thought the Jews owned Canada, not that there is
Shimon Bar Kokhba ,   USA   (12.26.11)
anything wrong with the Jews owning most everything. I am just saying that this is rather odd.
27. The Mall Cart Ruse
Tom Lowe ,   USA, USA   (12.26.11)
The Mall Cart Ruse is a way to set up a very large surveillance network using innocuous-looking young people selling innocuous products as a front. It is a 'warm bodies' soft intel op very large in scope and currently very heavily monitored by intel agencies and by the public in host countries. The Mall Cart Ruse is very similar to the Israeli Art Student Ruse employed prior to 911. The Art Student Ruse worked better because it focused on Federal Buildings and other similar targets rather than getting into America's neighborhoods and into Americans' faces where the spies have met with due suspicion. And now we have the Marijuana Trimming Ruse, a new one. A new way to travel and get inside. Ah--but it's been spotted already.
Glenn ,   France   (12.27.11)
TOM LOWE , Smart ! You are right ! Sayanim.
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