Haredi man arrested on suspicion of spitting on woman
Yair Altman
Published: 25.12.11, 10:23
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1. I will personaly accompany my wife
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.25.11)
And want to see the hero who dares !!!
2. Folish inequality !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.25.11)
Why cant the seculars accept the religious to live their life in their societys thus - Responding to Livnat's remarks, MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) on Sunday slammed the minister, saying: " Livnat's expression of tolerance toward the segregation of women in haredi cities is very grave, and will encourage further exclusion of women. - The seculars has imposed its oppinions and rules on the society, but they cant accept it the other way around . This is hypocrisy Onky the seculars shall have their freedom and oppinions as rule. Is this Heroism as what an Hero nr 1 is ?. Arn.Sweden.
3. Let's hope for many more years of the so called Arab-Israeli
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.25.11)
conflict. That'll buy us some time until our internal strife shall put an end to the Zionist Experiment! Fortunately Arabs are even dumber than we are, so they keep on fighting us instead of letting Nature take its course.
4. Extremist Haredi
Spencer ,   Israel   (12.25.11)
Those who abuse women in any way at all should dealt with according to law and if found guilty they should be sentenced to the maximun penalty. If this doesn't deter them then the maaximum sententences should be drastically increased and imposed on all transgressors.
5. Fight back
R ,   Israel   (12.25.11)
Carry pepper spray
6. We can only suppose this youth is OK if ...
Ben-Africa   (12.25.11)
we spit on his mother; just another haredi idiot...victim of lack of education, common among them.
7. getting spitted at is what they r talking here about?
spitting? ,   ISRAEL   (12.25.11)
what does violence or getting spitted at has to do with SEPARATION in buses- sepration in Haredi life is ok- we dont have a problem with that getting spitted at- or any violence form most be punished! Getting spitted at is NOT a form of life These guys should be spitted to with green phlegms- as well- MINIMUM
8. the elites release thousands of mass murderers
Barry Bee   (12.25.11)
but persecute anyone anonymously accused of spitting at someone... potential oleh beware - if you are a patriot - you are the target of the elites...
9. #2, kharedim only make up 10% of the population
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.25.11)
If the rest of the population imposes their will on the kharedim that is called democracy. Also, I don't think #1 could be an hero as he has not expressed any sort of suicidal tendencies.
10. Spitting at women
Irene ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.11)
In response to #2 - why can the Hareidi not accept that there are other people in the world who are Shabbat observant but not Hareidi? My son got bashed on the head with a break for just walking through their neighbourhood last year on Yom Haatzmaut. This is normal behaviour? If they can spit at a woman whom they dont even know, makes me wonder what they do to their own women....
11. Spitting at Secular is Hilul Hashem.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.25.11)
Tora students should be able to find CONVINCING arguments .These hooligans do not deserve to studying Tora,as Its goal is VEAHAVTA AT REEHA KAMOHA .
12. thank you Police for taking Haredi hassasment seriously
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.25.11)
at last. As for Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) - you should take some lessons from Ms Livnat about learning to live together and not simply imposing your standards on others. Livnat has finally given a balanced reaction to this problem. Only with people like her will we learn to live together.
13. police response
Emma ,   Israel   (12.25.11)
You know, it's great that the police responded in such a manner to this disgusting act, however, I was spat at while waiting for the 480 bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by a secular man, and while my boyfriend and I called the police the whole ride back to Jerusalem, no one cared at all. Not that I am defending the Haredim for their actions in ANY way, but that is just a bit of a double standard. ALL people who disrespect their fellow citizen in such a way should be punished.
14. what right does Nitzan Horowitz have to judge haredi culture
zionist forever   (12.25.11)
Whats wrong with segregation on a small number of LOCAL buses that run through haredi neighborhoods? We are only talking about a handful of them and the vast majority of the buses on that route are mixed anyway. The haredi women share the same culture as the men and the vast majority would also like segregation so if both the men and women want it and there are plenty of mixed buses on the route why does there have to be a problem? The small number of radicals haredi who are grabbing all the headlines are not making things any easier but the real problem here is not the haredi who want segregated buses its the fact that they are being judged by people who are secular from a secular point of view like Nitzan Horowitz a man who is a politician from the far left and a civil rights activist. What gives somebody like him the right to judge haredi culture just because it clashes with his culture? The secular & haredi need to find a middle ground here and that means clamping down on the radicals who want some kind of Taliban state but making concessions to the regular haredi who just want reasonable things like a handful of segregated buses on a few routes.
15. Stop calling them Haredi...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.25.11)
The meaning of Haredi is G-d fearer. Which these hooligans are not,as they are violating the most important goal of the Tora:to love our neighbour like ourself.
16. #13, #14
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.25.11)
The answer is because no one cares about the spitting. Did you see anyone care about spitting or separated buses when the Leftists were in power with Haredi support? When the Haredim supported the Oslo Accords and the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif? This anti-haredi circus is all about destabilizing Israel, generating hatred between Jews in Israel and convincing the Haredi to make coalitions with the Left and not the Zionists..
17. Nr 9.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.25.11)
Your opinion on Democracy dont accept Equality !. " Ones Freedom cant stand against anybody elses ". That is to love Ones Neighbour as oneself. In your Democrasy as an priciple, the Mayority can impose and implement, any law any any standard against the Minority. As the Nazis in Germany against the Jews. Further - As according to your second statement - You err. Nr 1 is the Real Big Boy, a Muchos Matcho going and looking for trouble, such people use to snag on each other, end upp in jail or die in what ensues. So unwittingly he is a Suisider. But this he has that he is seemingly comitted to his wife, a good thind as such, but he should not drag her into troubble, but let the wife deside when she needs his help. Hopfully his wife is not as foolish as himself that is. Arn.sweden.
18. Haredi
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (12.25.11)
Send them back to Brooklin and Manchester!
19. It is not about buses, Non Zionist Forever.
Ben-Africa   (12.25.11)
It is about a bunch of ignorant having the right to spit on your mother, daughter, sister just because some idiots believe they can understand Jewish culture and religion. I can only suppose you're one of the them.
20. Torah perversion
Steve ,   L.A.   (12.25.11)
Israel is becoming a hot mess. A small group of religious scholars were afforded the priviledge of special status by Ben Gurion, as keepers of the flame. Unfortunately these people have hijacked the Torah and like a genetic mutation began to attack the host. If allowed to contiinue to fester these people will compromise Israel's economic and social viability. Their behavior is absolutely repugnant. Beyond saliva there is very little they contribute to Israel.
21. to #1, my hero
2Mad ,   צרפת   (12.25.11)
And as soon as you've done with it, try to do the same in Ramallah.
22. Mutual Respect
Ed Codish ,   Pardessiya, Israel   (12.25.11)
To those who argue that the Haredi community is entitled to its own standards of behavior: It is difficult to argue against allowing segregated seating when the community desires it. But the Western world, of which we are a part, has decided that in all cases in which sexual difference is not integral to the reason for separation (i.e., toilets, showers, etc.), there shall be no segregation. There are excellent reasons for this going back to the Enlightenment. That is, for the secular and most of the religious community, sexual segregation is considered fundamentally immoral and indecent. When most of society views Haredi Jews practicing sexual segregation, they see something disgusting and vile. Asking that population to tolerate such behavior is very difficult. Ed Codish
23. 18 Ralph Where should we send...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.25.11)
the minority secular hooligans? to Caesarea ?
24. No. 18 Ralph
NYC Girl   (12.25.11)
Having once lived in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where the ultra-Orthodox ultimately became the majority, I find it interesting that these people could manage to pretty much accept the norms of the larger society. They didn't throw rocks, they didn't spit, and they didn't raise holy hell every time they disagreed with something. So, that being the case, why do the Israelis put up with them, especially because the enmity that a lot of secular Israelis feel toward the Haredim is so intense? In fact, some of the things I've heard being said when I was around my Israeli husband's family and the subject of the Haredim came up, would never even make it past the censors if I repeated them in this talkback.
25. #17, it's not an opinion, it's how democracy works.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.25.11)
Nazi Germany and Egypt are examples of the fundamental flaw in the democratic system - that the majority can be suckered into doing something that they regret in the long run. In this case though it is working by not having the kharedim impose their will on the rest of the Jewish State. You misunderstand what I mean there. Google "an hero".
26. #8, please read the article. The fellow admitted that he did
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.25.11)
and in the previous case at least the other fellow who was released was clearly anti-Zionist. How can one be a partriot and an anti-Zionist?
27. #21 why Ramallah?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.25.11)
Why Ramallah, what about Tel Aviv? Remember Arik Karp who wasn't murdered (just kicked unconcious and thrown in the water to drown) by some Haredim from Jaljulya because he tried to stand up for his wife and daughter? I'd like to see Mike #1 be tough then.
28. Nr 25.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.25.11)
As according to your point on Democracy - What is contradictory between my and your statements as such ? - I see none. Or Would you suggest that democracy dont work as an opinion ?. Further - I stand with my Word thus - Also, I don't think #1 could be an hero as he has not expressed any sort of suicidal tendencies. Commented - Nr 1 is the Real Big Boy, a Muchos Matcho going and looking for trouble, such people use to snag on each other, end upp in jail or die in what ensues. So unwittingly he is a Suisider. Foolisness is just suicidal because its bold and dont care. Arn.Sweden.
29. Ora , 23 . a stupid comparison
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.25.11)
secular hooligans do NOT try to impose their , less ugly than the charidi , lifestyle on others . Where is the charidi opposition to those acts ? INEXISTING .
30. #28, I was partly agreeing with you...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.25.11)
and saying what I initially said wasn't an opinion on the nature of democracy, but rather how democracy works. Errr... I'm not sure we're on the same page here.... Might be something is getting lost in translation.
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