Haredim riot in Beit Shemesh after segregation signs removed
Yair Altman
Published: 26.12.11, 00:16
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1. They shouldn't be arrested
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.11)
They should be kicked out of the country and never be allowed back in again!!
2. Haredim riot in Beit Shemesh after signs removed
Martin ,   USA   (12.25.11)
for anyone who can read hebrew that sign says nothing about segregation between men and women but simply requests visitors to enter the area modestly dressed. Whoever published this article is basing it on lies and is just inciting unnecessary slander against a polite respectful wish of a community a basic democratic request.
3. Priorities
zivron   (12.25.11)
The priority is nuclear shelters escape routes and deterrant capacity , Bus segregation is a secondry debate which the Haredim will win by creating realities.
4. Mars and Venus
Sigmund   (12.25.11)
Peres talks rubbish women will not serve enmasse in tank units not mothers who have growing children . Buttheir husnands can.
5. Martin
IlanaB   (12.25.11)
There is- more than one sign- under "taking action" is the sign about women walking on one sideof the sidewalk. Was on tv as well...
6. to number 1.
joseph ,   beit shemesh   (12.25.11)
I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that the penalty for spitting on somebody (if indeed he is guilty, but why worry about that since you already decided) is not expulsion from the country.
7. #6
John ,   Toronto Canada   (12.25.11)
I am not a lawyer but I am sure there is NO penalty for spitting on "somebody" in Israel; even an 8 year old girl may be spat on with impunity. Since I am not a lawyer I'll wait to see if anyone serves time in jail or pays a substantial fine before deciding. As an observer, the evidence so far is that no one will ever be convicted.
8. Haredi Spits on Female
David ,   Jerusalem, Israe;   (12.25.11)
Chain him to a pole and let every woman in Jerusalem spit on him.
9. If you don't want to see women..
K ,   Chicago, USA   (12.25.11)
...then either go blindfolded or in a veil. But otherwise the government should cut off all assistance to these idiots.
Commentator ,   Israel   (12.25.11)
11. Haredim Riot in Beit Shemesh
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.26.11)
Excuse me? Beit Shemesh is located in the State of Israel and therefore must obide by the law of the State of Israel.
12. #2 Martin
Stan ,   Israel   (12.26.11)
How do you know what is on all the signs YOU ARE IN USA. ?????????
13. Government assistance
Shiry ,   Holon   (12.26.11)
The Haredi interviewed for the Friday Channel 2 report said that their is no law and no State. Only Torah law. So I guess he will not mind not receiving any more government assistance from a State he does not believe in.
14. HARADIM were holy people
ITS A SHAME ,   unfortunatley london   (12.26.11)
Original haradim were strict followers of the torah who were very holy. Its a shame this extreme sect of it have to missinterpret the torah and act like thugss. Holy people should not riot and refer to fellow jews as nazis
15. Charedi problem.
Zevy ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (12.26.11)
I would like to explain my perspective on the charedi issue. The entire charedi world is riddled with a growing decline in sticking to the old Jewish tradition. More and more kids in Jewish families have the "audacity" to run away to the open and free world, leaving their parents and family heartbroken. That's where the general Jewish world splits in to 2 major ideals. Some would say, to prevent your child of leaving the holy path, don't give them the choice. Seclude them from the threat of the rest of the world. Then you have another opinion that says "the Torah wasn't given in the heavens but on this earth". This earth has challenges and obstacles that you have to overcome in order to live your life. The correct way, in my opinion, as in almost every matter is the middle way. Man has to face challenges and obstacles but on the other hand shouldn't allow everything based on this thought. Boundaries have to be made for everybody. These guys unfortunately have taken it to a radical extend.
16. Send them to prison
mea   (12.26.11)
17. Isn't Bait Shemes a refuge for divorced women
Adam ,   Clifton, NJ   (12.26.11)
American divorced women who it seems ok for them to raise children without a father which also is really discriminatory. THey brag about it on Frumster. It is a small number but still. Extremism in one direction breeds extremism in the other direction as well.
18. haredim
JOE ,   USA   (12.26.11)
are just as bad as mullah ayatollahs and salafi muslims,to ISRAEL .and they should be dealt with accordingly ,have their asses kiked. no ,i do not support women ,in manly sports,but this has nothing to do with in AMERICA, spitting on someone is definitely considered assault ,and you would get arrested ,and charges would be filed against you in a court of law ,as it should be ..personally ,if anyone spits at my mother ,sister ,or wife ,i would track him down and tear his f.....g head off ,and then stick it up his the way GOD bless ISRAEL,and save it from the ultra religious thugs, and scum.
19. #12, believe it or not some American Jews do in fact learn
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.26.11)
Hebrew. Also, he didn't say all the signs. He was referring to the sign photo provided by Reuters I would think.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.26.11)
That would be appropriate no mixing of the sexes at night
21. #6
mark ,   ca   (12.26.11)
maybe castration??:-)))
22. Haredi and Israeli Women
yoshinkan ,   New York   (12.26.11)
If the Haredim feel this way about women they should relocate to another country where the inhabitants have similar opinions. Let's see... Iran,Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan come to mind. Perhaps they would consider Gaza? It is much closer, no?
23. Torah and the Haredi
alan ,   beer sheva israel   (12.26.11)
I wonder if the Haredi learn a different torah than I have. Or perhaps my memory is going. I do not recall any spitting, separation or curtain walls when Miriam led the women in song and dance after the crossing of the Reed Sea. The Haredi do not support Israel. Why does Israel support their nonsense??
24. #2 the sign is pure fanatism
Alan ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.26.11)
Either you can't read Hebrew, did not try to read properly or are deliberately lying. The top part of the sign reads: "Women are requested: Go to the sidewalk on the other side of the road". Its pretty damn clear; something you would expect to see in Iran or other savage lands.
25. Out of Control
Washington Hts. Girl ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.26.11)
Let one of these throwbacks from the dark ages spit on me and I hope he's ready to rumble. I run with scissors. I'll have him looking like the new Matisyahu in no time!
26. I lived in beit shemesh for many years
louis ,   modiin   (12.26.11)
Beit shemesh is a beautiful city and in one area of town there are a lot of extremists. Everyone knows them as kanaim-zealots and they pride themselves on this title. These people have have tried to start brawls even with the local Belzer chassidic community and were beaten back. Quite a few of them need medication and all of the violent ones don't work learn etc and get a thrill out of various confrontation scenarios. In america there are harrasment laws, disturbing the peace, attempted assault! Throw the book at these guys and put them where they belong in prison. And please write kenaim-not chareidim- that's what they call themselves.
27. These ppl should move to Iran, they have the same mentality
Leslie ,   Ashkelon Israel   (12.26.11)
28. # 20 Separate beds
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (12.26.11)
So then they will have a pre- siesta quickie and this will solve your ban on having some nooky at night . Where there is a will there is a way!.
29. To all who recommend deportation, explusion, etc.
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.11)
Do you advocate the same punishment -- with the same fervor -- for those who set off bombs in buses and restaurants murdering and maiming innocent men, women and children?
30. Ultra-Religious?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.11)
Judaism is steeped in respect and tolerance. Look at the Ten commandments. Thou shall show respect, or thou fails to honor God, Judaism and Ourselves. Spitting on your fellow Jew, is not Ultra-Religious, it is the antithesis. Hurling stone-weapons at the very police, who risk their lives for our safety, dishonors all Jews. Let's stop defining these criminals as "religious", they are NOT! They hurt Israel, they hurt Judaism, and they harm everything that Israeli's have sacrificed so much for. This is NOT God's mission, this is not righteous; these are anti-social acts, parading as religion.
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