French tourists unsatisfied with Israel
Danny Sadeh
Published: 27.12.11, 15:06
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1. Of course: Hard to find snails, frogs legs, burlesque.......
DOH ,   Israel   (12.27.11)
and so many religious people (yuk!) But regardless.... when have French people EVER been satisfied?
2. victims of Palestinian brainwashing
manny ,   canada   (12.27.11)
I talked to Canadians who took a guided tour for French people. The price was good but they were subjected to a well orchestrated brain washing and came back hating Israel. This has been going on for many years.
3. France
M ,   Canada   (12.27.11)
People from France are never happy with anything, noses up their asses all the time so all they smell is their own type of flowers. Not to mention they are so annoying and ask a question about the stupidest details of things.
4. The important thing is WHY they were dissatisfied
Paul Singer ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.11)
It's only when you know why, the cause, that you can go about fixing it. Useless statistic otherwise.
5. french are always dissatisfied
moron ,   galut   (12.27.11)
nothing to do with israel
6. I thought it was well-known that the only place the French
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.27.11)
think is excellent is France herself. They're spoiled rotten by the cultural richness in their own country and so they poo-poo everything else.
7. A Few Questions
Rob from Virginia ,   US   (12.27.11)
I would like to know why the French , mainly, were dissatisfied? Are they generally dissatisfied everywhere they go? How many Israelis (and others) are unhappy with their experience in France?
8. Who cares?
eve ,   NY, USA   (12.28.11)
9. Ask me if I care ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.11)
... news flash: I don't. If they want a rollicking good time, they can always visit Algeria or Damascus or Teheran, right? That'll keep them jumping -- literally. Were it up to me, I'd ban non-Jewish Europeans from Israel altogether. Well, why not? It has a rather satisfactory symmetry, doesn't it? When we needed and wanted it most, we weren't allowed to go there. Ah, yes. Machiavelli was right. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Europe -- and its denizens (except for the Jews and our loyal supporters) can all go to hell in a handcart. The sooner; the better.
10. Well, let them stay home
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.11)
Given their history with the Jewish people, I REALLY don't want one little Swiss or Hungarian trotter so much as setting foot in Israel. Sorry, folks. I'm a little bit unbendable on that. Perhaps they should contemplate a visit to Babi Yar. Much more their speed, not to mention inclination. Of course, there's always Auschwitz, if the Swiss get tired of listening to cowbells and the Hungarians ever tire of explaining the difference between Buda and Pest. Not likely, although it bores the hell out of me. And yeah, I know who Attila was.
11. To: Paul at No.a 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.11)
Of course, you do realize that you are assuming a priori that someone cares about French -- or anyone else's -- dissatisfaction with Israel. Me, personally? I don't. They can stay home. We don't need their tourist euros.
12. Money
Raph ,   Paris, france   (12.28.11)
They were dissatisfied because to go to Israƫl by plane it's the same price to go to LA.
13. I am one of those Czechs..
Markos ,   Ethiopia   (12.28.11)
....very satisfied with Israel, the birthplace of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ and the homeland of the Jewish people...God bless Israel now and forevermore!
14. what about the hit and run drivers?<eom>
homer jones ,   nyc usa   (12.28.11)
15. Amen
Jason ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.28.11)
Their dissatisfaction is probably correlated to their treatment by security and immigration personnel at the airport and service received in restaurants and hotels.
Az   (12.28.11)
They're French! Aren't they obligated by French law to be snooty and pretentious as much as possible?
17. But we are French!
JVL ,   LA, USA   (12.28.11)
18. Poor service and cleanliness
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (12.28.11)
For the average european tourist service in restaurants and the quality is poor. The cities are as clean as a 3rd world city. For example: Zichron Yaacov is called by tourists "Dog Shit City", certain beaches are full with plastic garbage and unfit for children, the stacks in Hadera emitt very noxious fumes.
19. To Sarah B.
George ,   Antwerp   (12.28.11)
Usually I appreciate your tough stands when it comes to characterize our enemies but in this case I have to say you're wrong. Israel is a beautiful country to be visited and it's a nice visit card for all foreign people to bring back home if they have really enjoyed their stay. You know most international media only talk badly about Israel and so it's a good thing when tourist see that Israel is a nice country after all. May I add that the Israeli Authorities - especially at the passport controls- could be much more sympathetic and nice to all incoming travellers: I have had several times a negative impression from these passport controls and believe me: you always remember the bad experiences.
20. French Tourists
Ellen ,   Netanya/NYC   (12.28.11)
First of all Israel needs tourism. It is a major industry and the country suffered with a lack of it during the intifada years. We also need non-Jewish tourism. First of all, the country has sites holy to other religions and second of all, if we were to deny access we would be no better than some of the Arab states. I live part time in Netanya which is one of the most French cities in Israel. It wasn't like this years ago.The French come with attitude. They approach you on the street asking questions in French and get rude when you indicate you don't speak French--just English and some Hebrew. Business establishments owned by expatriate French will have signs, menus etc. ONLY in French--no English, no Hebrew! Places that are owned by Anglos may have signs in English BUT everything is also in Hebrew! I think the French will be unhappy because Israel hasn't totally bowed to them. ( although Netanya, in many ways, seems to be trying)
21. tourism in France
I would rate France the lowest (2.5 out of 5)compared to all other places in Europe,USA and Israel.The food is very monotonous,all the Hotels outside Paris close their door at 6pm and its impossible to find a place.The posh hotels in Paris either snobbishly turn you away or treat you like a second class citizen.Motorway drivers are like maniacs,people are very unhelpful and unfriendly and the countryside is flat and monotonus except for some areas in the south.The only good thing is that Paris is an impressive city with beautiful architecture.
22. Tourism
Raymond ,   Aruba   (12.28.11)
In May, I was on vacation in Israel, spectacular country, great people, service at the restaurants have much to improve, food is excellent.
23. ,,,and well, it would just be what goes around comes around.
Daniel ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (12.28.11)
Still, you're supposed to speak French in France, it's as if nobody knows English or any other language for that matter. Newsflash! France isn't the most important country it used to be! I, for one, am sick of seeing all those places around Ben Yehuda and elsewhere in the North catering to their every need and will, in French! Why should we have to speak their language, if they can't speak ours, or maybe prefer not to? I can do one major comparison though, there are people in Tel-Aviv, who are just like the people in Paris, in the idea that they can't pick up after their dogs even though it's against the law not to pick up!
24. Tel Aviv is best Mediterranean city !
Berk ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (12.28.11)
If French tourists do not agree they better stay at the Cote d'Azur.
25. Prejudiced
Freddy007 ,   Paris   (12.28.11)
From our last visit in Israel, we found that Israelis are not very friendly with French tourists even (more?) when they are jewish. We are responsible for high real estate prices, for spoiling Tel Aviv beaches, and so on. We even were almost refused the entry to Golan Heights Winery under the pretext that my translation in French of the guided tour in English would disrupt the other tourists! The good point in all this is that it proves that recollections of intifida II are lost. At that bad time, French tourists were praised. All that said, we'll come back.
26. fly Lufthansa it is much cheaper than Elal
Freddy007 ,   Paris   (12.28.11)
27. Psst...Let's keep our secret, please!
Mea   (12.29.11)
Tel Aviv is like Paris used to be, a true cafe society. Israel is an exotic garden and anybody who misses that hanse;t really spent time there. Sure aspects of it are tough. I hate the filth in some areas, and I could write a list a mile long on faults, but overall, Israel is an excellent place to vacation. The cuisine is the best in the world. The arts, stunningly affordable and excellent quality. The shopping, not gentrified. The people, straightforward, educated, healthy, and friendly. But don't tell anyone. I don't want Israel to change!
28. Sarah B #11 WRONG!
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.29.11)
Huge numbers of Israelis are employed in the tourism industry and it is a big reason for our amazingly low unemployment rate. Tourists even French can be our best ambassadors. You are wrong and your statement that we don't need tourist euros is ignorant. As they say in America, it's the economy stupid!
29. Who can like Occupiers?
Reid ,   Washington,USA   (12.29.11)
Why would a country who was once occupied by a brutal regime enjoy a visit to another country where the same exists.
30. how do u know that ?
philippe ,   tel aviv   (12.29.11)
u should be asking you why french are dissatisfied ? its the point.. there is nothing constructive in your comments....
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