Wallenberg as role model
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 28.12.11, 00:51
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1. Saving jews, too few to mention
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.28.11)
Why admire R.W more in Israel than other countries? Just a limited number of jews were smuggled into the white busses. Not enough to even be mentioned. According to danish historian Hans Sode-Madsen, the white busses were also used to transport prisoners between nazi-camps. It is right many people were saved, but the destiny of jews alone did mean nothing for R.W.
2. An apology
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.28.11)
I have just made a talkback of Roul Wallenberg, just concentrating on the white busses. At least Raoul Wallenberg saved more than 100.000 jews all together and deserve to be remembered as a HERO. I apology for not presenting the whole story with correct numbers.
3. The greatest hero of Humankind !
Sheila   (12.28.11)
Raoul Wallenberg-The greatest hero of Humankind disappeared on January 17th 1945. No-one in the history of mankind has saved so many human lives!!! The Jewish people owes him an eternal gratitude !!!When will we have a school in Israel named after this role model whose sacrifice embodies the highest manifestation of human values ?!!!
4. Iron ore
Zivron   (12.28.11)
The Swedes in WW 2 did take in Jews it cannot be denied if Ron Paula USA.would have helped them they could have refused the iron ore blackmail also Ron Paula USA provided oil to Japan even after the rape and murder of NANKING
5. wallenberg
claus binoun ,   mevasseret   (12.28.11)
To remember raoul wallenbeg is surely important and honourable . However what is with persons like: Carl Lutz,the swiss vice consul in Budapest and his wife Trudi, Angelo Rotta, the Apostolic nuncio of the Vatican; Angel Sanz Briz, the Spanish Minister; later followed by Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian businessman working at the Spanish embassy; and Friedrich Born, the Swiss delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross, All those people helped to rescue thousands of jews in Budapest.
6. disgusting disgusting disgusting
Brian   (12.28.11)
Gerstenfeld wants to USE Mr Wallenburg for his own ends. How much more self-serving can you get. ? Look at his true motive for ''honoring'' Wallenburg.... ''Beyond his historical merits, Wallenberg’s story could become increasingly important nowadays for several reasons. One is the contrast between him and many of today’s human rights activists'..''
7. Well, you know ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.11)
... the only reason the Nazis never invaded Sweden is because they never had to. Can anyone spell "Alex Wenner Gren?" Raoul Wallenberg was a hero. The best thing the Swedish ever produced. What a pity that the rest of the Swedish people were Nazi collaborators and scoundrels. And yet -- to this day -- they DARE to tell the Jews how to behave. Sweden is a land of drunkards, sex maniacs, and -- in Malmo, at least -- rapists and other assorted Moslem murderes and criminals. Good riddance, Sweden. You have far outlived your usefulness to civiilization. Good-bye.
8. Education is the key
Nechama Rubinovsky ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.11)
"Olle Wästberg, the coordinator of next year’s Wallenberg memorial project, recently mentioned on TV that Wallenberg is less known in Sweden than in countries such as Argentina, Canada, Israel and the United States" One of the reasons Wallenberg is wiedely known in Argentina, Canada, Israel and the States is due to the blessed work carried out by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (www.raoulwallenberg.net) in those countrries. They focus on research and documentation of saviors's stories and on education, instilling the feats of Wallenberg and his likes to the young generations..
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