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'World should bomb Syria'
Orly Azoulay
Published: 28.12.11, 13:27
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1. Israel : A Neighbor In Need !
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.11)
Those rebelling Syrians remind me of the Lebanese Phalangists who managed to nudge Israel into invading Lebanon and besieging Beirut in1982 just to rid Lebanon of the much-abhorred PLO which was a state within a state . One decade earlier , in summer 1971 , when fighting broke out again in Jordan between the PLO and King Hussein's army, more than ninety PLO " armed elements " preferred to cross River Jordan and take refuge in Israel rather than surrender to their moslem arab Jordanian brethren ! So, was that treason or a very wise decision ? Well, there is no clear, fine line that distiguishes treason from wisdom !
2. getting Israel to do it would be a good idea for the west
zionist forever   (12.28.11)
It would actually be smart to get Israel to do the dirty work as long as the operation is FUNDED by other countries & there were some political or military rewards in it for Israel as a secret payment for doing the job they didn't want to do for domestic political reasons. For Israel the benefits are it gets to chose the sites to be bombed and once Assad is eventually gone the Syrian's will remember Israel as the country that intervened on their behalf whilst the rest of the world stood back and did nothing. The only problem is not would it be a foreign funded Israeli air war be a good idea or not because in theory just what Israel needs to increase its standing in the eyes of the arabs and to get back that deterent that was lost through the mishandling of Lebanon. Th only real problem for Israel though is if Assad falls who will replace him and so could we be bombing Assad out of office and replacing him with islamists.
3. Bla bla..your story does not stick!
Sam ,   Atlanta, US   (12.28.11)
NO ONE can escape Syrian prisons!!
4. Brave and impressive - good luck
S ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
I am impressed by these two brave men. I wish them luck liberating their country. I also don't understand why the US got involved in Lybiia but is pretty quiet about Syria...Anybody have an explanation??
5. Bomb Syrian people to free them? they will hate Jews forever
they won't blame U.S   (12.28.11)
Let the 53 rich Arab and Moslem states help each other for once. by bombing Syria or whatever they want. the day after freedom they will start attacking Israel. They won't ever hate other Arabs. They forgave Assad right after killing 20000 people 18 years ago.
6. bombing Syria #4
R Harris ,   London   (12.28.11)
In terms of moronic analysis, I give you a piece of cake. You think that your secret desire to see Israel bomb Syria would be viewed as a favour or good deed by anyone on earth apart from a few Arabophobe Yisrael Beitenu-niks and the usual bunch of Israeli psychotic militaristic morons. If you think for a second that the demonstrators in Syria wish to be helped by Israel, think again. Look at the trouble that group of Israeli women caused by posing naked in support of the Egyptian blogger who posted her naked picture. She was mortified to be supported by a group of no-brain Israeli women and her credibility plummeted. Your analysis is actually claptrap and I suggest you stay seated in your armchair
7. Syria
me ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
It's sad that the world can sit back and this country is being massacred. Why is it no one helps them?? They help everyone else and send funding for disaster why can't they help to save lives and a country.......
8. #4
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (12.28.11)
Why did the US join in the attack on Libya and has not sought an attack on Syria? In Libya, the US had the backing of the Arab League and the French and British were fully onboard (in fact, they were leading.) One of the (many) lessons learned from Iraq is not to take military action without broad international support. Besides, the internal situation in Libya favored outside intervention. This is not the case in the much more chaotic Syria where the opposition is not nearly as organized--or as powerful. While it's hard not to feel for the many Syrians who want to rid themselves of their oppressive government, the answer is not Western military intervention. The "West" has its own problems and undertaking another dubious war is a huge risk. While some in Syria would welcome outside military intervention, many more would oppose this force. Some who favored the US to get involved would turn against it once the government was defeated. In short, it would be a thankless, high-risk task that could cost the US and its allies dearly. The answer is to continue to pressure Russia and China so the UN can take the lead (and the International Criminal Court can begin investigations.) This is hardly a perfect solution, but the best in a situation with no good options.
9. Arab countries are the ones who should bomb syria
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
They should rush to help their arab brothers and free them from the fascist regime.
10. #1 Don't take a chance
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.28.11)
We supported the Shiites in South Lebanon against the invasive PLO: they grew to Hezbollah. We supported the Islamists in Gaza against the self styled marxist PLO: they turned into Hamas. What sort of Frankenstein monster would we create in Syria?
11. #4 - answer to your question
Maurice ,   Montreal   (12.28.11)
The reason Nato can not attack Syria like they did in Libya, is two fold: 1. The "evil" Russian government is against it, and the west is scared of its reaction to an attack (Russia is the largest supplier of oil and gas to Europe). 2. If Syria is attacked Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah rockets would start falling over Israel and a huge war may start.
12. Wait a minute.
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/NY   (12.28.11)
I know this is irrevelant but if it is illegal to contact Israelis, shouldn't they he arresting the people who met the Israeli mk?
13. #4. S: Don't you know?
Tom ,   USA   (12.28.11)
Syria is a (Soviet)/Russian protectorate since the war of '67. Russia has a port at Tartus, Syria is armed with Russian hardware. After the NATO attack on Libya Putin expressed his grievances at the West and let it be known that Syria as off limit. These facts are covered up by the media for reasons not explained clearly. An observation worth to mentioning is that Russia-China are major players in the M.E. yet the West completely ignore their influences as if there were none. People in the West kept in the dark by the media.
14. This country was on the UN security counsel.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.28.11)
SHAME on the UN and the countries that support this evil regime.
15. Why Libya and not Syria?
Moshe Pesach geller ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (12.28.11)
First of all, no country does anything except for self-interest. Lybia has oil, Syria doesn't. Forget about the U.N. They aren't united and it's full of despotic nations. What is revealing to me is that in a short time there are twice the number of fatalities at the hands of the Syrian Government than all Palestinian fatalities since 1948. Where are all the voices in the world of the left about that?
16. Prophecy
tikvah ,   Canada   (12.28.11)
"The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." ~Isaiah 17:1 Praying for the Syrian people seeking freedom from this evil.
17. Why should the world bomb Syria?
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.28.11)
UN is biased by islam, and as long as muslems fight muslems, and both are yelling "allah akbar" then they are agreed to go on fighting, helping each other into martyrdom. Fortunately there are no more than about 200 jews in syria, after beeing killed in thousans after 1947..hopefully they are able to evacuate now after beeing held back for years by the government. And Israel should definately not bomb Syria. Let the devil continue his work in between his followers...
18. #2 Syrian's will remember Israel - No they will not
not_me (may be you?) ,   out there   (12.28.11)
>once Assad is eventually gone the >Syrian's will remember Israel as the >country that intervened on their >behalf no, they won't. Do not assign your cultural habits to them. They do not practice gratitude willfully, they practice practicality, that is once they grab power they will not rush for returning favor, instead they more likely go for more i.e. return of Golan, providing refuge for al quada, taking Saudi money and more. There is a good reason Saudi do not invest in them at this point. One can bet they know what they are doing. The right strategy is tat-for-tat, with immediate verifiable returns, instead of long term promise. He quite correctly confirmed this point, saying that once Americans bombed a non-sulafist Kaddaffi, they _should_ bomb, in his view, a non-sulafist Assad. Gratitude is the expression of weakness in his opinion. Demands are not.
19. Prophecy 2 (#16)
John ,   Colorado, US   (12.28.11)
The fufillment of Isaiah 17 is going to come to pass very soon. Here's why under three different scenarios. If Israel attacks Iran, Iran will use its proxies to retaliate, or Iran could stage a preemptive attack using its proxies. If the UN or NATO intervene in Syria, Assad will bomb Tel Aviv with both conventional & chemical munitions. Assad doesn't want to end up like Gaddafi, so what does he have to loose. Either way, we are closing in fast on the end. Read your Bibles.
20. Can you say... 'Arab Union'
Jeffrey ,   Texas, US   (12.28.11)
Remember when the British promised Arabs a united independent Arab state... Well... It is happening.
21. Syria lost the Golan
jsm   (12.29.11)
Syria lost the Golan. Get used to it. State it publicly and you will receive Israeli and Jewish support.
22. Have you all lost your minds?! Why on Earth are you suddenly
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.29.11)
so invested in Syrian people's well-being? -Still having "Paris of 68'' images in front of your eyes? A "Spring" ? It is a blessed thing and unless you really are in pain for every human life lost (I suggest you talk to God & Mother Nature first, since they are the main offenders) you should just shut up! Unless you're like the "grieving" North Koreans....? The Arab Train has left the station and there are only bad things for us in the future, so anything that weakens them is good.
23. The Reason America isnt involved in Syria
DK ,   America   (12.29.11)
to add to the 13th comment America wont attack Syria cause there is nothing there for them. Libya has oil, Kosovo has natural resources and a drug route for Al-Quida/the albanians, which america supports cause its lining the pockets of the politicians. also Serbs were defiant against an american funded pipe line through Serbia. Russia had multiple opportunities to launch a defensive against america in serbia but they didnt, so the citizens did it themselves. Russia will only retaliate against america if they are directly targeted but america is afraid to do so.
24. because jews/israel not involved the socialist intellectual
ralph   (12.29.11)
elitist leftist do not give a damn. have israel bomb assad and voom boy will you hear it from the eu, un and our dear friend obama. so until then you poor buggers you will continue to be killed and no one will give a damn.
25. World should bomb Syria
Radly ,   Amsterdam   (12.29.11)
What an unbelievable lies in this article!! This article means a big danger for the Syrian people. Really discusting to write this!
26. Stop America interfering in everything
Lala ,   Netherlands   (12.29.11)
Why do Americans think the world is supporting them in their mission to take over Arab countries? To my European and Arab friends Americans are the dumbest, most ignorant idiots on earth. Even some of my American friends are ashamed... I'm so happy to not be American!!!
27. #26 What's really ignorant...
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (12.29.11) someone who thinks that the US wants to "take over" Syria. No American wants this. And it was Europeans (the French and British) who led the attack on Libya. Are you confused that this article came from some US official? Or are you just confused?
28. World Should Bomb Syria
Ethel ,   USA   (12.29.11)
Rahim and Amar have bought into the myth that Jews/Israel control all so they are talking nice lies hoping Israel will help them depose Assad. A new government in Syria, with the Rahims and Amars will be just as hostile to Israel as the present one. Let the Syrians and the Arabs fight their own battles--it is up to them to prove they are friends of Israel. As if that will happen in our lifetime. Meanwhile Israel should stay on top of the Golan, which is historically theirs, forever.
29. #4
The Bald Scotsman ,   Medford,NY   (01.16.12)
The Libyans have oil. The Syrians don't
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