Female soldier: Haredi called me a 'slut'
Yair Altman
Published: 28.12.11, 15:09
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1. Nothing important happened today?
Doug ,   U.S.   (12.28.11)
2. 180 degrees
David   (12.28.11)
So is this what it has come to: a section of the community who took no part in the establishment of the State of Israel and in parts opposed it now feel free to abuse the brave boys and particularly girls who give the best years of their lives by way of army service for the defence of that state? Is that Ben Gurion or Herzl who I hear spinning in his grave?
3. Disgusting behaviour ....
Ivan ,   South Africa   (12.28.11)
This haredi male should be made to pay a heavy fine and ordered to give the young army girl an written apology for his behaviour on public transport.
4. She serves her country...what does he do?
Scott ,   Haifa   (12.28.11)
5. Just wondering....
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.28.11)
Did the man learn what a slut is at home or in some strip club?
6. I really hope they start with me
Talula ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
They will rue the day they were born.
7. Make saudi arabia look like heaven for women
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
8. perverting the jewish religion
Helen ,   USA   (12.28.11)
They are all sex perverts. That is what they are telling us since they find it so difficult to look at women.
9. #7 Not so fast Rami. You should go to Saudi Arabia and check
before throwing garbage here. We may have our own problems, but we are far, VERY far from being Saudi Arabia - even for women! So take your garbage out of here and keep it in yiour mouth, where it belongs. Alternatively, why won't you move your pathetic inciting ass to the Saudi Arabia "heaven"? I guess it's better there than in Israeli "hell", eh?
10. This is the haredi version of "Juden raus!". Disgusting!
We must stop it immediately and decisively!
11. 6-That's it Talua; make him do a 10-100
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.28.11)
Good to see you on the board again.
12. Shame on the despicable perp.
Very angry   (12.28.11)
First the bus driver should be commended...everything he/she did was proper. The government's 'milquetoasty' approach permits the incessant, uncivilized, undemocratic harassment by fanatics of others who do not share their worldview; this cannot be allowed to continue! Civil and/or criminal laws with stringent penalties against such perps. need to be passed AND enforced against these extremists who are real Talibans except in name. The actions of these perps. are against Halacha...there is no leeway on this subject, yet rabbinical condemnations evidently don't suffice to put an end to such egregious behaviour. That is where secular laws with REAL teeth need to be applied to put an end to these frequent scandals. If the perps. don't like it they can either go to jail/pay the penalties or leave Israel...NO ONE would miss them, quite the contrary it would be "good riddance to bad rubbish"... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
13. its a good thing that me & me red coat don't take buses....
BBG ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
because if I took a bus and such a thing were to happen to me...I do know exactly what would happen to this young fool! and truly it wouldn't be pretty!
14. Why did a soldier need to pay for a public bus ride?
Israel   (12.28.11)
15. Isrtael # 14 . She has to show her militarey ID card
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.28.11)
not to pay as is wrongly stated i think .
16. Strange...
shua ,   jerusalem   (12.28.11)
I live in Neve Yaakov and take the 49A all the time. From what I have seen (a few times) when these idiots open their traps (they are hassidic men), the rest of the men tell them to shut up. This guy has got a real carrot up his rear. BTW if she was going from Machane Nechemia (the base in Neve Yaakov) to the main Jerusalem base, why would she take a 49A? The 25 and 45 get much closer and have more room.
17. Where did I go wrong???
Shayna Lightman   (12.28.11)
I travel on buses inside Jerusalem at least 3 times a week - right through hareidi areas. I sit near the front on the majority of occasions yet I have NEVER been asked to move, despite times when the bus was 95% men.
18. Big deal
Dan ,   Brooklyn   (12.28.11)
You people obviously never took a bus ride in Brooklyn, so someone called a girl a slut? big deal, happens hundreds of times a day in city's around the world. Arrest a guy for using the word slut?! freedom of speech anyone?
19. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.11)
Coming from Brooklyn as you do, you may not appreciate the distinction, but there is quite a bit of difference between freedom of speech and license or hate speech. To borrow from Justice Homes, you may speak freely, but you may NOT shout "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. That's license, not free speech. And hate speech should never be confused with free speech. Get an education. You may wish to start by moving out of Brooklyn. If what you describe is commonplace in Brooklyn, why would you want to live there, anyway?
20. She was pushed off the bus during olmert and livni's govt
jason ,   haifa israel   (12.28.11)
But media said nothing then. These nuts are fanatics but there is no way to control each and every person when there are millions. Even in the u.s you have segregated buses in brooklyn. The lady on the bus who started this weeks ago did is a political activist who didn't go on the bus when livni was in power. Then you have livni who allowed her face to be wiped out on haredi advertisements for kadima. This is a media attempt and kadima attempt to say look how radical things are when they have been this radical forever.
21. Liar livni authorized her face blacked out on haredi ads
jason ,   haifa israel   (12.28.11)
Yet she now blames the govt when she authorized her face be blacked out on kadima ads targeting haredi community. What utter hypocrisy and now livni is saying how she is a great woman leader. The media will keep using this until they get their obama ass kissing livni in power. Every day a haredi says something it will be broadcast nationwide to make it look like israel is iran and to give us livni as prime minister.
22. Give it a rest already
zionist forever   (12.28.11)
We know there is a problem with a small number of haredi who are becoming radicalized but I get the feeling right now everybody wants to be the known as a haredi victim or championing women's rights against these evil people. Is it really newsworthy if some idiot calls a female soldier a slut? Instead of seculars rising up to counter the haredi threat instead they should be looking for compromises with these people to create as little friction as possible while both being free to live according to their own culture. On a small number of busses that travel in busy haredi neighborhoods then offer segregated busses because haredi women like the idea of segregation just as much as the men. The majority of the busses on those routes will still be regular ones though and no segregation of any kind on national busses. Neither haredi or seculars have a right to impose their culture onto the other so compromises must be made by both sides. Also please no more stories of individual experiences unless its a little bit more newsworthy then calling somebody a slut.
23. #18, in the US free speech doesn't apply in cases where the
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.28.11)
things a person says to another cause them deep emotional distress. I don't know how things work in Israel, but clearly the law is strciter about such things.
24. A few under-cover stings would put an end to this
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.28.11)
In many US cities, for example, cops will dress as easy targets to trap muggers and "johns", then arrest them. A few lady cops riding the buses with under-cover backups could then arrest these troglodytes for assault. Those of similar mind would soon enough have to wonder if the "slut" they were insulting might be a cop.
25. TBers 23 and 19 say the same thing but 23 says it nicely....
watcher ,   Israel   (12.28.11)
take note 19. Learning about posting polite TBs would be a very good lesson for you to learn! I am sure you have heard or read the following adage: "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!" and to TBer 23 I've been reading you and enjoy your polite and courteous well thought out posts....thank you, Sir.
26. Ok Then..
jon Landes ,   Melbourne Australia   (12.28.11)
Men to the back! Sounds like a fair outcome,
27. While working as a security guard at
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.28.11)
a hara-di grade school,I too heard the little bastards curse female soldiers. The soldiers male and female were cleaninng up the street in font of the school.The students called the females "zonot" and "shamoutot". I told the students the only zonot werre their mothers,grandmothers and sisters. This hara-di should have his tongue ripped out and have the female memers of his family paraded nude through the streets.That should be the penalties givn out to these worthless POSs. Why do we subsidize our enemies to breed and someday take over our Jewish country. Remove them now from Israel!
28. Wait one second
shua ,   jerusalem   (12.28.11)
I just got filled in on who this person is, I know him very well. I highly doubt he did anything more than ask her politely to move. From what people from the bus are saying the Egged Pakach made the stink and called the police. How does anyone know that he called her a slut or a shiksa. This media frenzy is real BS. Why the hell does she need to pay or show ID. Every soldier knows that on a 49 you can get on the back and the driver won't ask for ID. Besides the pakach was on the bus, he would see her ID card. I do feel bad for her and she isn't a slut, she is just stupid. Tomorrow we are going to hear from her boyfriend that the hareidi guy also told her she is a pig, and achmadenijad's sister. Get real all you TBers, is there any real proof about the name calling? I guess the next time I hear a guy call a girl "Ya Zonah" I'll just call the police too.
29. Rude but no Crime
TSB ,   Clifton, NJ USA   (12.28.11)
What the man did was rude, but hardly a crime. What is really strange is this statement of the father: "When she called me, she was in tears. You must remember that she's just a girl," he recounted. Umm, I though she was supposed to be a soldier? She breaks down in tears because some jerk on the bus calls her a slut (or shiksa)? What will this "soldier" do if facing enemy fire or, God forbid, captured by the enemy? That would make a jerk calling you a slut on the bus look like a picnic. (And, BTW, if someone calls me a "Dirty Dos" can that be reported to the police? Or does sensitivity only work one way?)
30. #25, thanks; though I do find some of the talkbacks on this
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.28.11)
site to be very amusing. Mostly the ones that fall on the extreme ends of the political spectrum. Sarah's posts have a lot of actual content though whereas many others are insults towards either other talkbackers or the subject of the article without any actual substance. The latter kind of dissuade one from posting rude comments.
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