AG takes on women's exclusion
Aviad Glickman
Published: 28.12.11, 21:10
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1. Jews excluding Jews goes against everything Judaism..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.28.11)
...stands for. Our philosophy and religion preaches peace and tolerance for people in general and for our countrymen in particular and that includes Jewish women. It is a scandal that women of our people are discriminated against because of their sex. No sane religion or philosophy would allow that. No sane, decent and moral person would accept that. No sane democracy would tolerate that. And I have a strong feeling that if God exists, He too wouldn't approve of that. Do these individual religious fanataics really hate women that much? What about their mothers that gave birth to them? I feel disgusted that this goes on in my country. Jews should never again fear persecution and tyranny - neither from goyim nor from fellow Jews - neither for ethnic reasons - that anti-Semites hate the Jewish people, for political reasons - that non-Jews persecute Jews or that Jews themselves persecute each other for political reasons, and finally not for gender reasons either. Religious fanatics do not represent God - they CLAIM they represent God - big difference. And if it is so horrible that there are two genders - then why did God create two genders? Exclusion offenders should be prosecuted in a court room. Enough is enough.
2. In the footprints of Islam....
ace ,   san francisco, ca   (12.28.11)
no need to elabortae,
3. I hope the new law
Sagi   (12.28.11)
will apply to the Western Wall, which is not a synogogue by any stretch of the imagination, and the disgraceful practice of separating women from men at this national heritage site will stop once and for all. I am so ashamed of these strange people, they disgust me.
4. When?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.28.11)
Glad to see that there is 'talk' of making gender segregation a felony but will be happier IF and when it becomes a law.
5. "escalated to the point.............."
ray ,   USA   (12.29.11)
rediculous statement, why is everybody going so meshuga because of a single or handful of ediots, More importantly why don't sane persons realize that FORCING RELIGIOUS MEN TO LISTEN TO WOMEN SING amount is absolutely ANTI-RELIGIOUS COHERSION? where are all "fair minded geniouses" on this?
6. You are the power
Alex ,   USA   (12.29.11)
You..... people of Israel are the deciding factor, when the Western Wall will exclude segregation. You are the ones.who can say: " This Holly Place " will be shared equally amongst the ones who wants to worship. Without partitions, without any kind of segregation. After all it is a public place, and not owned by the ultra orthodox, fanatics. .
7. Maybe, just maybe, the radical crazies are now in trouble.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.29.11)
8. Leave The Haredim Alone
Former Zionist ,   Earth   (12.29.11)
What a bunch of hypocrites you Israeli hilonim are. The two most blatant areas of sex discimination in Israel are: 1. Death discrimination in which deaths defending the country are overwhelmingly male 2. Dvorce discrimination in which you screw divorcing fathers because they're male. Next to this, Sikriki offenses are small beer. The real problem is, you're anti-Semites. I'm secular but tomorrow will make a contribution to Aguda.
9. #2
Jerome ,   Philadelphia, USA   (12.29.11)
Ace your hostility to the Jews is blinding you to the story you are reading. In what Islamic country did the Prime Minister - of the dominant right wing party, by the way, and religious authorities across the spectrum, condemn the exclusion of women? In Islamic countries the exclusion of women is the law, which is imposed by the religious extremists who are being answered in Israel. In Islamic countries, however, it's a little different -- the religious extremists ARE the government. Wake up.
10. Matityahoo (Haraidim) War Had Begun
Eliyahoo Navi LaShem ,   USA   (12.29.11)
Matityahoo (haraidim) war has begun against the mityavnim (secular) this Hanukah 5772. GO AHEAD FULL FORCE.
11. Herd them back to the cages they escaped from, I say!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.29.11)
12. disgusting
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.29.11)
Suddenly Weinstein cares about "women's exclusion"? Where was the AG and the High Court the past 20 years when the same Haredim were doing the same "exclusion" but also helped Rabin, Peres, Barak, Sharon and Olmert rule? And while the AG will draw up special draconian and undemocratic laws to "protect" the few hundred Haredi women who are allegedly being humiliated, will he keep ignoring the fate of the thousands of Muslim women who suffer real "exclusion" including violence, death and denial of rights? And what about the thousands of women held as sex slaves in Israel? Is Weinsten so busy in Bet Shemesh that he can't make it to Ramat Gan?
13. #9...what hostility??
ace ,   san fran   (12.30.11)
Are you blind?? Cant you see that is very similar to Taliban ? Next thing you know women cant drive in Israel, like saudi arabia!! Cant anyone post a comment about Israel or jews WITHOUT being called anti semetic??!! So I understand that you are with segregation then.. No wonder Hillary Clinton couldnt shut up... DEMOCRACY MY FOOT.... After Israel turned to another apartheid country, you are becomming a sexist country too.. BRAVO.. show the world your real face...the flip coin of Islam..
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