Bulldozing Jewish history
Giulio Meotti
Published: 29.12.11, 09:09
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1. Talk
Sam M ,   UK   (12.29.11)
All this talk is fine as it goes but the only thing that ultimately matters is to build in all parts of Jerusalem and present the BDS liars and the rest of the 'international community with a fait accompli. Encouraging signs recently with a number of statements that this Israeli government is ready to state firmly where the line is drawn regarding Israel's internal affairs. Tell these muppets to go and get stuffed!!
2. Everyone knows this issue shall be dealt with
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.29.11)
and probably not too long after the Iran issue is wrapped up.
3. Meotti's clarity is unique
Mark Danon ,   NY   (12.29.11)
4. the waqf scares Israeli politicans more than Iran with nukes
zionist forever   (12.29.11)
The Israeli governments ( left & right wing ) are terrified of the Waqf. That's why nobody lifts a finger to stop the destruction on Temple Mount and why both Olmert & Bibi caved in at the last minute over the Mughabri Bridge. When the Waqf talks tough Israeli governments hide. I don't know why we even play the game of saying Israel has sovereignty over Jerusalem because that sovereignty only stretches as far as the Waqf allow it until they make threats. If the Waqf declared the Azrieli Mall to be a Muslim holy place and Jews are not allowed in there then the government would say Azrieli is off limits to non Muslims. Its just a shame that Eshkol took advice from Dyan rather than the late Lubavetcher Rebbe who in 1967 advised him to accidentally drop a bomb on the mosque, we were already at war so wasn't going to start a new one and we were winning. He also advised Eshkol to give the arabs in Jerusalem 24 hours to sell their property to the government for a pittance & get out of town whilst the arabs were afraid of what Israel MIGHT do to them but again sadly Eshkol didn't listen but if he did non of today's problems would exist. Until we have a government that's willing to stand up to the Waqf maffia the only places that are holy to Jews are ones the Waqf specifically designates as being holy to Jews.
5. I agree with you completely.....
SE ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
Unfortunately most Jews really don't care about the Temple Mount like the Arabs do. To the leftists like Moshe Dayan and Ehud Barak it is worthless real estate. Rabbis in Israel won't touch it with a 10 foot pole and rabbis in chutz la'aretz are too busy making money to care. It had some historical importance but now... who cares (typical feeling). We Jews have noone to blame but ourself. How HaShem views this shameful behavior is yet to be seen.
6. If war, REMOVAL Magnet Buildings Temple Mount ESSENTIAL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.29.11)
7. Israel and Jews have 3 problems:
Shame on us ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
1) Lack of identity 2) Lack of faith in HaShem 3) Lack of COURAGE The combination of these three is KILLING US
8. For oil, the West will agree Jslm is Budhist cradle
Alan ,   SA   (12.29.11)
9. shame
yael pedhatzur ,   meitar, Israel   (12.29.11)
shame on us for allowign this to happen. Shame on the Jewsh people around the world who would rather deny their heritage than deal with conflict. shame on those gentiles who know the truth yet keep silent for the same reason. Moshe Dayan was an idiot!!!
10. Holy AlQuds is not for grabs
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.29.11)
Every stone is Arab, Muslim, Christian property!
11. why
ben Ish   (12.29.11)
not one stone left upon another, and yet still no honor for the name. this is why throughout all the land another name is proclaimed 4x a day.
12. Reality
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.29.11)
First crime, dayan gave the temple mount to the muslims after the 6 day war. Second crime, successive israeli governments ignored muslim actions destroying the historical jewish presense on the temple mount. Third crime heloni, Israelies do not care one wit about the temple mount, Jerusalem or Judaism.
13. #10 I couldn't have said it any better
Seed of Hymie   (12.29.11)
except it's already been grabbed, and returned to it's rightful owners. Enjoy al-Aqsa while it's still around.
14. It's a tragedy that the Waqf is allowed free reign over the
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.29.11)
Temple Mount. All is not lost though. There's a dig that carefully excavates the piles from the last little renovation they made. The objects may be completely out of context, but we know that they came from the Mount at least. I don't adhere to the ideas about the patriarch sites as I don't know of any archaeological proof that the patriarchs ever existed. However, it's obvious that Jews set up these places as holy sites and that's how they should be treat. You shouldn't have Palestinian Muslim claim-jumpers running around slapping new labels on things.
15. #10
Jane   (12.29.11)
YOU are Arab property. Jerusalem is Jewish.
16. terrific article
Assi Dagan ,   US   (12.29.11)
History and soul have been stolen from Israel
17. Temple Mount is not for grabs.
Donal ,   West of Ireland   (12.29.11)
Sorry Nour. Bad news for you. There exists not one Arabic or Muslim stone in that holy site. Newcomers cannot pretend to be natives with a heritage. Get with the programme please.
18. Israel bulldozed Arab history in Palestine
Arabi   (12.29.11)
Moshe Dayan once said every israeli town and village had an Arab name. After 1948, Akka became Akko, Yaffa became Jaffa, Beer sebaa became Beersheva and so on. We lived in the land longer than the jews. But jews did live in the land and we dont deny that. We lived continously more than any other peoples.
19. Typical
Tejas ,   India   (12.29.11)
In India most of the mosques are built after destroying temples. The pattern seems same everywhere in the world.
20. # 10 and # 18: The Temple of Israel
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (12.29.11)
is not for grab by muslims or any other religion or entity. It was jewish, it is jewish and will remain jewish. If you muslims need a religious place then go to Mekka or to Medina.
21. #18, not so. Our people have always lived on the land.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.29.11)
Since before recorded history we lived there. The people we make the earliest known connection to are the Canaanites. From them came the Israelites and Judahites and then from the Judahites came the Jews. This doesn't come from a holy book though. This is what the archaeology shows. During the Babylonian Exile, Judahites remained though they were later declared goyim by the new Jews. Even after the Roman Exile from Jerusalem there were still Jews in the Holy Land. Jews have always been there in some number and form or another. This fact.
22. Israel should ban entry of all those who deny our rights
A proud Jew ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.11)
on Har Habayit. Every international organisation that denies our rights should have the Israeli offices and representatives closed down. We have no room to maneavor over false claims
23. Sorry Arabi (#18)
marvls   (12.29.11)
You're wrong on all counts. Be'er Sheva (not Beer seeba) is mentioned in our Torah, in Genesis. Yaffo (not Yaffa) is mentioned in the Book of Jonah, the port where he sailed from. Akko (not Akka) is discussed in our Mishnah. All of these predate Islam and the Arab conquests which brought you to our Jewish land. The Arabic names you list are just translations of the Jewish ones. Btw, al Quds is tranaslation of Ir HaKodesh - the Jewish description of Yerushalayim
24. islamic ursupators
Maximilian Teusch ,   FL   (12.29.11)
the only reason muslim claim Israel as their own land is that once, about a thousand years ago, they won a war against jews and crusaders. Well, thats whot they claim, but Jews and the western world do not agree. It is inacceptable that palestinians, who did not even exist 50 years ago, can claim Israel or Jerusalem. There was never ever an entity such as paestine.
25. BALANCE=BIG ISRAEL, secular/traditional, Temple Mount EMPTY.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.29.11)
26. The world allows it because ISRAEL allows it!
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.29.11)
Dayan's decision to grant the Waqf authority over the Temple Mount - despite Jewish claims to the site - will forever be marked as one of Israel's most egregious mistakes of the last half century, right alongside the Oslo Accords. As to Meotti's insistence that the world "should not allow Arab efforts" to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, where have Israel's leaders been since 1967. Netanyahu was in charge when the Waqf undertook those massive construction projects under the Temple Mount and allowed them to build a mosque in Solomon's Stables. And it was his police that allowed trucks full of diggings to pass unmolested on their way to the dumps. One can't expect the world to stand up for our claims and our history if Israel itself won't.
27. to 7
the fourth is -lack of fortune but it is not problem it is lack of ....
28. Peres quote: "It is our responsibility and obligation that..
Duplicity ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
every religion has freedom of worship in Israel and to ensure that every religious person can pray to his God, have access to holy places and enjoy equal rights..." Obviously he means for EVERYBODY EXCEPT JEWS!!! What a bunch of crap. What a hypocrite. The Jewish people can not even go to our MOST holy place and if we wish to pray there we are thrown in jail by Israeli police. Peres only believes in rights for non-Jews!!!!!!!
29. Fair Distribution
zivron   (12.29.11)
Islam does not need all of eretz yisroel its twenty five thousand square kilometres and needs to be the jewish iron clad secure sanctuary and deterrant defense. The Holy Basin can be Internationalized its even smaller in area than eretz yisroel.
30. If there was no Jewish history
BH ,   Iowa   (12.29.11)
The waqf wouldn't be working day and night to destroy it.
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