Symbol of struggle against fanatic haredim returns to school
Omri Efraim
Published: 29.12.11, 10:19
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1. Harideem greater threat to Israel than Iran
Gadi ,   Haifa   (12.29.11)
2. blown out of proportion - I think not.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.29.11)
I saw the interview of the haredim on the news - especially the one in the car. His mind was full of bias and hatred for Israel and Israelis. I saw how as a group they spewed hatred at anyone not of their own kind. Just the flag issue is enough evidence for me. More evidence is their behavior to women in general and their zero tolerance for anyone not following their specific laws.
3. Apologies
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (12.29.11)
I do apologize, but thou I agree that the media made out of this a circus, I understand that this girls father, alone or with some of his friends, should have searched for the person who spit on his daughter and explain to him what a broken nose is. I have no doubt that a grown up person who gets hot by an 8 year old girl is not a zealot but a sick person, with no faith at all nor principles nor values.
4. Not Haredim
Abe ,   Bet Shemesh   (12.29.11)
These are not Haredim, these are the Arab loving NK
5. One battle won - the hardi Rabbis "keep away from the school
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.29.11)
One Battle has been won. Chardi Rabbis sort of admit that what's happening at the school is wrong, and not to be protested about. What Chardim do in their own areas... I'm not so sure I want to impose my standards on them.
6. dear Na'ama Margolis
ale ,   italia   (12.29.11)
there is not peace if haredi fanatism is basement of israel. democracy only for jewish. city for haredi, city where womans are discriminated, modesty buses and patrol...... it's israeli way..... fanatic way. dear Na'ama are u anti-semite?? israelis call me anti-semite, just becouse i write that in israel is there a gender discrimination.... it's true?
7. Correct #3...maybe it is time
rachel ,   chutz4now home again   (12.29.11)
to get more religious people not only speaking out but acting out. if this sweet little girl was my daughter or grand daughter...i would be organizing action against the child abuser and making sure his face was posted every where. too bad the "good/bad" old days of public shaming have gone. surely there is public law to protect children?
8. Na'ama, sweet girl, you can hold your head high
meghan ,   israel   (12.29.11)
you are a brave girl. This nasty horrible man should be so ashamed before HaShem, doing this to a child. He is a person of very low morals and deserves NO respect!
9. Na'ama Margolis
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.29.11)
This poor little girl may have PTSD for the rest of her life because of this. I urge the mother to take legal action against the Haredei man who spat on her and hurled verbal abuse at this sweet little girl.
10. To Ale #6
meghan ,   israel   (12.29.11)
I shouldnt let it bother you, you know who you are and as you can see there are...according to these fanatic hell of a lot of anti semite Israeli jews. Every religion has their fanatics and but its just important not to let it all go too far and let them sneak in and ..oops its too late...we have jewish taliban in charge.
11. Na'ama, you are the hero here.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.29.11)
If I was your dad or brother, the folks who spit and threw stones at you would now have broken arms, legs, and lots of missing teeth. They are bad people and need to go to jail for a while. Maybe have your parents bring a big lawsuit against these people for the assault they perpetrated. Maybe that will be the only way to stop Heredi behavior.
12. Well said, #1 & #2!
Erin ,   USA   (12.29.11)
I applaud you both... and couldn't agree with you more.
13. Charedi violence in Beit Shemesh
Leanne Faraday-Brash ,   Melbourne Australia   (01.01.12)
As a visitor to my beloved Israel and as a consultant in equal opportunity and peace building I am appalled and concerned by any attempts to segregate, abuse, bully or harass our own brothers and sisters in Israel on the pretext of religion. This is what we despise in fundamentalism. It is dangerous and must be stopped. This is not what the Torah teaches and shames Israel. Government and local councils must no longer turn a blind eye.
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