The year of the majority
Yoel Esteron
Published: 30.12.11, 00:03
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1. The majority is only happy when visiting hutz la'aretz.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.30.11)
Home base in Israel is for sleeping and making plans for the next trip. People have given up and 2012 will be no different, unfortunately.
2. 2012
michael ,   new york   (12.30.11)
I sure hope so. Otherwise Israel will become just like it's fundamentalist neighbors, undemocratic, theocratic and out of touch with its citizens as well as its Jewish supporters in the Diaspora.
3. The majority of Israel is centre right. The author is wrong.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
The author conjures up an imaginary "majority", in his head, which consists of a small minority of Israeli leftists. Israel is a centre right state. Is the author unfamiliar with Israeli election results and public opinion polls? There is a reason Likud has been Israel's dominant party for a long time. There is a reason right wing parties are gaining an increased majority of mandates with every election. There is a reason nearly 80% of Israeli Jews recently told pollsters they oppose ceding Judea and Samaria. The majority is about to take over in Israel; and it is the real centre right majority.
roxanne ,   haifa/san francisco   (12.30.11)
5. The majority represented by current government
Rachel ,   US   (12.30.11)
6. Esteron thinks of himself as super elite but he
Sam   (12.30.11)
is the from the dregs of our society. He should look at the Knessset and he will see that his darlings in Meretz are far from being any sort of majority.
7. The majority wants to keep Bibi's 4.8% GDP growth
Tomer ,   Herzeliya   (12.30.11)
8. Bravo, Bravo for empty....
Afflalo ,   South America   (12.30.11)
The article started with high emotional tick, then it turn to a requiem, a mass for the closely departing Bibi band of RObin Hood for the Rich. Then, and suddenly it turned to an elegy whereby the trouble is among the useless remnants of the Summer of Enlightment. But agenda for a new Israel, offers are pie in the sky....blah, blah, blah. The primitive life style is part and parcel of those that arrived to Israel in te late 19thcentury, hoping to live as religious Jews, while the Saint Pitsburgian, the Decembrists, hoped for new kind of a Jew. That is the legacy of Israel; either we become pluralistic ort we destroy the State.
9. The majority
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.30.11)
In 1992, the majority voted Right, but got the extreme Left forming a coalition with Shas that gave the Oslo accords. In 1996, the majority voted for Likud, and got the retreat from Northern Samaria and Hebron In 2000, the majority voted Right, and got the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif. In 2009, the majority voted Right and got the freeze in Judea and Samaria. There is no democracy in Israel, and the majority never gets what they voted for.
10. seculars are fanning the flames
zionist forever   (12.30.11)
We have a minority of haredi who are acting like some kind of Jewish Taliban and its a problem but the stronger overreactions we get from seculars who hate haredi at the best of times just makes things worse. It encourages other haredi to join them in an act of solidarity, push it to far and we are going to find non haredi orthodox Jews taking sides and before we know it we are going to be slap bang in the middle of a civil war. Time to solve this problem before it gets out of hand. Haredi are entitled to some things like a segregated local bus if it goes through their neighborhood as long as the majority of the busses on that route are mixed. They are not entitled to segregation on national busses or spit at soldiers. Neither religious or secular have a right to impose their way of life onto the other and when we get to the stage where its Jew v Jew then there is no room in this world anymore for a Jewish state. Save the aggression for the common enemy ( arabs & Iran ) and don't undermine the country from within.
11. 2012
saha ,   jerusalem   (12.30.11)
between 2 and 2 there is only 01 ,,so it will never be the majority
12. To the "Majority": better concentrate on Sarah Netanyahu...!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.31.11)
13. To Israelian brothers and sisters.
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.31.11)
Israel, for me and many other conscious world's citizens, is the only real Democracy into Middle East. She will prevail over her enemies, under divine protection and under the principles that had inspirated her creation. She must defend her territory and sovereignty, through strong military forces. But I ask you, as a friend, to repudiate extremisms and wrong ambitions, that I am seeing into some comments above. New redrawed borders and an United Jerusalem, your eternal Capital, are needed. But it does not mean "annexing Judea and Samaria", or "sending Arab Palestinians" to Jordan. Keep your moral superiority forever. A happy new year (of our Christian calendar) for all.
14. #10 Couldn't agree more, zionist forever.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.31.11)
Honestly, this reality of extreme nuts doing whatever they want would have been resolved if it wasn't more convenient, until now, to consider some ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods as states-within-a-state. The police *still* insists that it's up to the local communities and religious leaders to stop extremists - only, how do you do that if they're *extremists*? They have their own leaders, separate from the mainstream, that's the whole *point* of being extreme. You *arrest* people like that when they commit crimes, you don't let the situation simmer to a boil. You don't let people like that gather power until the community is forced to *talk* and *compromise* with them, simply because it doesn't have any tools to handle violent people once you remove the police from the picture.
15. The author is wrong
Clear Thinker ,   Hsifa, Israel   (01.01.12)
The majority of Israel is the center-right coalition that forms our government. It's the minority that is organizing the various protests, such as last summer's social welfare protest and the medical residents' protest.
16. majority? minoiity?
alan ,   texas   (01.01.12)
forget labels. The fight is against the muslim fifth column and the muslem neighbors. concentrate!
17. Dignity of Difference and Yes, Unity will come!
Elliot Sharabi ,   Moscow, Russia.   (01.01.12)
We all must stand together...Israel and the Diaspora..Sephardim, Mizrahim and Ashkenazim. Haredim, Hilonim and Masortim. Jerusalemite Ultra-Conservatives, Old-Time Kibbutzniks, Haskalah Radicals, Tel-Aviv Yuppies, Russian Jewish Militarists and the so-called Arsim Southerners. Israeli Billionaires and the Jewish Proleteriat.This is Democracy and what will be, will be.
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