Beit Shemesh: Hundreds of haredim clash with police
Omri Efraim
Published: 29.12.11, 21:08
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1. Arrest their rabbies.
Smithsonian curator ,   USA   (12.29.11)
These cranks are useless without a master to command them. And deport all the troubles makers to gaza or to Poland...
2. This is Jewish "Taliban"!
Dan ,   Bet Shemesh   (12.29.11)
3. Time for nude occupation protesting!!!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.29.11)
4. Whatever the penalty is for riot or arson
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.29.11)
Apply it!
5. Is this what studying Torah all day teaches you?
YR ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
I am sue HaShem is not impressed.
6. Get them all!
Noah ,   Hadera israel   (12.29.11)
Good maybe they will stop this violence towards women.
7. Put all Rioters in Jail! (End)
8. unleached beasts
yossi   (12.29.11)
That is what happen when garbage is allowed to fester, unchecked, vicious and all in the name of god. What god you may ask?.Each one of those fanatics has his own version. the only thing they have and share in common -- trash, destroy, burn, curse (very good at it),hurt. Ghetto revival at his best.
9. riots
mike ,   uk   (12.29.11)
Only three arrests? This kid glove approach is the real cause of the problem. Israel will burn from within unless these beggars, parasites and paedophiles are thrown in jail
10. No reason given for riot!
מקס ,   בית שמש   (12.29.11)
The reason why the rioting occured was because a "Chareidi" woman was beaten by a cop. Ynet please start reporting news not hate!
11. The enemy within!
Adar ,   Nation   (12.29.11)
12. Charedim....
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (12.29.11)
These guys are putting up quite a racket. Perhaps they need to channel their energy towards something more constructive....serve in the military maybe???
13. Modesty is a relative concept...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.29.11)
If you do anything in the extreme you will end up doing the opposite of your original intention. They are to blame for making themselves hyper sensitive to women. If these fanatics can't control themselves, they should put their heads in the sand and stop dictating how the rest of us should live our lives. There should be women singing and dancing at every public event from now on because women helped build this country as much as anyone. They have every right to celebrate and be celebrated too. If the fanatics don't want to join in, that is their choice. If they want to take a taxi or make their own bus system they are free to do so on their own dime. This is what happens when you spoil someone, you damage their character and they have problems functioning with the rest of society. Stop spoiling our country, no more free hand outs to religious groups!
14. The best heresy passes for orthodoxy
alan ,   beer sheva israel   (12.29.11)
Would these so very observant haredim have spit or stoned Miriam and the women who danced and sang after crossing the reed sea? What can the Torah mean compared to Talmud and Rabbis? Would they have spit on the Ark when it was joyously carried into Jerusalem. Very likely. God's wishes seem to mean little to the ultra orthodox
15. Beloved Israel:
Bernard ,   France   (12.29.11)
Never allow these sad loonies to take over.
16. Arab ennemies are smart:
Joe   (12.29.11)
they hired the true fifth column...from within!
17. missing info in this article
benjamin ,   brooklyn ny   (12.29.11)
the real cause of this riot is that The gov't took down a sign which has beet up for the last 11 years this a form of collective punishment for the acts of one insane charedi , the gov't and israeli media wants everyone to believe that ALL Charedi jews are people who would spit at children , this could not be further from the truth ,the more tragic outcome of this is that internationally, non jews who see this story don't understand the differences between charedi and secular , they just think that ALL jews spit at little girls. this will result in general anti Israel sentiment.
18. We can disperse the crowd of angry Palestinians...
Eli ,   Raanana   (12.29.11)
...and we cannot handle a bunch of haredim. This is a JOKE! I do not event want to read this stuff any more.
19. Welcome to the Jewish state of Israel.....!
Indigenous ,   Nablus , Palestine   (12.29.11)
If you want us recognize Israel as Jewish state you have to be one....Judaism calls for gender segregation....! When you have this call us at 00970 ...Ta Ta !
20. Here come the men in black
USA   (12.29.11)
Judaism's protectors. Bwaha ha ha.
21. don´t confuse
Sam   (12.29.11)
No Benjamin, what you explained will result in general antisemite sentiment. Anti Israel sentiment is what people have due to the politics of Israel towards Palestine
22. We should all go on Saturday and disrupt them!!
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.29.11)
23. How brave they are!
joel ,   ossining   (12.29.11)
How brave they are when it come to fighting Jewsih policemen or soldiers! And how meek and unassertive they are against the "goyim"
24. The Enemy Within...
yaakov ,   TA   (12.29.11)
So these young men think they own Israel?? And they don't even feel loyal to the country??? Time to arrest and jail the rioters or they will continue their pagan ways--in no way shape or form are they really Jews!
25. Time to bust some heads. Enough is enough with these
Sabra8 ,   8th generation Zioni   (12.29.11)
black clad parasites.
26. #10 Thanks! We're media suckers...
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (12.30.11)
Where are we being led, and by whom? There is no doubt that the type of reported hostile behaviour against women, let alone young girls is totally unacceptable. However, when we are faced with a media frenzy and predictable reactions from those who would probably have enjoyed shaving rabbi's beards during WW2, then we have to stop and carefully examine who is doing what. If what poster #10 said has any truth, then the real frightening picture is whther we are being subject to an orchestrated campaign against Jewish settlers and the Haredim, the majority of whom would never subscribe to such callous acts against women or our IDF. Meanwhile, it sounds like any excuse to burn garbage and also create garbage from mindless savages from both sides of the fence. Does anyone else also feel some concern about this media frenzy? I extend that question to all readers including dati & secular, Arab & Jew.
27. Extremist should reread the Ten Commandments again.
Berk ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (12.30.11)
Since they have not yet understood them.
28. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
Show us proof to back up your story. I dont believe a police man/woman would ''beat" a religious woman.
29. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
Very well said, Nick.
30. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.11)
You are the last one to talk about women & equal rights. You treat your donkeys better than your women!
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