Haredi accused of sexually harassing soldier files appeal
Aviad Glickman
Published: 30.12.11, 12:07
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1. Enough is enough
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.30.11)
Do not incite Do not curse Live and let live.
2. Harassment
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.30.11)
Any harassment of a woman - - of a female IDF soldier in particular - - including slander, will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.
3. Father of 12
Deebo ,   Holon   (12.30.11)
If each of these crazies breeds 12 more like him, I worry for the future.
4. it is sexual harassment.
yaacovic   (12.30.11)
The cursing remarks were made in the context of attempting to coerce a member of the opposite sex to behave in compliance with his wishes and world view by the use of derogatory, humiliating and threatening language. Fuchs doesn't see it as sexual harassment but as putting a female in her rightful place. From the victim's perspective however it was clearly a case of the use of bullying, threatening and humiliating language because she was a female.i.e. sexual harassment. She would not have received that treatment had she been a man. Fuchs and his kind need to understand that in a public place they must respect others as they wish themselves to be respected. In public life, they must comply with the law of the land and not imagine there is any other law.. In their own home they can live as they like as long as they do no harm to others.
5. Haredi man appeal
elzeide ,   Buenos Aires   (12.30.11)
I can't believe the chutzpa of this person lying in that way. He perfectly knows that he made an intentional insult. What about if the haredim go in ther rear of the buses, and our jaialim go in the front? It's really disgusting to listen these people claiming that "they" are the example of respecting Torah, and G-d laws. Shabbat Shalom lekulam
6. How in the world can this man be called religious?
Samuel ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
Most disgraceful,shame on you ! I think this guy doen't have a mother,daughters & sisters.How in the world can he abuse a young soldier girl who spends her precious life serving our tiny country. How can a person be attracted to our Jewish religion ? after setting such a bad example. Whenever his daughters or wife disobeys,he must be addressing them as "SLUTS"
7. I am in no way in the direction of the haredim
meghan ,   israel   (12.30.11)
but always thought "shiksa" was a slang word for a non jewish girl. Anyway he was hitting "below the belt" to say anything to a female wearing the uniform of the state that protects him from our enemies. Maybe this is why they are being harsher and he is the example of what will happen to anyone, no matter who, haredi or hiloni. I am sure he wont do that again and Mr. Fuchs...respect for the uniform of the IDF..OK!!!
8. Slander
Mike B ,   London   (12.30.11)
Calling a woman a bitch is one thing but calling her a slut is another as it implies low morals and is defamatory. If Fuchs did indeed call the soldier a slut or a whore in a public place it is slanderous. He should stop whining to the press and wait for his day in court..
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.30.11)
While cursing is always unpleasant ,it is not inherently or necessarily sexual. Punish the man for cursing but he was not being overtly sexual. So do not hang the man for a crime he did not commit.The female soldier ,who likes to try and fool people by pretending that butter would not melt in her mouth , knew that it was not the done thing to sit in the mens section of a bus which is specifically designated for religious or Haredim. She was looking for trouble and she found it.Mr. Fuchs did not board the bus with the intention to cause a fight nor with the intention of being arrested by police.He only wanted to travel from point A to point B. I hope this soldier is proud of herself.
10. fascism??
avi ,   nyc   (12.30.11)
arresting someone because he called a woman a slut????this is low even for Israel.
11. The accused is 100% correct!
Neil B.   (12.30.11)
Calling someone a slut is not sexual harrassment. However, the accused should be very worried that he might be guilty of a far more serious crime! His behavior desecrated Torah had G-d's name in the world. The penalty for this in the "Supreme Court" is far greater than any penalty one can receive in any "Lower Court".
12. calling a woman a slut
H.E. Dobson ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.30.11)
Is it sexual harrassment an insult a woman's purity in public? YES!! What did he think it was??? Would he like to be referred to as a pimp, or a male prostitute? Perhaps he knows about sluts from personal experience??? This behaviour is a disgace to anybody's religion.
13. Lets keep things in Context
Andrew ,   London England   (12.30.11)
It would help if your reporting was more objective. You state the Fuchs called Matalon a slut. Fuchs called Matalon a "Perutzah" which transalates as immodest or breaking borderlines. I would agree that is also unacceptable but please be honest in your reporting.
14. where is his apology to the soldier of the IDF?
Sephardi Leftist ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
has he already forgotten? We have only just read in the Parsha in which it says that when Tamar was accused of being a slut, Yehuda came forward and defended her. As in that Parsha, Mr. Fuchs must come forward and first of all apologize to the soldier of Israel Doron Matalon and only after he has apologized can he carry on with his defense.
15. Did I miss his apology?
Olivia ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
One would suppose that the showing of real and true remorse and apologizing to this soldier would be the first order of business for Mr. Fuchs! Where is his derech eretz (courtesy towards his fellow person)? Why is he so busy trying to prove that he did nothing? Shame Mr. Fuchs, Shame on you
16. Haredi
Steve a ,   manchester England   (12.30.11)
If another war breaks out ( g*d forbid ) who will be defending the country - M/S Matalon or Shlomo Fuchs ?
17. Taking ownership on God
Timour   (12.30.11)
Apparently those human angels are the only truth-knowing representatives of God on this sinning earth. Whoever exercises this county's freedom in a way that seems inappropriate to them will immediately face God's discontent in a form of their fists and curses. And don't try to make them bear consequinces for such a conduct - it's God's command and, how ironic, their exercising of this country's freedoms. To be honest did those who try putting this bully on trial under such rediculous charges truely believe he'll be convicted
18. A violation of basic Jewish and human morality
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.11)
To insult and humiliate another human being is a violation of basic Jewish and human morality. Perhaps one could be more sympathetic to Mr.Fuchs if he simply had the decency to apologize.
19. *This* is "sexual harassment" now?!!!
Eli ,   United States   (12.30.11)
Whether what Fuchs said was polite or not, or inappropriate to the situation, the notion that calling someone who upsets you a "slut", based on their behavior with you, being "sexual harassment" is insane. Sexual harassment, by definition, is making threatening sexual threats to a subordinate who cannot respond without fear of reprisal or is otherwise unempowered in the situation. Insulting someone on a bus is just a lack of manners, nothing more. And, frankly, who's to say the the soldier did notbherself behave disrespectfully by invading Mr. Fuchs' personal space and initiating unwanted bodily contact. When men rub up against women in the subway, we object to the men's behavior. Perhaps the soldier was in the wrong. But, either way, they clearly want to use Fuchs as a scapegoat to send a message to others with whom thy have objection. To them, throwing the book at one charedi guy for an unrelated issue lets them pretend they're standing up to other charedim. It's politics, certainly not anything resembling justice.
20. What does the Torah say about calling names?
Esther   (12.30.11)
There may be cursing and sexual harassment in the rest of the society - wearing religious garments still puts upon a person extra responsitibity to act decently? Or am I wrong? If I am supposed to take down the laundry from my verandah on Shabat because somebody might come to think I washed it on Shabat - how much more must not a religious person dressing as such, really also act dedently? Everybody may have a bad day. Then say "Sorry!" instead of defending the mistake! Calling somebody a slot, is at best a mistake on a bad day. It is never OK. Shabat shalom!
21. Fuchs does not live in the U.S.
Sidney ,   USA   (12.30.11)
Where slander is a civil offense. Here he might face a female judge and jury. "Slander in Other Countries Slander is a criminal offense in many nations across the world. Slander is defined as "any expression or action that dishonors, discredits or debases a person."
22. Just a rude remark
keleb ,   USA   (12.30.11)
When we were younger, that would have been a rude remark, an insult. Today, it is a criminal offense and marks one as a sexual offender. How times have changed. As soon as one of them got off the bus, that should have ended the issue. How times have changed. Sad.
23. Context Counts
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (12.30.11)
Like so beautifully explained in # 4 words have different meanings in different contexts. His intent was to defame, and belittle her BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMEN, that is sexual harassment. Let's look at another example. A women is told she is beautiful and the male speaker indicates he can't keep his eyes off of her and can't wait to bed her. Is it or isn't it sexual harassment? IF the speaker is her husband or boyfriend and he is saying the words lovingly then odds are it isn't. If the speaker is her boss or a stranger in the it most certainly is, same words, different context, different ramification.
24. No question about it
Zev ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
They are throwing the book at him and stretching to come up with a very serious offence. If it stops people from cursing, then from now on people should know that they will be charged with sexual harrasssment but I find it disturbing that they will charge this man retroactively with such a charge. Will he be considered a sexual offender and put on a list?? In Israel we tend to go overboard for certain cases while letting other things ( like the missiles on the south) slide by with a weak response.
25. #9
A ,   Somewhere   (12.30.11)
#9 I am more then proud of that solider and the girl from Beit Shemesh. To bad that our court system Here are so scared of the Haredim that they are releasing him from Jail on little bail he got. I wounder if .Mr. Fuchs would dare do the same thing in the U.S.A. The Israeli court system has a lot to learn from the U.S
26. Indecent language - nothing to do with 'sexual harrassment'
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (12.30.11)
Fuchs is a twit, but he's certainly right about his claim. His language and behaviour is and was disgusting - but its not sexual harrassment. What a load of crap.
27. Calling a woman a slut, HE Dobson
Michael Beltran ,   Laval,Canada   (12.30.11)
I will not hesitate to call you a kike, or a whore in your face with my legs open.....
28. Assault vs harassment
Daniel ,   TA and DC/   (12.30.11)
Verbal abuse can be considered assault under the law in the US. I wonder if this would be a better charge than sexual harassment? Either way this man deserves to be charged and condemned both in a legal court and in the court of public opinion. No one should have to put up with his kind of behaviour. Perhaps if he has to pay sufficient funds others of like ill mind will finally think twice.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.30.11)
SLANDER - DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER Then sue him for every Shekel he has now, or what he has the potential to get his hands on for the next ten years What she should have done is use her training and push some of his teeth down his throat
30. #10 Avi
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.30.11)
In most countries if another male had been nearby, he would come to her defense, and not just with words I wonder, would you stand by if a female family member was being insulted by a stranger? On second thought, I think you would
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